My Darling is a Foreigner (Japanese Movie 2010)



“My Darling is a Foreigner” tells the quirky story of a Japanese woman and an American man as they enter into a relationship and eventually marry. Saori (Mao Inoue) is a manga artist. She meets language geek Tony (Jonathan Sherr), who has arrived in Japan after falling in love with the language. As the couple become closer, Saori is inundated with strange questions about the language from Tony. Are these weird questions a trait of his foreign background? Or is it because of his linguist preoccupation? More importantly, can their relationship survive? (excerpted from

Words From Me:

The movie wasn’t perfect, but overall it was an okay watch and surely not much of a waste of time if you’re looking into the film’s aspect of cultural diversity. Another info about the movie that it is based on the real life of a female manga artist. The story revolves on a foreign man who is trying to really blend in a country which is not his own, as for his reasons… it’s for the woman he loves. Well, noting also that his occupation is also about Japanese linguistics, his falling in love with a Japanese woman was almost bound to happen. That particular woman on another hand is trying to live with the consequences of her choice, loving a foreign man. These two people with different ethnicity and cultural practices are being judged by the people around them and yet they try to live their lives as is.
My Darling is a Foreigner 06
Inoue Mao as Saori was a good thing, I couldn’t say she nailed the role but she was good in it. Being that clueless Japanese woman, she was quirky and funny. While Sherr, I seriously loved it when the guy smiles and his Japanese accent was not as slang as I thought it would be, listening to him speak the Japanese language felt nice. Sherr makes me want to have a Caucasian man for myself too! But putting that aside, let’s go back to the movie itself.

The movie was quite a blur for me. There were the cute moments and the not so cute moments. The conflict came in and it was expected, there wasn’t much magic in the whole film as I initially thought it would have. The romance was actually a given since the movie itself was sold as a romantic-comedy film but overall it was a blur. Nothing noteworthy for me to look back on. However, if you’re the kind of person who finds joy in simple movies like this, then with all due respect I highly recommend it to you.

I swear I am a big Inoue Mao fan, that’s why I watched this film but there are just some movies that actors can’t carry by their name. The movie itself was sub-par, the whole story line felt a bit bland and Mao could have done better… that’s how I felt while watching her here. If you compare her acting skills to Sherr though, she’s way-way ahead of his league. The producers tried to make the movie look like it has more to offer than it could, but it really came in short. There wasn’t much of the feels, there was the cute but the not much of the drama side. The sound track on the last part for me was pure joy. I always loved it when Aiko does sound tracks, I’m glad the movie chose her voice to make things better for this film.


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