Real Life Experiences and Thoughts

– Jul 2, ’07 11:34 AM
Remembering the past… (edited)

Lately I have been revisiting my past. Places I haven’t seen for the last couple of years, meeting relatives of old ages, doing things I used to do…

Going back to Polillio Island, my mother’s home land, made me think of all the things I used to enjoy before. I also got to see my lola (my mother’s aunt) after not seeing her for a long time. It clenched my heart to see her so weak. She cried when she saw me, I was hugging her and telling her we missed her so much, and that she should be able to walk again the next time I come for a visit.

Lola Delia stayed with my family when I was still a little kid, and it pains me to see her like that. I always thought adults never grow weak. I was wrong.

Another side line story for my return, was the Gymnairs for Christ. Several days ago, I was asked to join the group for a special performance. It would be a show for the Alumni who started Gymnairs for Christ during the 1970’s. Do take note that I haven’t attended a single practice for the past 3 years and only see the members occasionally in AUP during my visits in the gym, and yet I was still invited to join. This was a group of gymnastics loving people. My old batch have been long gone, but several people remained in the group, they are now a couple of professors and advisers but still they dedicated themselves to the group. I remember that most of the members were student workers, while for some, like in my case a full time student with too much time on my hands.

I started as an elementary student then gradually stopped attending practices just before entering college. I was in the group on and off due to school activities but being in the group was fun and very much beneficial for my health and spirituality.

– Jul 8, ’07 11:58 AM
Marriage… (edited)

Today, I attended a marriage ceremony of a friend… I’ll be enclosing pictures later on when I get them. As of now, I just have to relate the memory of a simple wedding yet full of grace…

Kuya Ben Omar got married today with Ate Beth. A woman full of humor and elegance in her own way. Kuya Omar as we (my friends and I) call him, is one of our SESRUN batch mate and friend. He asked Aie, one of my close friends, if some of us could be ushers to his wedding. Fortunately I was free for the day and was able to accept that impromptu invite.  I am also glad to be able to witness their wedding and at least contribute something.  It was actually a first time for me to witness a friend getting married. They were such a lovely couple, it makes me envy them.

After the wedding, I was dead tired, because being an usher in a wedding while wearing high heels was no small feat. Not to forget that there where were more than 300 people invited. As soon as the reception program finished and the people started teeming out of the dining hall, we were finally able to rest our aching feet. And as we loitered around, here came the non-stop topic of who’s going to get married next… then they all turned their heads on my side and kept on asking that question.

I am toooo young to get married! I just turned 21 last month, how could I think of getting married so soon?

But… here comes a BUT. I would never know what the future really holds for me. Matt and I have talked about this when I was still 18, we planned on getting married after 7 years. It was a tentative plan and of course it sounded good. Now 3 years have passed and I have no idea if that tentative plan is ever going to come true. Since my practicality decides to butt in and tell me: How much would it actually cost to get married? Half a million? More or less?  I really had no idea. What does a perfect wedding actually mean? I still have no idea. Is the man I have right now really the man I am going to marry? I REALLY REALLY HOPE SO.

Therefore, I lay it all to God. I am not a planner, or a goal maker. I live in the present, not in the past nor in the future. I believe in the saying “What comes will come”.

All I could do is thank God for my past then hope and pray for a better future.

– Aug 27, ’07 4:36 AM
Dhen Shaneen F. Migriño, BSN, RN

Yesterday I was just too happy, excited, tired, flustered, pumped up… etc. etc. that I wasn’t able to blog about this.

Finally! The Local Nursing License Examination results has arrived yesterday…

After 3 months of high level anxiety and the never ending thoughts of “did i pass? or fail?”

All I could say right now is.. God is so good!!!! We have prayed and prayed these past couple of months… I even cried before actually taking the exams. (My gosh the drama!) I guess the pressure was just too much I almost didn’t know how to cope up with everything. But I thank GOD, He helped me through this.

1 month ago, news that the board exam results are coming out. Everyone were in full anticipation of the results… but to our disappointment, it was moved for another month. I just thought to myself, “When they decide to release the results, it would just come out. Like an explosion or a blazing fire that everyone would just suddenly know…”

Now that the results finally DID come out.. I am too happy beyond words. I can’t even explain how I feel. Adding to my happiness is that my brother and boyfriend also passed the exams Now they are qualified to take the CG/FNS exams. Also my close friends and Au Revoir batch mates passed!!!! I’m so happy that we are all able to gather in my house yesterday and pray together to thank the Lord for His graciousness. This is the first step for my real career in life. I just hope I could live up to the standards of the Lord and my family until I become really successful in life.

