Coffee Prince (Korean Drama 2007)


A tomboy is mistaken for a young man, but maintains the deception for the sake of employment. The situation is complicated when the male boss begins to develop feelings for this “boy”.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist


Words from Me:

What’s so good about a gender-bender romcom? Well, first of all this is an acquired taste kind of drama, since not everyone likes the genre. Personally, I like it because I like girls pretending to be boys as they get into all kinds of mishaps and misunderstandings. But honestly, I don’t even understand myself as to why I find a plot like this enjoyable.

As for the story, Coffee Prince is about a girl named Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye), a poor hard working girl who is always mistaken as a guy. Then fate made her meet Choi Hang Kyul (Gong Yoo) during one of her part time jobs. After which they came to an agreement to help each other out and eventually, she ended up lying about her gender so she could work for him full time. The drama was hilarious in all angles but there is no realism in this one. It is so obvious that Eun Chan is a girl if you look closely at her chest. So I’m warning those who think that the drama is not realistic enough to be watched. Despite that little factor, I loved the drama for the cast and then the story follows. This was the second drama I’ve seen Yooncp Eun Hye in, the first one was Princess Hours also known as Goong. There was such a big character difference between the two dramas that I can’t believe she was very effective in both. Here in Coffee Prince, it felt like the main female lead was actually made for her. She wasn’t afraid to step up her game and get her hair all chopped up for the role. That’s one thing about Eun Hye that I like, she takes all kinds of roles which gives her a wide range of acting experience. Gong Yoo on the other hand, felt like a piece in a puzzlecp11-035 which completed the whole picture. He complimented Eun Hye’s character and their chemistry on screen was sizzling hot. This was the first drama I’ve seen him in and I had a really good impression on his acting style. That’s why when Goblin and Train to Busan became a hit, I wasn’t really surprised because he was a really amazing actor.

If these two main actors were great to watch, there’s also the eye candy supporting actors, the Coffee Prince baristas. This is where Kim Jae Wook comes in, my very firstSun_Ki supporting actor crush. His role as No Sun Ki, the waffle cart guy who hailed from Japan to follow his Korean wife in Seoul was a bit underrated. I wish there was more about his background story but it became very limited. I’m just glad that he had a lot of good roles after this drama. Another staff member is, Kim Dong Wook, whom I think was born as a comedian, but he can definitely act any role he wanted. In this series, he was Jin Ha Rim, one of Han Kyul’s close friends who helped out put Coffee Prince into life from scratch. He’s a pretty well off guy in the story but he wanted to follow his dreams and so he became a homeless guy who lived in a dump kind of house with the old fart cafe assistant manager, Hong Gae Shik portrayed by Kim Chang wan. Princes_PhotosHa Rim is also the bubbliest person in the Coffee Prince staff who loves annoying Eun Chan and thinks she’s pretty cute for a guy.  Aside from this, he’s also known as the actor from the movie Along with the Gods. Last but not the least is Lee Eon who acting the big bulky guy named Hwang Min Yeop, who was a pretty dumb guy but actually had a soft heart and was in love with Gong Chan’s sister. He’s pretty strong too that’s why he got hired in the cafe on the spot. I personally loved his character because he seems all big and bulky on the outside but very fluffy in the inside. His personality gave balance to the aloof Sun Ki, bubbly Ha Rim, grouchy Mr. Hong and the confused Gong Chan. Aside this, another personal detail about the actor Lee Eon, he already passed away on the year 2008 due to a motorcycle accident. He was too young and his career was on the height of its fame. The news was shocking and left me sad, but I’m just glad he was able to leave something very special behind. cp12-032As for the second lead actors, I don’t have much to say about them since I think that the drama would actually still move forward without them. Choi Han Seong acted by Lee Sun Kyun is the music director whom Eun Chan had a crush with, while Chae Jung Ahn portrayed by Han Yoo Joo was his girl friend and Han Kyul’s first love.

Another thing that makes this drama a good and memorable watch is the OST. Every time I hear the OST for this drama, I could still remember my favorite scene. For those who are reading this entry, check out the title “Go Go Chan!” from the OST’s list of titles. It’s very cute and catchy. I have rewatched this drama dozens of times and will still watch it in the near future and I’m recommending this show for those who love Gong Yoo and would want to check out his old works.



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