Coffee Prince (Korean Drama 2007)


A tomboy is mistaken for a young man, but maintains the deception for the sake of employment. The situation is complicated when the male boss begins to develop feelings for this “boy”.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist


Words from Me:

What’s so good about a gender-bender romcom? Well, first of all this is an acquired taste kind of drama, since not everyone likes the genre. Personally, I like it because I like girls pretending to be boys as they get into all kinds of mishaps and misunderstandings. But honestly, I don’t even understand myself as to why I find a plot like this enjoyable.

As for the story, Coffee Prince is about a girl named Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye), a poor hard working girl who is always mistaken as a guy. Then fate made her meet Choi Hang Kyul (Gong Yoo) during one of her part time jobs. After which they came to an agreement to help each other out and eventually, she ended up lying about her gender so she could work for him full time. The drama was hilarious in all angles but there is no realism in this one. It is so obvious that Eun Chan is a girl if you look closely at her chest. So I’m warning those who think that the drama is not realistic enough to be watched. Despite that little factor, I loved the drama for the cast and then the story follows. This was the second drama I’ve seen Yooncp Eun Hye in, the first one was Princess Hours also known as Goong. There was such a big character difference between the two dramas that I can’t believe she was very effective in both. Here in Coffee Prince, it felt like the main female lead was actually made for her. She wasn’t afraid to step up her game and get her hair all chopped up for the role. That’s one thing about Eun Hye that I like, she takes all kinds of roles which gives her a wide range of acting experience. Gong Yoo on the other hand, felt like a piece in a puzzlecp11-035 which completed the whole picture. He complimented Eun Hye’s character and their chemistry on screen was sizzling hot. This was the first drama I’ve seen him in and I had a really good impression on his acting style. That’s why when Goblin and Train to Busan became a hit, I wasn’t really surprised because he was a really amazing actor.

If these two main actors were great to watch, there’s also the eye candy supporting actors, the Coffee Prince baristas. This is where Kim Jae Wook comes in, my very firstSun_Ki supporting actor crush. His role as No Sun Ki, the waffle cart guy who hailed from Japan to follow his Korean wife in Seoul was a bit underrated. I wish there was more about his background story but it became very limited. I’m just glad that he had a lot of good roles after this drama. Another staff member is, Kim Dong Wook, whom I think was born as a comedian, but he can definitely act any role he wanted. In this series, he was Jin Ha Rim, one of Han Kyul’s close friends who helped out put Coffee Prince into life from scratch. He’s a pretty well off guy in the story but he wanted to follow his dreams and so he became a homeless guy who lived in a dump kind of house with the old fart cafe assistant manager, Hong Gae Shik portrayed by Kim Chang wan. Princes_PhotosHa Rim is also the bubbliest person in the Coffee Prince staff who loves annoying Eun Chan and thinks she’s pretty cute for a guy.  Aside from this, he’s also known as the actor from the movie Along with the Gods. Last but not the least is Lee Eon who acting the big bulky guy named Hwang Min Yeop, who was a pretty dumb guy but actually had a soft heart and was in love with Gong Chan’s sister. He’s pretty strong too that’s why he got hired in the cafe on the spot. I personally loved his character because he seems all big and bulky on the outside but very fluffy in the inside. His personality gave balance to the aloof Sun Ki, bubbly Ha Rim, grouchy Mr. Hong and the confused Gong Chan. Aside this, another personal detail about the actor Lee Eon, he already passed away on the year 2008 due to a motorcycle accident. He was too young and his career was on the height of its fame. The news was shocking and left me sad, but I’m just glad he was able to leave something very special behind. cp12-032As for the second lead actors, I don’t have much to say about them since I think that the drama would actually still move forward without them. Choi Han Seong acted by Lee Sun Kyun is the music director whom Eun Chan had a crush with, while Chae Jung Ahn portrayed by Han Yoo Joo was his girl friend and Han Kyul’s first love.