Oct 29, ’07 12:05 AM
New Set of Friends

The Shoutboxers…
I was finally-finally able to meet them and the addiction of wanting to meet them AGAIN just wouldn’t stop.

Thanks to polie for giving me these…

These are tickets to the advance screening of Ball of Fury, it gave me a reason to see the Shoutbox people again.. I really had fun at metro 2 nights ago. I just can’t forget DJ Gabe’s costume. (Although I’m in an alcohol-restriction basis, I still had fun…)

I’m so glad I met you guys….

Chic2envy, Nirvana, Missy, biniBningPunkista and Ria…
…and the rest of the Shoutboxers.
Nov 1, ’07 5:41 AM
All Alone in My Room… in Undas and Nov. 1!!!
How does it feel to have the room all for myself?
Especially having it alone on oct. 31 and nov. 1.
My goodness! Talk about undas. Hays… I wish I didn’t listen to the scary stories my room mates were talking about the night before. Demmit… I’m not usually a scaredy cat… but man… having to share my room for almost 21 years of my life.
You go tell me how that would feel.

I was wishing a room all for myself  and this is my grand chance to have it.. but why on all days does it have to be on UNDAS??? With all those creepy scary stories running around. grrr…..

At least i survived the first night…
Gambattemas shaneen!!!

Nov 5, ’07 8:49 AM
First day @ Work

I had fun.

I miss hanging out at school. Just hanging out and not doing any studying.

Having this job is one of the best experiences I had after graduation. (I say “one of” because there has been a lot of good experiences in my life right now…) so my first day was practically a bliss. I had my orientation today, which I already practically knew first hand. (Having to live inside the campus and grow up in the college of nursing for most of my life has its advantages..thanks to my mom.)

Glitch of the day: someone  did call me “Ate”.
Highlight of the day: was able to have bonding session with my co-clinical instructors.

Dec 6, ’07 6:02 PM
Random Stuff

crap. this day is so cold.
i want to sleep.
its 7 am.
i’m late.
but i want to stay in my room.
curl up and do nothing.

can i choose just to do nothing?
crap. i’m off to work.
shower mode.

Feb 3, ’08 7:26 AM
We Got into a Car Accident

Motorcycles and cars. 

What’s the difference? It’s much safer being in a car than in a motorcycle. When you get into an accident riding a motorbike, what’s the first thing that could shield you? It’s your helmet. What if you break your neck?


A motorcycle hit our car a couple of minutes ago, traveling from Balibago going home to AUP, in front of SAF Sto. Domingo. We don’t know how it exactly happened. Our bumper got dented but my brother and I, including our parents were alright, but the ones riding the motorbike were not in a perfect condition, The man driving was alright with just a couple of scratches to show, but the wife got more of the casualty. It wasn’t life altering or severe though.

I thank God nobody was hurt severely or ended up bleeding in the middle of the road.

Mar 27, ’08 7:33 AM
Talk about surviving…

Living in an islet for 5 days, with little water, tasteless vegetarian food and in the middle of the sea… is something worth remembering.

I’ll be posting more about this. Just look at this islet and imagine 30 families, approximately 80 people staying in a small islet… I can say we survived that 5 days.

Mar 29, ’08 12:44 AM
Moments in between Surigao to Iligan

Here’s my cousin Elinor with our wacky antics inside a van.

While waiting for the van to go rolling the streets of Surigao del Norte, my cousin and I went crazy with our poses out of boredom. Reliving some unforgettable moments from Hoyanjog islet, this inspired us to be stupid. lolz..

May 20, ’08 12:38 PM
My US blogging experience…

May 10, 2008-Chicago

Instead of giving my hand pain from writing stuff in my journal (which I’m putting off until I get the chance to hang out at the park or get my new Starbucks Home experience somewhere near where I’m staying at right now) for now I’m blogging and saving this in my beloved USB, till I get an internet connection and a laptop which I could visualize for about 2-3 more days… of working of course! How would I get that thing without a job? Anyways…  It’s 12:50 AM so technically it’s May 11, 2008 HAPPY MOTHER’S day to all the mom I know and especially my mom.

