The Seaside Motel (Japanese Movie 2010)



Based on Yukio Okada’s manga “Motel”. “Seaside Motel” is a romantic-comedy that takes place over the course of one evening at the oddly named Seaside Motel. The motel is in fact surrounded by mountains with no water in sight. One evening smooth talking swindler Kamedara (Ikuta Toma) stops in for the night at the Seaside Motel. During the evening he comes across a call girl named Candy (Aso Kumiko) whom he falls in love with…

Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Words from Me:

A slow paced film that almost bored the hell out of me in the 65% duration of the show but the ending part was quite a revealer and made me change my mind about the whole idea of the movie.

What I liked about this was how every silly thing that was happening in that motel coincided with each other by the end. Initially I watched the film because of Ikuta Toma who was one of the main characters in the film, but then I realized later on that there were other veteran actors casted in this film! They were really big time actors like Yamada Takayuki and Tamayama Tetsuji who had names in the Japanese entertainment industry which was quite surprising because I thought it was a really low budgeted film. Then again, that’s what they wanted the movie to seem like because every scene was always in a small room and there’s not much cinematography to see.

The movie was funny, though confusing most of the time because they cut scenes here and there but I like the way it made me guess some of the character’s real intentions.  Overall it was a fun watch if you’re in the mood to watch something that would make you think in between the lines. The soundtrack and the setting did make sense after finishing the 103 minutes run.


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