Kurosagi (Japanese Movie 2008)



There are three kinds of swindlers. One, called the ‘WHITE SWINDLER’ finds a mark and steals money. The ‘RED SWINDLER’ preys on the other sex and steals a mark’s body and soul. Then there is the ‘BLACK SWINDLER.’ Ignoring ordinary marks, targeting only the white and red swindlers, and preying on their flesh grew fat and corrupt with the money they have stolen, he is the worst of them all.

There is a boy who once became a victim of swindler and lost his family. Later, he turns into the most hideous “black swindler” to deceive only other swindlers. His name is Kurosaki. This time, he is requested by Reiko, whose daughter is sick, to hunt down a swindler named Ishigaki, who has defrauded her of money. But, behind Ishigaki, there is actually a bigger swindler which has even destabilized the Japanese economy.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Words from Me:

Kurosagi is a film about deception which also was adapted from the Japanese Drama. The movie didn’t appeal to me as much as I thought it would. I think this is the result of watching too much of the con-artist genre drama entitled “Leverage”. It’s one of those American series that I got myself hooked up with. For me that series had more substance than this film. There were so many empty plots on how he was able to trick a trickster. The only reason why I gave this a try is to see if Yamapi would stand to the name that people has given him. He is so far one of the youngest sought out actor in Japan during the mid 2000, so I wanted to give this movie a try.

So far, it gave me a huge disappointment. It’s basically like watching the drama all over again and again. Not even Yamapi nor Horikita Maki could make me raise this movie to 10. I’m definitely not recommending this to anyone unless you’re willing to waste at least 100+ minutes of your lifespan.


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