Brand Names and Restaurants

I’m not much into fashion trends or techy stuff, but heck… I want to start a blog about legit things. Clothes that I like or specific brands I use that could be helpful to someone else. After being a mom, I realized that I should not simply focus on Asian dramas. So starting from today, you will be seeing brand named products and restaurant reviews aside from the usual drama/movie reviews.

Hopefully I’ll be able to review a lot from local ones so as to support the Filipinos who are striving hard to make a living.

Why do I this?

I want people to know the kind of things they should invest in especially if they are trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. Since I’m the kind of person who uses things over and over again and seldom gets tired of it, I try to buy stuff that I know would last me a couple of years and even if I pass it and donate it to someone else, I’m sure it would still be useful to that person.

As for the restaurants… I simply love eating and going on food trips with my hubby or friends, however ever since I had a baby I realized that I had to be very particular with restaurants that I go to. I had to consider the sitting area, the space and even the ventilation to know if my baby will be alright if we started eating in that place. I’m not much of a picky person if it’s just me, but being a mom and having a baby is another thing.

I really hope my blog would help people out in choosing the kind of products they would use and the restaurants that they will go to especially to those who have babies and kids.

*cross fingers*

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