March Comes in Like a Lion – Part 2 (Japanese Movie 2017)



In this second part of the film, a year has already passed by and Kiriyama Rei is finally a professional Shogi player who got into the top rank and is hailed as one of the youngest most successful player in history. He is then scheduled for a friendly match with one of the greatest Shogi player in his time.

As soon as Rei was done with the match, his personal life became more interesting as he learns how to handle problems for other people. He also started to experience different kinds of emotions with regards to love, friendship and family ties.

Words from Me:

As the movie picks up from the first one, I wasn’t bored as I expected myself to be. I thought it will simply have the same story flow like in part 1, but somehow it still caught my interest. I liked how they added more scenes on Rei’s personal life and his interactions with the Kawamoto family. It showed how young he really was despite how adult like he tries to be.

There were several topics in this movie that really stirred my heart strings, bullying was one of them. One of the hardest thing that could happen to a person with a social life is to be bullied and isolated. Regardless of the location or environment, standing up to bullies needs a lot of courage. I really like how Hinata Kawamoto was able to surpass this trial in her life, although she was able to go through with it due to sheer luck, nonetheless she handled it head on. Rei on the other hand tried to solve Hinata’s problem for her by trying to marry her. He even listed several reasons why marriage with him would actually work out in Hinata’s favor. It seemed very funny that this is the only resolution he could think of to help Hinata. The only thing that sort of confused me with regards to his decision was whether he really liked Hinata for who she was or because she’s simply part of the family he loves, therefore marrying her technically gets him into the family legally. The portrayal of his feelings for Hinata seemed rather vague and the interpretations would probably vary depending on the person watching it. Aside that, I find the scenes referring to this part of the film really heartwarming since consoling a person who is going through some hardship is one of the things that could actually make a difference in that person’s life.

Another segment which I liked is when the father of the Kawamoto sisters came back and wanted to live with them. This is the same person who left them when Akari, the eldest amongst the sisters was only a young girl and she had to be a mother and a father at the same time for her younger sisters. The way they handled the situation was an eye opener for a parent who left their children to fend off for themselves in the harsh world. Though on Rei’s part, he tried to intervene for the sisters because he felt like he was being ripped apart from them by having the father by their side. My narration regarding these parts of the movie does not give justice on what exactly was portrayed on screen so I really hope that whoever decides to watch this will look forward to these scenes.

March Comes Like a Lion Part 2 (2017).mp4_006539165

Overall this movie is more dramatic than the first one. It also resolved some issues between Rei and his adopted siblings which I felt was left hanging out in the open from the previous film. This is still a good watch and would highlight Kei’s personal loss and triumphs.

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