Endless Love Series: Winter Sonata (Korean Drama 2002)


Kang Joon Sang moves to a new high school in search of his biological father. In that new school he meets Jung Yu Jin and Kim Sang Hyuk who seemed to be best friends, but in reality Sang Hyuk liked Yu Jin more than a friend, but she could only see him like a brother.

During a trip together with other schoolmates an accident occurred in which Joon Sang saves Yu Jin. Due to this, both become close and develop romantic feelings for each other. However, circumstances and fate dictate that their love for each other is impossible because Joon Sang disappears from Yu Jin’s life without warning.

Ten years later, the old High School buddies gathered to celebrate Yu Jin and Sang Hyuk’s engagement party. Despite being engaged, Yu Jin still longs for Joon Sang even though it’s been years since he disappeared. To her surprise, one of her friend’s new boyfriend arrives at the party and he appears to be Joon Sang.


Words from Me:

I’ve been deliberating with myself if I should or should not add this up in my blog review because first, I’m not much of a Bae Yong Jun or Choi Ji Woo fan, second the drama didn’t really leave me any lasting impression. Then it dawned on me that I will be covering all three series of the Endless Love series but then leave this alone for good? That’s unfair. So despite my inner retaliation, I will review this for the sake of completing the whole series. Then maybe someone out there is into this kind of heavy melodrama and would be able to appreciate it more than I did.

Winter Sonata is the second installment of the Endless Love series, it is also far away from being Rom-Com. The drama is all about romance, spice of life and deep conflicts not just within the characters but their roots. Meaning their family, where all conflicts usually starts in this kind of setting. The main characters meet and fall in love during their high school until one day, they were separated for vague reasons. After 10 years, they meet again in an engagement party in which one of them was getting engaged.

I wouldn’t dwell on the story since that’s the part of this series that I didn’t like at all. What I did appreciate were the actor’s portrayal of their characters, they were really amazing if I may judge how much their caliber on acting is. The emotions on each role was poured out on scenes and even those melancholic-angsty moments move me against my own volition. That part of this drama definitely touched my heart and I wasn’t really expecting that. I remember my mom tearfully pointing at me for making her watch another melodrama and making her cry out once again. I made her watch Autumn in my Heart, the first melodrama she’s seen and she’s the one who insisted on watching Winter Sonata. NOT ME.

Aside that, the cinematography is beautiful. It made me feel cold just seeing them with all the snow around, but it really showed how great Korea looked even if it was winter. Lastly the OST. That was the best thing in this drama, it coincides with all the scenes and left me all kinds of emotion while listening to the back ground music simultaneously with the drama. All in all, the drama was alright, thank you for the great production but not really to the writer.


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