Another thing that makes this drama a good and memorable watch is the OST. Every time I hear the OST for this drama, I could still remember my favorite scene. For those who are reading this entry, check out the title “Go Go Chan!” from the OST’s list of titles. It’s very cute and catchy. I have rewatched this drama dozens of times and will still watch it in the near future and I’m recommending this show for those who love Gong Yoo and would want to check out his old works.




My Girl (Korean Drama 2005)


When Gong Chan meets the lively and beautiful Yoo Rin, he finds out that she has connections to his missing cousin, whom his grandfather has been searching for. He asks Yoo Rin to lie about being his long missing cousin until he can find his real cousin. She says yes, but soon their feelings for each other get in the way of their plans. Gong Chan’s friend, Jung Woo falls for YooRin while Gong Chan’s ex-girlfriend, Seo Hyun, a pro tennis player, tries to win him back. Will the two ever tell each other how they feel? Will Gong Chan ever find his real cousin?

Excerpted from: MyDramalist


Words from Me:

Another rom-com kdrama that hooked me up. This was my second time seeing Lee Da Hae in a drama, but as a lead. I’ve first seen her in Sweet 18 as an antagonist and told myself, “She’s really pretty and I think comedy would suit her.” Then a few years later, My Girl aired in Korea and there she was, the main character.

The story is not really original but how the characters played it was awesome. Seeing Lee Da Hae run around in her boots as Lee Dong Wook chase around for her was very amusing, then not to forget the cutie/hottie Lee Jun Ki who’s also bent up on following her as well. Why so many hot guys on your tail Da Hae???

The story revolves around Joo Yoo Rin (Da Hae) who’s on the run because of her father’s debt to loan sharks, then there is Seol Gong Chan (Dong Wook) who is a rich man with no parents but has a doting grand father who is looking for his long lost grand daughter. Their paths cross each other and that’s how chaos began to both on their lives.

Music wise, it was tuned up to every scene and does coincide with the acting on screen but nothing really memorable. Overall, this is a really nice series, even the ending was funny specially if you are a Kdrama buff who’s into a rom-com-feel-good-watch-genre.

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon (Korean Drama 2005)


Kim Sam Soon is a baker who has a talent in making pastries and cakes. On Christmas Eve, she caught her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo, cheating on her and breaks up. On that same night, she accidentally went into the men’s restroom and met Hyun Jin Heon. By sheer coincidence, Jin Heon needs a baker for his restaurant Bon Appetit and Sam Soon is unemployed. Sam Soon is hired as the restaurant’s chief baker and the two fight like cat and dog.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist


Words from Me:

The realism of this drama, in which a lot of women verbalized on relating to is so palpable it can’t be explained in words. Why? Not all women look like Son Ye-jin or Song Hye Kyo. Not all women are pretty for a fact. There are more average looking women than to those who look like a walking model. So yes… they could relate big time with Kim Sam Soon because she looks average, even on the chubby side and most of all she’s a dork. A woman in her thirties with no fulfillment in life. This drama would hook up the old maids out there who are mopping for not marrying that guy from their past because he cheated on her or for the teenagers who are in their late blooming stage, crying out and being hopeful because though they won’t grow up looking like a cover model of a magazine, at least they can catch that Hyun Jin-Heon of their life. Even in their average self.

Hyun Bin, why are you so damn good looking?!? *fans self*

This is a romantic comedy that would strike all women in every age level because… it is Kim Sam Soon.

No need for further explanation.

