Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (Japanese Movie 2010)



Naomi is an ordinary high school student who goes to an international school. One day, she loses her memory for the past 4 years. But gradually she begins to search for her identity, and even when her memory returns, she keeps on looking for her real self, and what she truly loves in life.  (excerpted from

Words From Me:

This movie reminds me of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist + the photography session. I LOVED THAT part where they included the snapshots in some of the scenes. It was an added charm to the film. The soundtrack they have chosen for the movie was also very much lively and matched the movie so well. On a side note, this film was adapted from a book with the same title which was written by Gabrielle Zevin.

Also, as grudgingly as I am to say this… Horikita Maki is indeed one of the best young actresses in Japan. She may not be one of my favorite actresses, but she definitely hits the jackpot whether it’s in the films or drama series. Maybe it’s also the choice of films and dramas that made her a sought out actress? She also doesn’t seem to be afraid of having different hairstyles or images and that’s pretty good for someone like her.

Now on to the film.


The movie is about Susuke Naomi who incurred an amnesia through an unfortunate incident. She fell down the stairs to save a camera but in the process hit her head on the ground and lost memories from four years of her life. When she woke up, she didn’t know that she was in high school, has a jerk for a boyfriend named Ace and that she was in a yearbook club with her best friend Mirai. Most of all, she was helped during her accident by a guy named Yui whom she never really talked to. He’s like that dark ominous figure in the school who was one year older than her.

Memoirs-of-a-Teenage-Amnesiac-images-618bbba1-e85d-45aa-9e88-546cdf6a458 (1)

A lot of things happened to her, like finding out the real her, doing things she had never done before and maturing all throughout her current ordeal.

The film was really beautiful especially when you see it in the eyes of Naomi. The cinematography was gorgeous and the production was well done. The story line was not that perfect, but the scenes executed by the actors were really good that you wouldn’t mind the other boring parts of it and have I mentioned the cinematography? Again… it made up for everything even if the actors didn’t.

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