My Shy Boss (Korean Drama 2017)



When a young, energetic employee joins a public relations firm with an introverted and severely misunderstood boss, she makes it her life’s mission to show the world who he really is.

Eun Hwan Ki is the boss at a PR company. He is really shy. So shy that even his employees don’t know him that well. He prefers to hide in his office. Everyone thinks he is a cold, prickly, arrogant grouch. They call him the “Silent Monster”.

Chae Ro Woon is a recent hire at the same company. She is energetic, bubbly, loves to be the center of attention and always has something to say. The exact opposite of her boss, who she seems to have an old grudge against. Her goal in life is: to expose the big boss man for who he really is and take her revenge.

The same company also employs Kang Woo Il, co-boss at the company. He, unlike his partner, is warm, sensitive and well-liked.

Eun Yi Soo is a chaebol heiress who has been engaged for three long years.

Excerpted from: Dramafever

Words from Me:

I’ve read so much bad reviews about this drama, but I thought I’ll check it out and see for myself.

What I would have to say about this is that viewers should watch past episode 5 and decide from then on. Personally, I think the story became clearer after that episode and it could be the deciding factor to continue on or not. For some reason, it is the turn point of the whole drama because it reveals a lot of the hidden past from the main character. Another thing is that this drama could have ended at episode 14. They still had to prolong it and go through all new plot problems to fill in those last 2 episodes which is a bit of a clincher for me. I hate fillers in my drama because it’s frustrating. Nonetheless aside that, it was still an enjoyable watch.

The drama has an annoying lead female character called Chae Ro Woon acted by Park Hye Soo. I actually loved this girl ever since I’ve seen her in the drama “Age of Youth” and she sort of resembles Moon Geun Young so I have a soft spot for her, but not her character in this drama. I am irritated as to how the writers and producers let her portray her character. For the first few episodes of the drama she was TOO aggressive for my liking to the point that I’m exasperated and simply want to give up on her. However, in the later episodes her character became redeemable and more acceptable which was sort of a relief. Then there’s the shy boss Eun Hwan Ki acted by Yeon Woo Jin. I really liked the guy, even though this is the first drama I’ve seen him as a lead. He did justice to his character and definitely made people misunderstand him. Yet, he looked so cute even as he seemed so helpless in every misunderstood situation. Then there’s also the actress Han Chae Ah who’s character’s name is Chae Ji Hye and acted as Chae Ro Woon’s older sister. I know her role is quite minor in all of this but she’s the catalyst of the whole storyline so I wouldn’t want to leave her out. I like how mellow and deep her character is. She also has this sense of softness around her, not too beautiful but charming enough to be liked as she is. I like how her own story unfolded in the drama and how her part explained a lot of things despite her minimal appearance.

There are dramas which I could solely focus on the main leads and there are dramas in which I love the sub characters more than the main ones. This is one of those dramas, whereas the supporting roles are so much more enjoyable that I want to know more about their background stories. Another thing about the supporting characters, two of them came from the drama “Another Miss Oh” while there are others from the same drama who made a cameo. That tidbit threw me off in a laughing fit because for one, I love AMO and all the characters that’s why seeing them here in this drama was double the fun.

The cinematography was alright since most of the scenes were caught indoors and in small spaces but when they do some roof top shot and outdoor scenes, they could really be lovely. I truly appreciate those special angles in which the framing of the main subject in the scene becomes picture perfect. Music wise, only one song got stuck in my head and that’s the opening song for the series and nothing else. The OST wasn’t really anything special to remember by. Overall the drama was fun, I couldn’t say it was light because it did made me cry at times and it had its own heavy-heart-clenching scenes. I might re-watch this someday most likely because I missed the sub characters and I would recommend this for those who wants to watch something in between humor and drama.

[tvN] 내성적인 보스.E06.170207.사람이 어떻게 변하니.720p-NEXT.mp4_003305466.png



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