Just kidding! The story has a lot to offer despite having a cliche-ish plot but having My_Lovely_Kim_Sam_SoonKim Sam Soon as the center of that story line makes things very interesting. Since I have mentioned earlier about her characteristics, I’m going to add something as to why she is a charming character despite being an average person. It actually has something to do with her personality. The fact that she faces her problems head and on and doesn’t back out on the things that makes her miserable is something to be proud of. Though sometimes her mouth runs off before she thinks, at least she’s honest about how she feels. Also, as any normal girl could be, she can act like a teenager who’s in her prepubescent years. I think that side of her is cute. Then there’s the young-hot-blooded-rich-good-looking Hyun 347Jin Heon. Pairing him up with a woman who seems like an old maid is kind of peculiar, but these days age doesn’t really matter anymore. Both characters were portrayed by Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin. I couldn’t imagine Sam Soon and Jin Heon as any other actor other than the ones I have mentioned. They were so good at their roles that the character seemed to be themselves in real life. Aside from the two main actors, I particularly liked the second leads who are Dr. Henry Kim and Yoo Hee Jin which was played by Daniel Henney and Jung Ryeo Won. They played an uncanny love triangle with Jin Heon setting aside Sam Soon who doesn’t even have a second lead to lean on, except her bastard ex if that would even count as a love interest.

The catchy thing about this drama is the feeling of a fairy tale like kind of story but at the same time it could also happen in real life. I would also like to add up that the soundtrack of this drama is quite catchy, and this is also the first drama I caught Daniel Henney in. Yep, Hyun Bin isn’t the only eye candy in this drama. I’m throwing in a towel for Daniel too! So even though this drama is pretty old school, I’m putting it in my classic drama list and definitely recommending it to all the women out there.



Triple (Korean Drama 2009)


This drama is about a female figure skater, Lee Haru, who is hoping to make it big. Her life gets complicated when she reunites with her non-blood related step-brother, Shin Hwal, after many years of being separated. Hwal’s father and Haru’s mother died tragically in a car accident. Hwal and his friends; Hae Yoon, Hyun Tae, and Sang Hee all work at the same ad agency. While Haru is trying to make her dreams come true, she unintentionally brings together her skating coach, Choi Soo In, and Hwal together. Haru starts developing feelings for Hwal but things are complicated further as Soo In is her brother’s estranged wife.


Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Words from Me:

The drama seemed to have a promising start… but it gradually made me want to tear my hair out in frustration. Why? There were those moments where Haru and Shin Hwal had this brother-sister affection but has to be marred by Haru’s other intentions which eventually puts a rift to their sibling affections.

I leave my hatred to the writers. There could have been MORE to this drama. They have all the means in the world to evolve the story line into an epic something!

The main characters were all solid ones, portrayed by great actors and yet it flopped and killed my heart in the end. I couldn’t say that I feel the same emptiness for the supporting cast because, I find liking the story of the supporting cast more than the main ones.

triple16-00016There were two consistent things that I liked in this drama. One, it was having Song Joong Ki as Ji Poong Ho. I love his persistence and his pure heart of a character. There are so many lines that he said to Haru but this one, I like best: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me. I’ll keep on loving you anyway.” How could not the girl fall for someone like that? Geez… the guy’s devotion all through out the drama was no joke even if you brought that to real life. I guess that’s the hard reality of being the second lead guy. Two, was the lovely music all through out. If it wasn’t for the music, this drama would have turned out more draggy that it seemed. It was a joy to listen to and the artists that mostly sang my favorite songs in the OST were Zitten and Tearliner.

Over all, I have a love-hate relationship with this drama because there were some elements in Triple that were in the mediocre level. The word I could use for this drama is disappointing. Since that’s what I was left feeling after finishing all 16 episodes and not having luck at my side when it comes to my coupled shipping. So don’t expect me to recommend this… although, I would recommend the sound track for easy listening.



Coffee House (Korean Drama 2010)


Lee Jin Soo made it big after writing several thriller novels and establishing himself as a talented novelist. He works for Seo Eun Young, the owner of the biggest publishing company in Korea, and has a long-time friendship with her. Jin Soo has lots of fans, especially female ones, and he seems to be the perfect match for any woman… but what no one knows is that he is actually a bit weird and sarcastic, has lots of strange habits, and holds a dark secret. The one who has to cope with him and his habits is his secretary, Kang Seung Yeon, who begged him for this job to become a pro instead of the below-average girl that she really is. On top of that, there is also the return of Han Ji Won, Eun Young’s ex-fiance, whom she despises. Ji Won tries to win Eun Young back, but she has her eyes set on Jin Soo.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist


Words from Me:

I didn’t really want to take note of this drama but it seemed unfair of me to not put my thoughts into it since I did waste 16 hours on it, which I truly regret.