I just came home from a feel good movie experience thanks to Robert Downey Jr. actor of Iron Man. What can I say about it? That movie rocked!!! Thank goodness for movie houses. It was worth the 9 dollars it took Auntie Vien and me to get in. ^_^ (Nothing’s for free baby! I’ll be giving a critic about the movie in a separate blog you, know where to look for it) Thanks to Auntie Vien (my mom’s best friend for the treat) she just probably got too annoyed with me bugging her everyday to go to the movie house and watch it. I started it 5 days ago when she mentioned we’ll go to the movie house and watch Iron Man, but it got pushed and pushed until finally! The day of redemption came and I was able to FINALLY watch my 2nd most awaited movie of the year, coz my my 3rd most awaited movie would be, Narnia-Prince Caspian (I think I need to read the book starting tomorrow?) and for my 1st most awaited movie it is Batman-The Dark Knight, where Heath Ledger, who played as Joker and did a double freaking good job for acting it, unfortunately died. And forgetting not to mention that one of my favorite actors Christian Bale as batman is of course acting as the main guy. (I was half hoping that Katie Holmes would still be on it, but I guess she was replaced by someone else, Tom Cruise might probably throw a fit if he sees his wife puckering up with someone else on screen? Ah… gossip!)

So far… my stay here has been a parking zone as of the moment. It feels like after goofing around in California and having the TIME OF MY LIFE, a stop was given to me for a second, to recollect myself and prepare for the next step. Since I’m still waiting for my eligibility for my exam and still haven’t opened a single book for review… (honestly I just don’t have the drive to take things seriously, the stressors are just not coming in YET) but I feel that this week, things are going to change. I might get out of the house and go adventuring with myself on the bus or somewhere as long as I learn something about Chicago by being with myself alone. That’s the plan so far… I’ll tell you more about it if IT REALLY HAPPENS and show pictures if it DOES.

Jun 8, ’08 12:48 AM
I got myself a boyfriend unexpectedly

My aunt and I attended 4 party celebrations today, I ate a lot and at the same time got myself a new boyfriend unexpectedly.

At the last house we went to, a 5 year old boy said that I was his new girl friend. He kept telling everyone in the household not to bother him since he, was talking to his NEW girlfriend, me. The kid was so cute that I can’t help but give him a good bye kiss when we left. So there ends my 1 hour relationship with a kid.

Jun 9, ’08 2:31 AM
Today and After

When I got back from doing the laundry awhile ago, I accidentally read a blog from

I was deeply moved by all the messages he wanted to share to his late mother, father and brother. I couldn’t imagine myself without my family. I cried on every post I read that it made me think I should cherish each living moments I have with my parents and brother. I’m really glad that my father thought of having us with him on every traveling opportunities, we all get to have a family day on weekends. In the past when I was younger and called myself a teenager, I hated family days… because I thought, “Why spend it with them when I could spend it with my friends?”

Now that my family and I are separated individually from each other, I get to remember the times I spent with them. This would just last for a couple of months, in less than 4 months we all would be together again. But in the next years to come when we all get our real life’s work… how many years would we be separated by then? I would really cherish each moment with them the next time we get together.

Another thought came into my mind…

I will not feel a clench in my heart. That’s what I was trying to think, but it’s not working. My heart hurts every time I think of a situation which I’m not going to reveal for now. There are such confusing thoughts that’s hard to contemplate on my own. Tears are not even enough to remove doubt, pain and inner suffering. I know I’m not alone in feeling this things. I need to arrange a lot of things in my life. The question is, “how do I start?” when I’m thinking if it’s the right thing to do or not.

My thoughts ends here for now.

Jun 22, ’08 2:48 AM
Spending the Day with my Mom

2 days ago, I went on a bus trip with my mom. Let’s say it was a bus adventure for both of us. My mom doesn’t mind getting lost on streets and places while I, on the other hand would rather get to our destination without any glitches.

Unfortunately, being with my mom on a place aside from Manila, Makati or where else in the Philippines… means you get lost. But mind you, my mom is good at finding her way around, be it in another country or in our very own place. I really don’t like the feeling of not knowing things or places especially when I’m alone. I’m really glad my mom was with me that day, I wouldn’t know what I would have done if I got lost on my own.

Good thing we got to our main destination and that is by the Lake Shore drive at Banks, where my aunt is working. Here’s an over view of the house my aunt is staying at.

It was definitely a breath taking place… my mom especially loved the view.

