Which Star Did You Come From? (Korean Drama 2006)


Choi Seung Hee left Korea for three years after losing his girlfriend in a tragic accident. When he finally came back, he wanted to make a film in a rural area. During the time he was doing an ocular visit, a woman named Bok Shil caught his eye because she looks exactly like his deceased girlfriend, Hye Soo. Seung Hee followed Bok Shil around in order to get some answers and ended up falling for her. 


Words from Me:

What Star Did You Come From is a Kdrama in which I have total bias in.

The story is about a movie maker Choi Seung Hee who caused the death of his girlfriend named Lee Hye Soo due to a car accident while he was driving. After the horrible incident, he incurred a trauma in driving cars and was consumed with guilt that he swore to never love again.

I know… I know… I told you the cliché!

Anyway… one day during a movie project, he met Kim Bok-Shil, a woman with the exact replica of his dead girlfriend’s face. In total denial, he started to follow her around and discovered that she’s a completely different person. bfb948f31c0ae04aecbd94d2db163ab3The girl was a country bumpkin, uncouth and had no proper breeding of an elite person. She was the exact opposite of his refined deceased lover. As he got closer to her, he eventually falls in love again… but there is a catch! Is he actually in love with Bok Sil because of her face which reminds him of his Hye Soo or does he love her as she is? Aside from this, there were a couple more twists which led me to tear my hair out in frustration, but I gritted my teeth and held my annoyance at bay for the love of Rae Won and Ryu Won. Aren’t they just perfect for each other? Their names are even a match made in heaven! Yeah… that’s just me and my wishful thinking. Aside from the main casts, there’s the perk of the comedy within the drama which made it more bearable to watch.

Although the story line is a total wreck with all the drama cliché, Kim Rae Won and Jung Ryu Won gave justice for the whole show. It even garnered 17% viewership which isn’t that bad in Korea if you ask a couple of netizens. Maybe it’s because of the main lead’s popularity and how they a enacted their characters. I personally liked Bok Sil’s character and her naivety during the beginning of the show. However, as the show progressed and she had to shift into a serious one, it kind of bored me out but still… for the love of hqdefaultwatching her on screen I continued on and rooted for her character. As for Seung Hee’s character, he’s definitely angsty but because he became involved with Bok Sil, his character gradually mellowed out and became more likable. The supporting cast and second leads weren’t that memorable for me. I guess this is just one of those dramas that had a passing through in my memory since I was too focused on the main leads. The story is totally makjang mixed with bits of comedy here and there. It may have been a great drama back in 2006, however it wouldn’t be able to ride through the current dramas airing these days. It’s just not cut as a classic drama. What makes it worth it is simply watching two popular actors with great chemistry on screen.

I couldn’t remember the OST even if I try to rack my brain about it. Over all it was a funny and  melodramatic show. I wouldn’t rewatch it as having seen it once is already enough but I would recommend it to those who love both the main actors because they really did their best for this drama.

Photos are not mine. Credits to the owner.

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