The story line was pretty annoying. I don’t know what the writers were thinking when they started brewing up the plot. It had a weak start and a weak ending. It’s basically about a famous writer who can’t decide how to get on with his life and the person he truly loves. Insert a couple of supporting actors: the secretary who begged to be employed, the publisher whom he has a special history with, the guy who likes the publisher, the guy who likes the secretary, the family of the secretary… then jumble them up all together and you get a twisted romcom drama with a mix of good humor every now and then. The drama was definitely misleading, I hand that to the writers because it definitely did pent up my emotions at a certain length. However as I pushed forward to watch, I eventually had to let go of my frustration because I knew nothing was going to come out of it and the story just sucked and wasn’t my cup of tea.

Notable characters that I did like were: the main character who was portrayed by Kang Ji Wan was a superb actor, based on his drama history but the story for this series didn’t give justice to his acting skills at all. This is also one of Ham Eun Jung’s earlier dramas as she looked pretty young in here.  Then there’s the oh so pretty Park Shi Yeon and the cynical looking guy Jung Woong In who is also a veteran actor to boot. They all have these great cast so I was pretty disappointed with the delivery of this drama.

Though I would have to admit that there were times where I laughed my ass out to some scenes, that still wasn’t enough for me to go on rambling and recommending the drama. It will only be a waste of time. So I’m posting it to say that this is one of those drama’s which people should avoid watching if they are looking for a better story line that actually makes sense. I think the music was alright, but I somehow couldn’t remember it for the life of me.



Endless Love Series: Spring Waltz (Korean Drama 2006)


Lee Su Ho’s father was in a huge debt, they tried to escape the loan sharks by relocating to a remote island. To avoid getting caught, his father left him in the care of one of his closest friends. Su Ho was only a young boy and feeling the sense of abandonment from his father, sought out to leave but changed his mind after becoming close friends with a young girl named Eun Young who was gentle and had a pure heart. She was also the daughter of his father’s friend.

Some circumstances and unfortunate events happened to both children which entailed Su Ho to leave the island and disappear while Eun Young, who was sickly all those times, never found out how Su Ho disappeared as she was confined in the hospital.

A couple of years later, Eun Young won an award of a trip to Austria due to her art and craft entry made out of shell. This is where she meets the talented pianist Jae Ha, but he resembled a lot like her old friend Su Ho. This man however was cold and spoke only a few words, but as they became closer to each other, romantic feelings start to develop.

When secrets are revealed little by little, the tragic incident and bitter memories fill the gap of those lost years.

springwaltz1 (1)

Words from Me:

Here’s another case of melodrama… but this one, I really liked.

The final installment of Endless Love series, Spring Waltz has its funny aspects but the whole mood of the drama is mainly romance and inner angst. I would have to give some heads up that the first 8 episodes of the drama was dedicated for the past of the two main characters. There will mostly be two children playing around getting to know eachSpring_Waltz_kids other despite their poverty stricken condition and then… it sort of drags on. It seemed so slow I had to stop myself from pressing the forward button and skip the whole thing. If not for the other things that were actually happening in between the child’s play, I’d probably have done that. Near the end of episode though, the reason for Su Ho’s disappearance will be shown and then the time skip happens after.

Lee Su Ho, whose father was debt stricken, was left in the care of Su Eun Young’s mother thus making them live in the same house. Su Ho is actually a good kid despite histumblr_m0w5lfc3JR1r1le8no5_400 brusque personality, he deeply cared for Eun Young while she, on the other hand adored Su Ho. Eun Young is a very talented but sickly girl. Her mother was actually working hard so she could get Eun Young an operation, but due to Su Ho’s father stealing that hard earned money, this drove the two kids apart. Years passed  by and they cross paths once again but both had different names because of their past circumstances. This is also the part where the story picks up it’s pace. The second part of the drama shows both main characters as adults and both meet other people along the way who falls in love with them without having any idea about their past.

