Sagada dream travel…

Sagada… my dream travel.  I have only heard about Sagada in tales from my family and friends, read in the news paper, saw on travel logs online and yes… even followed updates on twitter. Of all the other places to visit, why the northern region far off the coastline where there are many beach to boast of? The only answer I could arrive with is that Sagada itself has something to offer that the white sand or blue seas could not topple over: nature mixed with culture at its finest.

For twenty six years, I have been all over the country, visited wonderful places and saw Philippines in its glorious detail but it was not enough… I thirst for more. This soil I have lived in all my life has hidden wonders that never cease to amaze me every time I arrive at it’s confinement. As a filipina who embraces nature like a second mother; I learned a few things – discover, appreciate and love. A person would never know the things they are missing unless they get out of their comfort zones and be there in the vastness of discovery. There are a lot of places to see and that’s how we get to appreciate even the simplest mango trees on the road. Along the way of discovery and appreciation, you meet people whom you get acquainted with and then gradually learn to love even in the spontaneity of it all.

On my twenty seventh year, I want to experience these three things again but this time, I highly wish it could be in Sagada, a place I have never set foot on. Along this trip would come a special person in tow – to share the things I would see, hear, feel, smell and taste. To mark a new beginning and a journey of never ending wonder.

3 thoughts on “Sagada dream travel…”

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