And of course, a picture of the view should not be forgotten. My mom looked like she was pasted on a picture perfect scenery. It was really nice to be there and see the lake and navy pier. I’ll blog the millennium park later along with my birthday celebration. That’s all for now.
Jun 24, ’08 12:09 AM
Art institute of chicago

Getting inside an art gallery for free is always a rewarding experience I could ever have. I’m just wondering why I never got into one of the art galleries in the Philippines… but anyways… as I walked inside the gallery I saw this railings which they got from an ancient church which, I wasn’t able to check out the name of that specific place.

The next work is by Tsugouharu Foujita, born 1886 and lived until 1968. The title is “Portrait of Emily Crane Chadbourne” a mixed media in linen. As I looked at the painting, I was trying hard to imagine what kind of linen the artist used for this medium. It was so good I went back several times just to look at that specific painting.

I was blown away by its complexity and beauty… if you look at it from afar it would seem like just an ordinary painting, but if you look at it closely… you would notice that it is separated from the rest not because of the painting itself but of the materials used to conceive a fantastic work of art.

Next is the work of Nathalija Gontcharova, a russian artist born 1881 and lived through 1962. When I saw this painting, I was immediately drawn closer to it like a magnet. Why? First, The woman looked like she was wearing a filipiniana dress and I was wondering if the woman in it was a filipina. Unfortunately to my disappointment, the title of the painting was “Spanish Dancer” which brought me back to my history, that Philippines has been colonized multiple times that it wasn’t surprising to find a similar dress on another country’s fashion. Putting this thought aside, I found my second reason. Looking closely at the painting, I was utterly surprised to find out that the details on the brush strokes were definitely amazing! If you looked at the woman’s dress in this picture it looks like that edges and colors are just plainly from the paint. But I’m telling you this, that’s not the case. Those things becomes evident because of the brush stroke that the painter used. That’s how the painting became rather amazing than just being plain.

I have so many other captures of the painting, but I would be posting it elsewhere. I was planning to include Picasso’s work in here… but I didn’t find his painting that fabulous and I wouldn’t want to ruin my taste of art by including one of his works just because he is famous. But if I find an artwork he made that really blows me away, I would definitely post it up. We had so little time to look around the institute because it was late in the evening when we got in. So basically these are only my favorites that is worth blogging in.

Jul 14, ’08 2:58 AM
MSU -Reunion @ missouri


It’s this deep hole that leaves you empty after experiencing something new and exciting after a long period of time. The reunion at Missouri was very unexpected, just like the one in Hoyanjog islet in Surigao… the only difference are, the people and the venue. The blessings were as bountiful as the one in the Philippines and the experience was as also unforgettable. I loved spending my time with the youth (the sons and daughters of the MSU people) we have bonded a few nights. Last night, after a late night movie and snacks, I stayed up late and didn’t sleep just to talk with Nahly and Ed. We talked about things that make our life significant, love that confuses genders and our relationship with God through prayer. It all sounds so simple, but these little memories are the once that makes such difference in my life. There were so many good things that I’ve heard during that week that enlightened me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined.

Meeting the Quirante Family (Uncle BJ, Mommy, DJ, BJ and Lyka) after that Surigao survival episode, the kids of Uncle BJ were the once I spent most of my times with since they were already familiar with me. Then I met new people, Ate Leids, Ed, Jim, Abby, Benny, Carlo and Kathy from Canada; Kuya Royce, Nahly and Rj from California; Angelia from Missouri. These are the youth whom I spent my 5 short days with (the first few days I thought it was going to be a very long 5 days… then it changed and became very short due to non-stop activities that we had and enjoyed at the same time.)

I’m really glad to know all of them, and happy that my parents were a part of a circle/community like this in MSU which gave blessing to people.

I also got to see my cousins and my nephews during this event. They are my relatives on the father side, namely Papa Jed and Mama Day, ate Jhing, ate Jel and AJ. Although it’s sad that we weren’t able to bond much with each other, at least I was able to spend my time with them and take care of Josiah (my 3 month old nephew son of ate Jhing).

Back to the hollowness, I feel kind of empty right now because this means I’m back to the reality of life. This doesn’t change the happiness I’m feeling right now though. So the hollowness would soon fade away once I come back to my old routine.

Aug 4, ’08 9:55 AM

I had a fantastic conversation last night with a 39 year old woman (who looks like 25) and a 60 year old woman (who looks like 40). Both women are from different cultures, one is Caucasian and the other is from the far east. We had this conversation about life and relationships, about just deciding to be yourself and making decisions that would improve your life. These women made decisions according to what they believe is good for them and what makes them feel great about life. I admire their relationship with their family and the way they look at life. They’ve lived to experience things, it was a great conversation. They have made a decision that was life altering for their career paths and their relationship with other people. This made me wish I had the courage to make such decisions when I finally get home. Hopefully I could be mature enough to stand for my decision and make myself feel better than what I’m feeling right now.

