Min moves to Japan following his professor father. One day at a local shrine, he meets a beautiful, long-haired Japanese girl with innocent eyes. Her name is Nanae, and she is an aspiring painter. Min falls for her at first sight. He longs for her but soon learns that Nanae attends the same school to which Min has just transferred.

Min befriends Nanae, and despite the cultural and language barriers, they become fast friends, taking in the famous sites of Kyoto. Their feelings for each other grow, and on a visit to a ceramic store, Nanae promises some day to paint Min’s portrait on the pottery that is made by him. Min continues to learn the craft from his father, and he comes to realize that he has to put all of his heart, the kind of love he feels for Nanae, into making the pottery for it not to crack.

Because of his grandmother’s sudden illness, Min has to return to Korea to be with her. He cannot get in touch with Nanae, and he becomes anxious. After his grandmother regains her health, he hurries back to Japan to look for Nanae, but she is nowhere to be found. Have his true feelings for Nanae not reached her? Why has Nanae disappeared without a word?

Excerpted from: AsianWiki

Words from Me:

I can’t say I loved it but I am not saying I hate it, it was an average kind of film for me. I was probably just expecting so much from it since both main actors are my favorite but the story line was a typical one and there wasn’t anything special or surprising about it. The fact that there was so much hype for the movie prior to it’s screening, it was a bit of let down when I finally saw it and there wasn’t much of the feels aspect in it.

Despite having Lee Jun Ki and Aoi Miyazaki who are both top a rated Korean actor and Japanese actress as the main leads, the movie still didn’t make it into my must watch and recommended movies.

The story was more in the line of innocent love, or love at first sight and has many sweet moments. A girl would love to be treated like how Jun Ki treated Aoi here. It was just so sweet… but then again the character build up was slow (although amazingly it doesn’t have too many draggy moments as I have expected it to be) and the whole story lacked heart clenching moments as it could have been. It really had so much potential, so I wonder what the writer was thinking because the directing and cinematography was beautiful and I had not thing to complain about that. Maybe because this was a Korean-Japanese collaboration, the expectations were high and the pressure was heavy for the writer and producers.

As for the music, it was well done as both Japanese and Korean musicians incorporated their musical scores through out the film and it had a great outcome. It’s one of the things that perked me up. Then add the cinematography in it, the movie became bearable. The colorful views and touches in clothes, back drops and even the things that they hold… it was a pleasure to watch. Seeing Korea and Japan in one movie was breathtaking, making me want to travel there even more.

_20180702_2344521115830109.jpgTidbits about the online seller, her name is Maypril and I’m lucky enough to know her personally. She’s a supermom who has a hobby of making stuff out of used clothes. Then she discovered the art of macramé and finally put her visions into work. After making several pieces, she decided to share them to the world by selling it in Instagram.

Her work is purely hand crafted and each piece looks awesome. It is a basic modern macramé made with care, perseverance and hard work. Tying knots again and again is such a tedious task. I think it’s really amazing that she’s able to dedicate her time in doing her craft despite having a two year old baby in which she has to look after full time.

Her collection consists of different items: bracelets, wall decors, wine holder, plant hanger, coasters, bags… and a lot more! Currently she takes customized orders for clients depending on her availability.

Custom made orders: Owl Necklace and Sling Bag

Buying an item is also easy as long as a direct message is sent to her. She’ll give instructions with regards to the mode of payment and sending of items. Payment methods are usually through the following: LBC, CEBUANA, WESTERN, ML.

I personally think her products are the best choice as a gift to friends and loved ones. The type of rope she uses is made out of cotton and it usually takes 2-3 days to make each item, but it really depends on how big it is. She can be found in Instagram with the tag name of @motherofsea. Why the name Mother of sea? It’s because her son is named Sea as in Seameon. Isn’t that cute? I totally dig it!

Instagram Account – Mobile View

Sold Products

On a side note, macrame is one of the trending hobby these days for several reasons – one it is eco-friendly and two it’s a form of meditation. Despite being time consuming, it really helps with a person’s concentration.

One Korean artist, namely Park Shin Hye has chosen this type of art as a form of hobby in a documentary show in TvN. For those who are interested, the title is “Little Cabin in the Woods”.