852e50bf87b5c9fb4637a68bb841d670--vals-couple-photographyWhat are the things I loved about Spring Waltz? Despite the draggy start and the distressing situation that the characters were in, the back ground setting, the mood and the OST were pure awesome. The main characters had really great personalities and history, the actors who played them were raw actors and I guess that could be a good thing since there is this feeling of freshness as they give their all for the roles they had to play. Given that the setting is spring, the color of the season is all around and made everything becomes an eye candy. The colorful hues of nature and fashion wear within the drama says SPRING SPRING SPRING! The vibrant color of green, purple, blue, pink and everything else in between is accentuated. I couldn’t help but smile while watching it all. It was really great to look at.

Then comes in the OST, it was more on the musical scoring but hearing Loveholic sing One Love was a plus point. Whenever I hear that song, I am reminded of how much I loved this drama.


Endless Love Series: Summer Scent (Korean Drama 2003)


Three years ago Min Woo lost his first love in a tragic accident. As he struggles on with life he meets Hae Won who reminds him of his lost love but is racked with emotion and confusion as his feelings for his deceased lover and Hae Won intertwine. Unbeknownst to the florist Hae Won she has received her heart transplant and a second chance at life from Min Woo’s first love. When the two cross paths, Hae Won notices her unusual heartbeat. Nobody knew if it was the first owner of the heart who remembers and beats strong for its lost love Min Woo.

As Hae Won starts falling in love with Min Woo soon the conflict erupts between the lovely florist and her fiance Jung Jae.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist


Words from Me:

Another melancholic Kdrama series starring Song Seung-heon of Autumn Tale along with Son Ye-jin. This drama is about a transplanted heart beating for someone due to the unknown which eventually is answered as love. And this is where the melodrama bites in!

Summer scent is the third installment of Endless Love Series, right next to Winter Sonata. As to why the director chose Song Seung-hun to act as the main lead again since he already acted in Autum Tale the first installment of Endless Love Series, I have no idea but the series was lighter than the preceding installments. Watching the drama was a bit refreshing due to the fact of a new setting, much lighter mood on the actors and an easier plot line. Not that having a transplanted heart beating wildly for someone is not a weird story line… but still, it’s easier to get why it’s a light watch once the comparison is made from the first two drama series.

So to make a simple summary without too much spoiler: the lead guy has a dead girl friend, dead girl friend’s heart was donated to the leading woman in which the leading man eventually falls for.

It’s kind of a far fetched conflict, but if this would rock anyone’s boat, be my guest. We all know that an internal organ has nothing to do with falling in love. If I donate my liver to someone, would my man fall for that someone just because that person had my liver? What if I donated my kidneys, lungs, heart and cornea… would my man fall in love to multiple people because they have a piece of me just because I’m dead and they are living? That’s just plain weird.

Setting my cynical comments aside, I still liked the drama. After bashing it like that, then I recommend??? WHY???

My reasons are very much quite simple:

Song Seung-heon is hot during his younger years.

Son Ye-jin’s beauty and acting would take you in.

The story itself, never mind the main conflict, but it did hook me up with so many thoughts about real life and difficult choices that all I can do is relate to it and continue on watching, regardless if I’ve missed my bed time or not.

This is quite a classic drama, the setting and gadgets will be old, however the cinematography will make up for it. Since it’s about summer, everything will look warm and yet it adds to the beauty of the drama. The characters do have their own value since their back ground stories are interesting. I’m also glad that the producers were able to cast really great actors who were able to portray their roles well. Despite the story plot which I have ranted about earlier the drama still has a lot to give. The OST is memorable too. I think music is something that the series has a penchant with. It gives a lasting impression to anyone who watches and hears the sound track.