One Million Yen Girl (Japanese Movie 2008)


Suzuko Sato (Yu Aoi) is an unremarkable young teen that has trouble fitting in. While her younger brother is often praised for his smarts, her family & neighbors have nothing to say about Suzuko.

One day at work, Suzuko’s co-worker offers to become roommates with Suzoko. Suzuko jumps at that chance to move out of her parents house and they set out to find an apartment. Unfortunately, Suzuko’s friend never mentioned her plan to have her boyfriend Takeshi live with them – until after they sign the lease on their apartment. Making matters worse, on their big moving day Suzuko finds her co-worker a no-show but her boyfriend Takeshi (Ryusei Saito) sits glumly in the apartment. It turns out that the couple recently experienced a falling out, with the boyfriend still intending to move into the apartment without his girlfriend. Things then hit the boiling point when Takeshi throws out Suzuko’s cat. Suzuko retaliates the next day by throwing away all of his belongings and then quickly moves out before Takeshi returns.

The next day at work Suzuko is visited by detectives who ask Suzuko to come in for questioning. It seems Suzuko broke the law by throwing away Takeshi’s belongings and because of this she is fined and receives a criminal record. When news of this spreads to Suzuko’s neighborhood, Suzuko suddenly feels even more alienated. She then decides to save up one million yen with the goal of moving out of town. Suzuko then plans to find another job, save one million yen, and then move on to the next town.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Words from Me:

It was much like an indie film, the usual feel for Aoi Yu’s movies. I wonder why she always pick weird roles? Hmmm…

The film was a bit draggy but a couple of indie film lovers would probably like this. The cinematography was quite nice for a low budget film but nonetheless the cast were big timers which was unexpected. I loved Aoi’s role here as Suzuko, she made the character much realistic. Her features would show a calm girl on the outside but could burst like a bubble any moment. The younger brother Satoru was a good supporting actor and made Suzuko’s role much stronger because of him.

The main character Suzuko, skipped from town to town, changing places as soon as she saves up 1 million yen, professing that she’s really not finding herself but instead running away from circumstances that lead from one thing to another. In the end, love crept on to her and she had no way to shrug it off.

Most of the dialogue wasn’t much memorable, except for the one where the main character had a conversation with her brother at the ending part where some sort of confusing revelation or “not?” was given. That particular conversation put my understanding for the last 1/3 of the film into shattered pieces. I think the director or script writer intended to do that so as the viewers would make their own conclusions instead. I usually tend to hate these kinds of open ended finale because it means there are loose ends which I’ll never get over with no matter what kind of conclusion I come up with.

Soundtrack wise, I liked the ending credits song for it’s cute melody. It sort of reminded me of the movie OST for film the “Synesthezia” entitled Gerbera. Over all the film give me a half-hearted impact and wasn’t as enjoyable as I thought it would be.


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