Several months after “Crows: Episode 0” trouble brews again when thugs known as “The Army of Killers” from rival high school Hosen Academy threaten Suzuran High aka the School of Crows. The ruthless Hosen gang go after Suzuran alumni Sho Kawanishi after his release from the reformatory for killing a Hosen member two years back. Kawanishi turns to his younger Suzuran gang members for protection. The Housen gang then seeks outright revenge on the entire Suzuran school, while fighting at Suzuran High makes them even more susceptible to the Housen threat.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Words from Me:

The second installment was not as dramatic and action packed as the first but it definitely had substance. What got my attention during the whole movie was how the characters paved the way to make a real man out of a man. Does anyone get my drift? So who was the best example in the film to show how a real man should act? It was Genji’s father.

Darn! I so love the old man. He seems like the regular kind of yakuza-boss-gangster who only knows how to fight and spill blood, but he definitely says the right thing at the right moment.

Setting the father figure aside, rival gangs are always not my cup of tea when watching violent movies but CROW ZERO II worked on me for some reason. Of course there were still a lot of comparison from the first movie due to many differences, yet watching it still felt good. Even though it may not the best it was still worth my time.

Oguri Shun’s character as Genji-san shall never be forgotten and simply holds a special place in my heart. I’m partly thankful that most of the sub characters made him seem extraordinary. They truly were great in supporting the main character.

The soundtrack was perfect even for the fighting scenes. I love how they have incorporated the music in crucial moments. That’s one thing that I love with Japanese films, they use rock music that really pumps up the adrenaline of anyone who listens to it regardless if the lyrics are understood or not.

I’m recommending this movie even though it’s not as good as the first one, it’s still a pretty neat watch and a great reminder of how cool Genji’s character is.

Another shopping site that I go to is Lazada. What I really like about it is that they have a cash on delivery service and since I’m on the outskirts of a rural area, this is way convenient for me.

At first I thought this site was a bogus one since it’s usually advertised in social media and pops out in your screen like an annoying bug. However, downloading the app in the phone makes browsing more fun. This is the site where I was able to buy my baby’s mosquito repellent. The product brand was pretty much hard to find and was only available in SM outlets. It’s also a small pop up store and most of the time the item is out of stock. So finding it here in this site was like a gold mine.

There are also a bunch of Korean and Japanese products available here. I suggest to look for one store and buy in bulk since there are TONS of stuff to choose from. Buying in bulk with one provider would also have its advantage, I will explain as to why later on.

Most of the products looks good on picture so having those five star rating is a big help in choosing for the right product item and provider. Each seller is different so the reviews remove the hassle of verifying if each seller could actually provide a legitimate merchandise. I suggest to also read the comments on each product because knowing the opinion of other people doesn’t hurt and helps out with expectations.

There are several things that made me feel annoyed when shopping in Lazada – first is the carting experience. Since there are different suppliers, the products which is under that specific seller will be delivered separately, then a P99 delivery charge will be on top of the item price if it is below P1000.

Second annoyance is the delivery service. In my case, I bought 3 items in total and those items came from different vendors, they were delivered to my home at least 1 week apart. It took that long to be delivered, aside that I had to pay additional P99 for the shipment on each item. It would have been better if they could have procured all the products in one place and have the delivery in one go then charge the shipping fee once just like in BeautyMNL. I don’t know why they do it but it’s such a hassle to wait for each package when it everything could be simply be delivered at once. I really hope Lazada thinks well about their shipping strategy. So… I pretty much recommend to buy in one store provider and buy something above P1000 to get a free shipping.

Another experience I had is that when I made another order for a another product, the courier texted me that the package will arrive that day but it never did. I waited 2 weeks for the item and yet when the day came, the delivery never happened. I had to email them and follow up as to what happened. They gave me several reasons, one – that it may have been a wrong address, which is weird because I had 3 consecutive deliveries from different store owners in Lazada previously and they got the address right. Two – I might not have been present at home during the time of delivery – which pissed me off, because I was at home the whole time and couldn’t even get out because I was waiting for the item and at the same time taking care of the baby. It is such a simple task to call or ask around and KNOCK at the door but they didn’t do it. Maybe the courier was too lazy to do all the things necessary to ensure a good transaction. It’s a good thing I haven’t paid for the item yet or else it would be such a hassle to reimburse the item.

Those are my rants charged to experience but overall shopping in this site is still alright and very convenient. But to make sure, it’s better to request for a cash on delivery service instead of having it prepaid online.

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I was looking for some products to help me with my skin condition and luckily a close friend of mine recommended two sites, one is an online shop from Korea which I shall not name since it’s not the topic on hand while the other one is called BEAUTYMNL.

