As One (Korean Movie 2012)



Table tennis player Hyun Jung Hwa wins silver medals, but always comes up short in the gold medal matches against a rival Chinese table tennis player. One month prior to the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Hyun Jung Hwa hears that a single Korean table tennis will be formed from South and North Korea. The South Korean players and its coach oppose the idea. Despite the opposition, the united Korean table tennis team is formed.

Players from South and North Korea meet at a training camp in Chiba, Japan. They are forced to become one team, but from their practice routines, to how they talk and how they live all cause clashes. Top North Korean table tennis player Lee Boon Hee and Hyun Jung Hwa enter a war of nerves. The World Table Tennis Championships is fast approaching, but the Korean team can’t even get along.

Excerpted from: Mydramalist

Words from Me:

I’m so happy that I was finally able to watch this film. I’ve been waiting for ages to have a copy of it with subs. My wait was not in vain!

Overall it was such a wonderful movie. The fact that this was based in real life, that information made it more interesting to watch and it added a spark to the story line. It also made me curious as to what really happened behind the scenes during the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba. The way the script writers and producers set motion to the whole thought of uniting two conflicting countries in this movie for a game of ping-pong was simply incredible. They were able to put emphasis on the hardships of each character, their triumphs on overcoming differences and going beyond their own boundaries.

It is given that Ha Jiwon and Bae Doo Na are expected to have a great on screen chemistry as veteran actresses, but then add up the rest of the supporting actors into the mix, it certainly became a superb performance. The whole thing made me laugh, cry and laugh again. It was such an entertaining piece of work. Although the music wasn’t that memorable, the story and acting made up for everything else that was missed out.

What I loved most about this movie is the warm moments shown throughout the entire duration of the film. The fact that this moments happened in real life is a plus point too! Another thing is that they added clips of the real people to show that this indeed happened in real life and that was such a nice touch to a very well done movie.

I am highly recommending this to those people who are into watching sports and real life themed movies. I’m sure it won’t disappoint.


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