What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (Korean Drama 2018)


Secretary Kim Mi So has been working under a narcissistic boss named Lee Young Joon for nine years. One day she decided to quit her job and inform her boss about it. When it dawned to her boss that she really was going to resign despite his appraisal offers, he became restless. He couldn’t stand the fact that she’s leaving him after all those years they have been working together. This is when he offered her marriage instead so as he could keep his secretary by his side forever. Despite the offer, Kim Mi So still won’t budge on her decision thus she had to render sixty days of work prior to leaving her job. Within those days, Lee Young Joon has plans on wooing his secretary back into his life.

Words from Me:

This drama is a manwha adaptation and since I haven’t read that version yet, I don’t have any comparisons to make. I’m just glad that I wasn’t disappointed with the hype from this series and I would definitely read the manwah soon.

What I like about this show is that it’s light and fluffy despite the mystery factor.  Yes, there is a mystery factor in this romcom genre series, that’s Kdrama land for you! The mysterious part of the drama has something to do with both the main character’s past, way back when they were still children. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E02.mp4_003738101I won’t talk about it because that would be a total spoiler. All I could say is that this part of the series is one of the things I look forward to when I was watching it. There’s this kind of thrill in not knowing what really happened in the past. Although I already had some vague ideas about the scenarios for every upcoming episode since the plot is pretty much predictable, it’s still nice to know if what I had in my mind would actually coincide with what’s going to be shown on screen. I credit this skill thanks to all the KDramas I’ve watched for the past fifteen years which makes current dramas predictable, but in spite of that I still enjoy watching them. Aside that factor, the romance between the main leads was such an overkill but nonetheless I still dig it. The comedic side of this drama certainly got me. There were scenarios that did not need any dialogue since the actions were enough to keep myself from laughing my heart out. The only thing I found annoying in this drama was the length. They could have cut it shorter into 12 episodes since episodes 13-16 became redundant. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E02.mp4_002832863The frustrating thing about romcom is the push and pull thing between the main characters which always becomes an endless cycle throughout the series, in this case it lasted until episode 15 and could have been resolved at episode 10, same with the main problem of the story. It would sort of feel a bit tiring to watch until the end if not for eye candy on screen, namely actor Park Seo Joon just because I’m biased like that.

Setting that aside, the story is very much entertaining because of the characters. The female lead Kim Mi So is such a badass when it comes to decision making. Having a nine year experience working for a boss such as Young Joon would probably make any other person a nitpicker and perfectionist. Her character wouldn’t be like that if she hasn’t gone through a lot since she was a young child, like giving up going to college and instead work as a secretary for her sisters to finish their studies and become doctors, then there’s also the issue with her father who’s always in debt. However, no matter what comes her way she’s able to deal with it head on.  Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E04.mp4_001540906Her relationship with her sisters are so cute too, their thing as a family is to always go out for samyeopsal as a way to bond and have family time. On the other hand there is her counterpart Young Joon. Despite his negative description in the synopsis, he really needs a break because beneath the narcissist-smart-assed-perfectionist kind of person is a competent, soft, caring and considerate guy. His real character would be shown throughout the series. Therefore if female viewers couldn’t fall in love with the character after finishing the drama, I don’t know what’s wrong with the world anymore. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E07.mp4_000718350As for his family back ground though, Young Joon’s family is a bit complicated but his parents are so cute when they dote on him. There’s also the older brother Lee Sung Yeon acted by Lee Tae Hwan who seems a bit mysterious but has a bad relationship with Young Joon. There’s always this tension between them every time they are in the same room.

Anyway, as I was saying, the characters are definitely lovable even the supporting ones. I totally love the office atmosphere and the workers. The fact that they are all silly when their boss is not around makes them look like a bunch of incompetent fools, but really… they are supposed to be good workers since they work directly under Young Joon. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E01.mp4_000983582I have two notable side characters in this drama which gave more color to the drama as their own side story shined all throughout the series.  Bong Sera performed by Hwang Bora who seemed to live her life as a great actress for comedy. I like how she overacts on any situation since that kind of acting style suits her. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E05.mp4_003448945Then there’s Park Yoo Shik the ever loyal friend who is Young Joon’s best friend played by Kang Ki Young. I like how his character balanced Young Joon’s serious side. He made things look funny along with some dramatic antics and other product references he inserted throughout the episodes.

The OST was also cute and I would probably still remember it in the near future. I would recommend this to those who would like to watch something that would make them laugh without thinking too much and to those who are fans of Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon like me!



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