Skimboarding at Bicol

August 2012 – My first ever Bicol Skim experience with ALON skimboarders was unforgettable.

I have been skim boarding since 2009, met the group at the same year then started attending ALON events with a couple of friends tagged along. All through those  years, never have I experienced being alone with the ALON members for a weekend of epic skim trip and good vibes.

This was the first.

It was planned and yet spontaneous, it was a retreat where nothing had gone awry.

Packing up my bag the night before then lugging my pack and skim board heading for work was not a new feat for me, but traveling 6-8 hours to a place I have never set my foot on with a bunch of people whom I barely knew was a new experience for me. Setting aside my own personal issues and other what-nots, I decided to leave them at home and just follow my beach instincts.

During that time, I met with my first skimboard shaper – Slicksurf who was stationed in Daet, Bicol. He took the lot of us in his home before we head off to the beach to do what we love to do and that is… skim and ride the waves.

This trip consisted of a lot of things: Meeting new people, Skimming, Food trips and Party.

The party was one of the events I wouldn’t want to forget, I had enjoyed it to the fullest extent due to the company of the best party people who enjoys the same music that I did. Ska and Reggae was definitely a win for me when it comes to outdoor parties. As long as the music is something good to my ears, I will enjoy my time for sure.

The downside during this event was the set of waves which were too far or too small. For amateur riders like me, that’s one hell of a hard set. It’s disappointing. But nonetheless I tried, and still enjoyed skimming and even got a few tips from really great skimboarders.

All in all it was a great experience that would be added to my mental list of favorite events in my life.

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