Online Shop: Lazada

Another shopping site that I go to is Lazada. What I really like about it is that they have a cash on delivery service and since I’m on the outskirts of a rural area, this is way convenient for me.

At first I thought this site was a bogus one since it’s usually advertised in social media and pops out in your screen like an annoying bug. However, downloading the app in the phone makes browsing more fun. This is the site where I was able to buy my baby’s mosquito repellent. The product brand was pretty much hard to find and was only available in SM outlets. It’s also a small pop up store and most of the time the item is out of stock. So finding it here in this site was like a gold mine.

There are also a bunch of Korean and Japanese products available here. I suggest to look for one store and buy in bulk since there are TONS of stuff to choose from. Buying in bulk with one provider would also have its advantage, I will explain as to why later on.

Most of the products looks good on picture so having those five star rating is a big help in choosing for the right product item and provider. Each seller is different so the reviews remove the hassle of verifying if each seller could actually provide a legitimate merchandise. I suggest to also read the comments on each product because knowing the opinion of other people doesn’t hurt and helps out with expectations.

There are several things that made me feel annoyed when shopping in Lazada – first is the carting experience. Since there are different suppliers, the products which is under that specific seller will be delivered separately, then a P99 delivery charge will be on top of the item price if it is below P1000.

Second annoyance is the delivery service. In my case, I bought 3 items in total and those items came from different vendors, they were delivered to my home at least 1 week apart. It took that long to be delivered, aside that I had to pay additional P99 for the shipment on each item. It would have been better if they could have procured all the products in one place and have the delivery in one go then charge the shipping fee once just like in BeautyMNL. I don’t know why they do it but it’s such a hassle to wait for each package when it everything could be simply be delivered at once. I really hope Lazada thinks well about their shipping strategy. So… I pretty much recommend to buy in one store provider and buy something above P1000 to get a free shipping.

Another experience I had is that when I made another order for a another product, the courier texted me that the package will arrive that day but it never did. I waited 2 weeks for the item and yet when the day came, the delivery never happened. I had to email them and follow up as to what happened. They gave me several reasons, one – that it may have been a wrong address, which is weird because I had 3 consecutive deliveries from different store owners in Lazada previously and they got the address right. Two – I might not have been present at home during the time of delivery – which pissed me off, because I was at home the whole time and couldn’t even get out because I was waiting for the item and at the same time taking care of the baby. It is such a simple task to call or ask around and KNOCK at the door but they didn’t do it. Maybe the courier was too lazy to do all the things necessary to ensure a good transaction. It’s a good thing I haven’t paid for the item yet or else it would be such a hassle to reimburse the item.

Those are my rants charged to experience but overall shopping in this site is still alright and very convenient. But to make sure, it’s better to request for a cash on delivery service instead of having it prepaid online.

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