Last Minute Romance (Korean Drama 2017)



Baek Se is a 27 years old female orphan who lived her life knowing she’s about to die from the late stages of terminal cancer. Through the years she has learned to accept her fate thus she started working as a phone counselor for those who needs support due to depression. Before her death, all she ever wanted was to date a popular actor named Ji Seol Woo, however knowing that this was next to impossible, she opted to find a look-alike and date that guy instead in her last days. Luckily she meets Yoon Dong Joon who has the exact same face and features of her beloved Seol Woo.

Words from Me:

I’m highly recommending this to those who want to watch something light, fluffy and sentimental all at the same time. What’s great about this drama is that it’s relatively short and for two episodes lasting one hour each, it felt similar to watching a movie. The storyline is quite cliché but despite that it’s still funny, romantic and has a bit of bittersweet touch all throughout the scenes. It’s also very simple and concise, does not have much draggy moments unlike those long running dramas. I also like the backstory of each character, one is about to die while the other is living a hard life because being a doppelganger of a superstar has its major fall backs.

Aside that, knowing that the female lead will eventually die in the end was supposed to be a major turn off for me… but no. Regardless of the story plot, the main reason that I watched this was for Han Seung Yeon who acted as Baek Se. I wanted to see more of her acting style after watching her earlier drama “Age of Youth”. She really gave me a good impression so I was curious on how she’s going to act with a different role. Another character that I like was Baek Se’s monk friend. I find her very interesting because she’s a monk and yet she keeps a phone with her and communicates with her best friend on a timely basis. I do understand that she’s empathic with her Baek Se being terminally ill and about to die, but really… a phone? Are monks allowed to do that? Oh well, setting that aside, I find her interaction with the main lead very cute. The deep friendship of both women despite their circumstances was palpable. As for the male lead, this is my first time seeing him in a drama and every time his face pops up on the screen he always reminds me of Yoon Kyun Sang. I like the fact that he has a popular doppelganger and that he has a complex because of it. The struggle that he has to go through everyday… I just find it very funny. Aside that, I think his acting was average or maybe that’s just me and I simply don’t feel that he’s that interesting enough as an actor except for his portrayed character.

Overall I loved the concept of the drama and hope that I will be able to watch more web dramas like this that could satisfy my Kdrama cravings in one go in which I don’t have to invest too much time into 16 to 30+ draggy episodes which would live me in disappointment.


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