Pasta (Korean Drama 2010)


Seo Yoo Kyung is an aspiring chef while Choi Hyun Wook is the head chef with a very bad personality. He hates female cooks so he tries his best to remove all women from his kitchen. However, despite everything he does, Yoo Kyung is the most resilient person he has ever met. She’s the kind of person who never gives up no matter the kind of hardship thus making him drawn to her despite his utter dislike for women.


Words from Me:

The main story wasn’t much to begin with. Head chef falls in love with one of his co-worker who is a dimwit when it comes to cooking good pasta. The truth is, this drama could have ended at 10 episodes but the producers just had to prolong it and make the story go around in circles, like a merry go round with nothing really exciting happening on the show. They did try to make it exciting by adding good looking casts in the kitchen, but that isn’t enough for me to like it. It was predictable and just made me hungry with all the cooking they did.

pasta11_13This is the kind of drama I would watch just for the sake of finishing it. I wish I could have enjoyed it as much as other people did, but I just can’t. I have this affinity for the male lead character. He’s trying to be a complete jerk by shouting all over the place but it’s not really working. It just makes him annoying. The only redeeming character I like is the female lead. Her life alone makes the whole drama more interesting. Being the daughter of a man who owns a small Chinese restaurant and basically earns ep3_13nothing much has the gall to dream of becoming a professional chef. Without any other culinary experience, she embarked into the hellish kitchen of Le Sfera and worked as a kitchen assistant for a couple of years until finally she gets the chance to hold the pan, but then a new chef comes in and took away that opportunity just because he has an attitude and huge distaste with female chefs. Despite that, she dogged her way back into holding that precious pan she’s been aiming for and incidentally made that evil chef fall for her in the process.

The supporting casts in this drama may have been a bit helpful in making the seriesPastaE0621-30-40 more bearable because there are a couple of eye candies who entered into the drama around episode two. The original La Sfera chefs though doesn’t have that appealing look that’s pleasing in the eye. What made them seem memorable is the way they complained behind the head chef’s back none stop, they’re not even that good looking which Pasta-8made it more irritating to watch, thus making them unforgettable. There’s also the second leads who made a bit of an impact at the later half of the drama, but in my opinion we could all do without having them in the picture. I do get they are supposed to be vital in the story line however, they seem more like a filler to me since the story mainly revolved around the two main character who was always in the kitchen bickering at each other.

I have nothing against the actors because setting the drama’s story line aside, I totally love the two main leads. Lee Sun Kyun is a great actor from what I’ve seen him in the pasta10-00021dramas Coffee Prince and Triple, while Gong Hyo Jin is simply pure love. She may not be the best looking actress in Kdrama land, but believe me when I say that she’s one stunning actress when they dress her up real good. One of my favorite drama’s she’s acted in was Master’s Sun. She also usually has great chemistry with her co-stars, which is the case here in this drama. I just wish that the male lead character had a better character substance because there could be more into that head chef than trying to act as an almighty being.

There was nothing much remarkable about the OST and I wouldn’t rewatch this for the life of me because it’s a complete waste of time. I wouldn’t recommend it, but if someone is looking for a recommendation about food or kitchen settings in Kdramas, this could be one but just forget about the story line.

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