Star of the Universe (Korean Drama 2017)



Byul is a female grim reaper whose job is to guide dead souls to the afterworld. When she meets singer Woo Joo, who is expected to die soon, she discovers the light in her soul and the importance of relationships which is shown through this drama that transcends space and time.

Lee Byul is a grim reaper who sets aside her duty in guiding souls to the afterworld to spend time admiring a celebrity. Kind-hearted Byul somehow finds a way to return to the living so that she can save the life of her favorite singer, Han Woo Joo as he is predicted to die soon. Byul finds the light in her soul as she becomes close to Woo Joo. On the day she has to return to the dead, she chooses to leave him instead of holding onto the relationship.

Excerpted from: Mydramalist

Words from Me:

This drama was full of unexpected things. I thought it was a simple web drama I was going to check out to pass time but instead, I really got into it. I rated it 9/10 for the following reasons…

The story had a good pacing. For a web drama series that lasted 10 minutes per screen time and had a total of 21 episodes, it was detailed and clear-cut. It felt like I was watching a movie. The story wasn’t rushed and it had twists that fit seamlessly in the whole plotline. Aside from a good storyline, the music was catchy and I could still remember the melody as I recall some scenes from the show. To give an overview of the ending, it had a tinge of bitter aftertaste which left me crying (or maybe I was simply emotional because I was on postpartum for two months already?) and it wasn’t a cliffhanger which is the best reason I have for liking this drama. Most online dramas have open-ended endings which annoys the hell out of me.

I don’t have this preconception of bad acting when it comes to K-pop Idols as referred to popular opinion in Korea, but in this drama… that was exactly the case. To think that Suho is already a K-pop Idol playing his character as a singer idol is kind of ironic. FYI – he’s a really good looking guy so it saddens me that he lacked the capacity to act his role flawlessly and instead put everything on face value. However, I’m letting the acting part slide for the sole reason that he’s great at singing. Anyway, that being stated… as I try to think logically, I believe that his acting was overshadowed by his female counterpart Ji Woo. I think she is a genuine actress. It would have been hard to pull off being a naïve grim reaper to a cutesy in love amnesiac who could only remember her beloved Idol after death. As an actress, she had to do this convincingly and not act too clichéd. Yet, she was able to do it naturally which made me love her character to bits.

For some side information about this actress, I’ve been wondering the whole time until the ending as to where I’ve seen her before because her face looks very familiar. When I finally finished the drama, my memory clicked. I really remembered it okay? I did not cheat and look her up in “Dramawiki” or “My Drama List” profile. Heh! Ji Woo acted in the drama “Age of Youth 2” and was a stand in replacement for one of the female leads. I really liked her there because her character stirred all kinds of emotions out of me, same as in this drama. I’m hoping that she gets to lead in a TV drama series soon because she’s a brilliant actress in my opinion.

Overall I loved the drama thus the rating I gave for it which I have indicated earlier, minus 1 point for the only downside was the male lead actor. I’m recommending this for those who are looking to watch a quick fix of their drama fluff that would stir their heart strings up to the end.

Photos are not mine, credits to those who own it.

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