Online Shop

After I got married and started living by the beach, I was able to do the things I loved on a daily basis, just like skim boarding and surfing whenever I want to. However, it also has its downside for someone like me who has been spoiled by the convenience that is found in the city.

Location wise, my family right now is situated at least an hour away from a decent shopping mall. Not considering the traffic and the hassle of travelling by commute, it may actually take more than an hour to get to my destination. Adding the fact that I’ll be travelling with a child… well that makes things more difficult. It simply means that my previous lifestyle of hopping in a jeepney to travel five minutes to get to the nearest mall or supermarket is a no-go anymore.

Here comes in online shopping which makes things more convenient than travelling around. The only thing I need is my phone and an internet connection. Now shopping is more of a breeze.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that aside from brand names and restaurants, I will be inserting several online shop blog reviews which could be sort of related to Asian stuff since most of the products came from or was inspired by the current trend from Korea and Japan.

I will be posting them for the month of July and I hope a lot of people will find the review useful!

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