Online Shop: BEAUTYMNL


I was looking for some products to help me with my skin condition and luckily a close friend of mine recommended two sites, one is an online shop from Korea which I shall not name since it’s not the topic on hand while the other one is called BEAUTYMNL.

This shop has a lot of different products which are used by Filipino women. It also has numerous brands in its product listing which makes it more fun to choose. I’m lucky enough that some of the products available are the ones I already use so I don’t have to test it.

When shopping in the mall, there are also some items that are hard to find or not available that’s why going to this site is very helpful. Most of the products in BeautyMnl are not available in retail stores and could only be found in booths or in hidden places scattered around metro manila. There are also several local brands from this shop which is one of the reasons I love buying from it because I’m able to contribute to the locals.

What I liked most from this site is that their products are not limited to make-up and facial care. They also have different brands for eco-friendly stuff, baby and mommy care, house care products and food. I LOVE their baby products and food selections since everything is organic and baby safe.

They also have an android app which I downloaded making ordering and paying so easy. It made me want to do all my shopping online than go to the mall again. Oh! Another thing, they also deliver all over the Philippines which is awesome because some online shops don’t do that. Another thing is that they have “Cash on Delivery” but on selected locations only. This tidbit of info could be found in their FAQ page.

The one and only downside to this site… most of the popular items are ALWAYS sold out due to its limited supply. So once it’s available, I would suggest to cart it and pay for it as soon as possible or else it will be wait listed which takes almost forever to be re-stocked. Yes… that’s the sad reality of waiting.

As for my personal shopping experience, I experienced a minimal glitch which was a small mishap from the shop’s end. One of my carted item was not available anymore and yet the app still allowed me to cart and pay for it. When it was time for the shipping, they discovered that the item was out of stock. They promptly sent me an email and gave me options to choose how to solve the problem, once I’ve replied everything was set and ready to go. I received my package 5 days later and I was so surprised that I had more items than I expected! This was because of the freebies. The giveaways were great and they usually give it to people who order in bulk. Information about the free stuff is also included in their site. Overall my shopping experience from Beauty Manila was awesome and it would be great if a lot of people would know this wonderful online store.

Here’s the link for easy access: BeautyMnl

Desktop View

Android App/Phone View



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