Peach (Japanese Movie 2017)



Adachi Momo is an ordinary high school girl who’s branded as the school slut due to nasty rumors. Regardless of this, she still has a happy disposition in life. She’s also secretly in love with Kazuya Toujigamori also known as Touji. Both of them have been classmates since middle school. Despite knowing Momo’s reputation in school, Touji still stands up against her bullies. Momo is also friends with Kashiwagi Sae, a model and a popular girl in school. However their friendship is only a façade, since Sae mainly likes to torture Momo by taking whatever Momo liked. Regardless of knowing this, Momo lied to Sae that she liked a different boy, someone named Okayasou Kairi who is very popular in school so as they could remain friends.

Some incident made these four students interact with each other, giving them the opportunity to confess their true intentions and fall in love but not without mishaps mixed with a lot of misunderstandings.

Words from Me:

I liked this movie because it is one of those films which did not make me think at all. I simply enjoyed looking at the good looking actors in front of me and laughed at the funny scenes due to silly antics of the main characters. It all seems too hilarious and yet at the same time it felt like I’m watching a bunch of airheads on screen. Watching them felt like I was reading a shoujou manga with a lot of romantic innuendo that’s too far out fetched. The story line also had those cheesy cliché parts that made me cringe and laugh all at the same time.

Another element that I enjoyed most in this movie are the character personalities. Momo is the type of girl who is too nice, dense and naïve that I don’t find it disturbing at all whenever she is being bullied. I think that makes me seem weird but still… her personality is the type that makes me want to strangle her because she’s too dumb to act on a certain situation, she could at least stand up for herself every now and then. Sae on the other hand is the devious type, I like her for her ferociousness and her comical skill of showing only the whites of her eyeballs whenever she’s annoyed. Touji is the kind of guy I would have had a crush on when I was in high school. He’s cute, charming and had those tantalizing eyes that I could stare at forever. He’s also the reason I enjoyed this show. Heh! Lastly there’s Kairi, the seemingly ditzy playboy who is completely misunderstood. I think his character is my most favorite because of his back story, even though he’s being all cutesy and happy all the time, behind all the smile is a heart that’s being torn into pieces.

The sound track gave a happy feel for the movie but not something that could live a mark in my memory. Overall it was a good watch because I wanted something light and fluffy. I somehow did end up with exactly what I wanted.


5 thoughts on “Peach (Japanese Movie 2017)”

    1. You do? Japanese tend to make really cute high school movies specially if it’s about pure love and the likes. 😊 Have you seen Kimi ni Todoke? That’s definitely a must watch JMovie. I’m highly Recommending it to you. I have blogged about it if you need more convincing. 😂

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