Online Shop: Mother of Sea

_20180702_2344521115830109.jpgTidbits about the online seller, her name is Maypril and I’m lucky enough to know her personally. She’s a supermom who has a hobby of making stuff out of used clothes. Then she discovered the art of macramé and finally put her visions into work. After making several pieces, she decided to share them to the world by selling it in Instagram.

Her work is purely hand crafted and each piece looks awesome. It is a basic modern macramé made with care, perseverance and hard work. Tying knots again and again is such a tedious task. I think it’s really amazing that she’s able to dedicate her time in doing her craft despite having a two year old baby in which she has to look after full time.

Her collection consists of different items: bracelets, wall decors, wine holder, plant hanger, coasters, bags… and a lot more! Currently she takes customized orders for clients depending on her availability.

Custom made orders: Owl Necklace and Sling Bag

Buying an item is also easy as long as a direct message is sent to her. She’ll give instructions with regards to the mode of payment and sending of items. Payment methods are usually through the following: LBC, CEBUANA, WESTERN, ML.

I personally think her products are the best choice as a gift to friends and loved ones. The type of rope she uses is made out of cotton and it usually takes 2-3 days to make each item, but it really depends on how big it is. She can be found in Instagram with the tag name of @motherofsea. Why the name Mother of sea? It’s because her son is named Sea as in Seameon. Isn’t that cute? I totally dig it!

Instagram Account – Mobile View

Sold Products

On a side note, macrame is one of the trending hobby these days for several reasons – one it is eco-friendly and two it’s a form of meditation. Despite being time consuming, it really helps with a person’s concentration.

One Korean artist, namely Park Shin Hye has chosen this type of art as a form of hobby in a documentary show in TvN. For those who are interested, the title is “Little Cabin in the Woods”.

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