Youn’s Kitchen Season 1 & 2 (Korean Variety Show 2017 & 2018)


Four Korean entertainment artists travel overseas to open a restaurant and serve Korean dishes to local people and tourists for approximately 10 days. This is a TV series produced by PD Na Young Seok who specializes in variety shows.

Words from Me:

Getting hooked with Youn’s Kitchen was a big step for me in terms of watching Korean shows. I’ve never enjoyed reality TV unless it is “The Amazing Race”. What really captured my attention for this show was how the actors were so professional despite being out of their comfort zones. The first season of the series was taken in Gili, Indonesia. The participating artists were Youn Yeo Jung, also known as the head chef and acting owner of the restaurant, Jung Yoo Mi acting as the sous chef, Lee Seo Jin who was assigned as the table manager and lastly the adorable grandfather figure Shin Goo who worked as the part timer. I love the dynamic chemistry of these actors during the first season because everything seemed chill and stress free. They looked like they had fun working as regular people despite being top rated artists in Korea. Yeo Jung and Yumi had a great team work in the kitchen despite both being a novice at that kind of job. Seo Jin on the other hand is a great table manager and had great business insights as he was the one who kept suggesting on improving the menu. Most of the costumers think he’s a really good looking guy too! Shin Goo on the other hand is such a sweet guy, trying his best to entertain the guests and serve their food on time.

The team also went through an ordeal when their restaurant was brought down due to a government notice that all buildings will have to be removed in their area. This was the major setback for the show since the production team took time to make the kitchen and restaurant look accommodating and beautiful. The original location was also a prime area where in there was a lot of foot count, but due to the sudden notice, they had to relocate to a much secluded area where in their business had a lot of downtime. However, despite the ordeal everyone were still relaxed and in high spirits when they started to work again at the new place. This is the thing that I liked most in season 1, even though things are getting hectic, they didn’t seem to be overworked or too tired.

In season 2 there was a replacement for our sweet grandpa Shin Goo due to filming conflicts. They also announced that he has become a regular member of the staff instead of a part timer. The reason for his job description is that in the first season he came in at a later episode as a form of surprise for the others. In the second season, Park Seo Joon replaced his slot as the part timer. I wouldn’t call him as a part timer though because he really worked like a cow. I think everyone would agree that he has worked his way to become a regular in Youn’s Kitchen despite being called as a part timer.

During this season they filmed in Garachico, Spain. It was a lovely place with so much photogenic sceneries. What amazed was the way most of the locals welcomed the team. Most were really trying to accommodate the foreigners and were enjoying the Korean dishes. Take note that some of these people had no idea where Korea is and had never tasted Korean food. This makes me realize that I’ve been taking bulgogi bibimbap for granted since this dish is available here in my country. I feel bad for them because after the show, the restaurant will have to close down and they won’t be able to taste another authentic Korean dish for a long time.

All in all this show was a great watch. The OST used for each episode was really fun and I could associate most of them to a drama I’ve watched previously. The cinematography and videography was great, my husband who’s doesn’t even watch Korean shows commented that the scenes looked really good. There’s this thing that the production team does with their video editing, wherein a scene would look as if the people were a bunch of colorful moving clay or some sort of animated figures. It’s a bit difficult for me to describe but it really looked cute.

What I liked from this variety show were the exchanges of different cultures and seeing Korean artists in their true self. Even though it is an edited version of themselves, at least I know that they’re not acting as someone else. I can see that they are trying to persevere in everything that they do. Because of this, I enjoyed their dramas/movies even more since I have this image of them in my head of how they truly are in real life.

Photos are not mine, credits to whoever owns them.

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