Crows Zero (Japanese Movie 2007)



Suzuran High School is also known as The School of Crows. The biggest clique, Serizawa Army and its boss Tamao Serizawa are challenged by a new student to the school, Genji Takiya. Takiya, son of a yakuza boss, wants to be the school’s ace fighter. But at the advice of Ken Katagiri, a low-ranked start-out yakuza, Takiya starts to muster together a gang of his own. And as he grows into a true leader, he must face an ultimate battle with Serizawa’s gang. ~~ Recreation of Hiroshi Takahashi’s original comic book that sold more than 32 million copies in Japan. The film presents the story that precedes the comic book. The characters have also been newly re-created.

Excerpted from: Mydramalist

Words from Me:

As I watched through the whole thing with some annoying distractions, I was able to finish it with a big fat smile and an urge to punch someone.

To be honest, the film was really violent but not in the gore kind of way. It was rather light for a supposedly hostile film and it had some comedic touches on the sidelines which wasn’t really out of place. The graphics and effects were great. The setting, music, plot…especially the cast were all perfect. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be casted on this film.

I enjoyed how Genji Takiya (Oguri Shun) was able to develop as a character in a two hour movie. Although, time didn’t actually matter as he already had the guts to set out with his goals in mind and all he had to do was punch his way into the other student’s hearts. I say HEARTS because this isn’t the typical fight in which fists are the only useful thing to win. Takiya had to be earnest in all his ways and he had to bury that deep into the heart and mind of his future friends. I really liked the fact that he was soft-hearted despite being a gang leader, he easily cried for his people and fought for them in way that was inspiring.

Definitely Oguri Shun has rocked this film! I am an Oguri Shun fan but I’m not rating this  10/10 for being biased, the rating for me fits the whole movie because it was THAT COOL. Even the sub characters in this movie was fun to watch. So I’m recommending this if you are craving to watch a gang fight with a heart.


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