Gambatte to me!!! ^_^v

Aug 16, ’08 6:01 PM
Who is in Las Vegas right now?

I AM!!!!!!!!!! Hello to casino for me ^_^v

Last time I was here, it was 6 years ago and im not even allowed to touch the slot machines because I’m still a minor! Now… the HELL WITH AGE!!! I’m soOo hitting those machines this time! Will be taking some pics after some eye shutter. My co. flew in at vegas 1 am chicago time. Slept at 6 am Vegas time due to some roaming around and eating.

Aug 19, ’08 11:22 PM
Las Vegas Experience

Aside from having blisters at my soles, getting sun burned under the sun with the heat of 109 degrees Fahrenheit, being asked by Casino clerks for my ID 3 times (to know if I’m not a minor) everything was FUN!!! I loved vegas and its little quirks in between. I have to no time to tell the whole story right now, but let my pictures explain ^_^v

This is the 1st appreciated scene in my vegas trip… under the vegas heat and sky.

Can you believe this is the ceiling in the Venetian casino?

yep… paris.

I loved this view… too bad i wasn’t able to take lots of pictures by new york new york.

Just some random pic i brewed up.

Do you find this funny? ^_^v (It’s called art and sculpture. I wonder why? lolz)

Shops I covet. Hahaha.. (I forgot to take picture of channel and prada!!! So many stores, so little time. Darn.)

Aug 29, ’08 5:20 PM
Death and Dying. (Something that happened just a few minutes ago)

God is good that He gave us the cycle of life on this desolate earth, to give us peace in the end as we continue to wait for his coming.

We lost a friend today. My aunt was taking care of this old lady named Dorris, who’s daughter we became attached to and her name is Candace. Candace took my family in her home by the lake shore and let us stay there as my aunt continued to take care of her mom. Sometimes, my mom and I take care of her mother whose days were actually numbered as the doctor has predicted.

Today was the day everyone felt that Dorris was finally leaving us. The apartment felt rather heavy and cold as we waited for her to give her final breath.

Even though I am a nurse, I have never seen someone die on my watch during my internship. I had someone almost dying on my watch but never actually see them die. Today, my mom and I missed Dorris’s death by 10 minutes, her daughter missed it by merely 2 minutes.

We all felt that this is okay and that we have been prepared for it.

When Dorris was still breathing a few hours ago, we have already cried the tears we should shed and prayed to God for her family that she will leave behind. Right now, I am really amazed at how Candace is holding on with the death of her mother. I wouldn’t know what to do if I was in her shoes.

We have no control of other people’s life, only ourselves. What really matters most is as we leave, it’s the memories we leave behind. Hopefully it’s the good ones that people would be remembering us by. My tears are already gone by now, my heart went out to Candace, I’m so glad she’s strong. I hope I could be as strong as she is.

Losing someone you love is not a happy experience.

Oct 5, ’08 7:38 PM

When Home Coming Becomes a Blast.

What made my home coming a blast?

– Seeing my Family and Friends. (Including my Very Special Someone)

– Having a stable work once again

– UBER gala and gimik.

– Not having a jet lag, thanks to my energetic Family and Friends for not letting me sleep during the day.

– Seeing my messy room. (although I was crestfallen to find out it hasn’t been cleaned in months!!!) but then again nothing beats sleeping on your own bed.

– Lastly… it’s simply being home.

Oct 19, ’08 11:46 PM
Starbucks in Vigan?
I have proof… sort of.
Will a starbuck’s tea from paseo count? I brought my own cup of SBtea inside Jolibee vigan because I knew i won’t be able to drink it in the bus. So 9 hours later  inside Jolibee I have my very own Starbucks ice tea (of course with out the ice). How cool is that? ^_^v

Oct 22, ’08 10:48 PM
How can food get this good?

Food tripping @ O’mai Khan in Baguio

My dish: Tartar Chiken. Why they named it like this… I have no IDEA.
But it tastes really good with a lemony tinge.

Kuya Mark’s dish: E Khan’s feast

Fish and Vegetables. Very palatable…

and of course… THE DESSERT!!! What’s food without the Dessert!?


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