Online Shop: Most Wont But I Will


I’ve been trying hard to live with a zero waste practice for my daily living but I’m failing miserably. It’s freaking hard because I’m used to the wasteful lifestyle just like most people in this modern world.

When I started to convert myself, I found myself in a big hurdle. Why? There are a lot of disposable things that I particularly like using, specially baby products. Nonetheless, it’s better to try than not to do anything at all. What I found bearable to start with was the first one that I started using which was… eco-bags! Whenever I go to the mall or meet friends somewhere, I always put an eco-bag inside my bag just in case I might need to buy something. With that, I’m able to refuse plastic or paperbags and I feel proud of myself for being able to do that. It’s also nice that in our place in San Felipe Zambales, the government district have initiated a zero waste practice in the market. They encourage buyers to bring their own bags, if they don’t… then they have the option of holding all their bought items with their arms and hands. Heh!

What I like about this zero waste practice is that it makes our community in Liwliwa a bit closer to each other. Several resorts who sell food and drinks have finally stopped using plastic cups, plates or even discouraged takeouts if they didn’t have their own container. It’s nice when the resort owners lend us their plates whenever we order take out but most of the time though, we use our own containers.

Now that I have my own little business of selling drinks which I call Good Drinks which is served at Good Karma Surf Resort (check out the article written by my friend Kevin Bascao about the place: Click Here), I had to think twice when using straws. It’s very hard to tell people that we don’t do take outs because I could see the disappointment in their eyes when they really want to take out the drink. The biggest problem that I had to deal with was the big straws. I sell Milk Tea with tapioca pearls which needs a bigger straw to enjoy the drink. Not a lot of people are fans of using a spoon for their drink, that’s why I bought plastic straws to serve my clients. Yes… I know. Bad bad bad biniBningPunkista for contributing gunk to the world.

So… when I discovered a place who sells milk tea straw that is stainless, I grabbed the opportunity and purchased some! I found the site in Instagram which was recommended by my best friend Wet, thanks bes! ^_^v


Desktop View


Mobile View on Android

@mostwont.butiwill is the tag name of the Instagram who sells affordable stainless/glass/bamboo straws, eating utensils, bamboo charcoal toothbrush and eco-bags. It’s so easy to order, the seller is very friendly and accommodating. All I had to do was send them a direct message via Instagram and they were able to reply a few hours after. The rules on ordering is already in their account, all I had to do was read them. Paying isn’t much of a hassle, since they have an account in BPI it was easy to deposit money and forward the receipt to them – I just forwarded a photo of the receipt and that’s it! It would have been easier if I had activated my e-money transfer under BPI, but I’m too lazy to go to the branch to have it done.

After the fast and smooth transaction, I was able to get my goods after a few days. I bought colorless ones in bulk for my business and a black one for personal use, it also comes with a small brush so cleaning the straws won’t be a hassle. Now I’m able to bring my stainless straw inside my bag and use it wherever or however I want to.


BTW, the photo that I used at the beginning of this blog came from @mostwont.butiwill’s posts and I find each photo caption very informative. They frequently post photos as a reminder to keep our environment waste free. I also like how simple their logo is, because it talks a lot about a personal choice, a choice to be conscious about our lifestyle.

This practice isn’t just happening in the Philippines but also globally. Citizens in japan also took the initiative to join the worldwide war against plastic waste: Click Here.

A Korean editor has also written about battling a wasteful lifestyle. While other big companies like Binggrae are finally using stainless straws for their drinks.




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