This shop has a lot of different products which are used by Filipino women. It also has numerous brands in its product listing which makes it more fun to choose. I’m lucky enough that some of the products available are the ones I already use so I don’t have to test it.

When shopping in the mall, there are also some items that are hard to find or not available that’s why going to this site is very helpful. Most of the products in BeautyMnl are not available in retail stores and could only be found in booths or in hidden places scattered around metro manila. There are also several local brands from this shop which is one of the reasons I love buying from it because I’m able to contribute to the locals.

What I liked most from this site is that their products are not limited to make-up and facial care. They also have different brands for eco-friendly stuff, baby and mommy care, house care products and food. I LOVE their baby products and food selections since everything is organic and baby safe.

They also have an android app which I downloaded making ordering and paying so easy. It made me want to do all my shopping online than go to the mall again. Oh! Another thing, they also deliver all over the Philippines which is awesome because some online shops don’t do that. Another thing is that they have “Cash on Delivery” but on selected locations only. This tidbit of info could be found in their FAQ page.

The one and only downside to this site… most of the popular items are ALWAYS sold out due to its limited supply. So once it’s available, I would suggest to cart it and pay for it as soon as possible or else it will be wait listed which takes almost forever to be re-stocked. Yes… that’s the sad reality of waiting.

As for my personal shopping experience, I experienced a minimal glitch which was a small mishap from the shop’s end. One of my carted item was not available anymore and yet the app still allowed me to cart and pay for it. When it was time for the shipping, they discovered that the item was out of stock. They promptly sent me an email and gave me options to choose how to solve the problem, once I’ve replied everything was set and ready to go. I received my package 5 days later and I was so surprised that I had more items than I expected! This was because of the freebies. The giveaways were great and they usually give it to people who order in bulk. Information about the free stuff is also included in their site. Overall my shopping experience from Beauty Manila was awesome and it would be great if a lot of people would know this wonderful online store.

Here’s the link for easy access: BeautyMnl

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Android App/Phone View



After I got married and started living by the beach, I was able to do the things I loved on a daily basis, just like skim boarding and surfing whenever I want to. However, it also has its downside for someone like me who has been spoiled by the convenience that is found in the city.

Location wise, my family right now is situated at least an hour away from a decent shopping mall. Not considering the traffic and the hassle of travelling by commute, it may actually take more than an hour to get to my destination. Adding the fact that I’ll be travelling with a child… well that makes things more difficult. It simply means that my previous lifestyle of hopping in a jeepney to travel five minutes to get to the nearest mall or supermarket is a no-go anymore.

Here comes in online shopping which makes things more convenient than travelling around. The only thing I need is my phone and an internet connection. Now shopping is more of a breeze.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that aside from brand names and restaurants, I will be inserting several online shop blog reviews which could be sort of related to Asian stuff since most of the products came from or was inspired by the current trend from Korea and Japan.

I will be posting them for the month of July and I hope a lot of people will find the review useful!



Uchiyama Kaede (Miyazaki Aoi) and Shiina Kasumi (Aoi Yuu) used to be best friends. Now in high school, Kasumi grew more popular than Kaede, which has led her to continually bully her ex-best friend. One day after school, Kaede meets Kishida Takumi (Oguri Shun), a bike thief who’s especially talented in picking locks. She asks him for a favour: if he could possibly open the key to the school roof. Meanwhile, the arrival of a new teacher (Konishi Manami) seems to bring changes to the school.

Excerpted from: Drama Wiki

Words from Me:

The film was short, simple and has a lot in it. Although I didn’t understand 75% of what they’re talking about, I was able to get the gist of the whole movie. What I love about it is that it doesn’t need much words for me to understand what was really happening on screen. Still, I would really love to see this with subs! It was a good watch especially for teenagers who are having troubles in school and bullying.

The film shows two unlikely characters meeting and helping each other in the most critical circumstances. The storyline is quite heavy as the theme is about bullying and suicide. In a place where a person feels isolated and hurt, despair usually creeps in and when that happens, the mind can make a person think irrationally. The ending was pretty much special for me and I personally think it was directed well. The last scene kind of gives you a glimpse of a drastic change due to a decision that was made.

Since this is a fairly old movie, the main characters Miyazaki Aoi, Oguri Shun and Aoi Yu wer still young and looked like they were still in their teens. Even though they were young, that doesn’t mean they did not portray their characters well, because they were good that dialogues weren’t that much important.

That’s all I could say about this movie because if I talk some more about it, I’ll just probably blurt out some spoilers, so I’d rather have people checking it out instead.