Blog Update!

My sincerest apologies to everyone who’s been checking out this blog regularly but I have my reasons:

First, I revived an online shop in Instagram which I used to manage since 2015, you can find the profile page by clicking here: @paudseinthrifterschoice. Please do check it out if you have the time. We sell pre-loved clothes, books and other handy stuff.

Second, my family has been travelling back and forth between my parent’s home and my in laws ever since my brother, who worked abroad with his family, visited the country. Everything has been hectic that I had no time to write or update.

Lastly I was on a writer’s block and a drama slump. I couldn’t write anything about the previous dramas I’ve seen and I couldn’t get myself to write anything at all. I guess I needed some peace and quiet since I couldn’t even take care of my self because I have been dedicating all my time and energy for my baby who gets cranky whenever I’m not by his side. So yeah… mommy woes.

Enough about my rants and explanations because I’m back and I’m inspired due to the drama Terius Behind Me which is about a struggling single mother, taking care of her twins. Then mix in all the action and comedy the writer and producers can think of… it totally comes to life to make women like me happy as a bunny.

By the way, I will also change my formatting, there would be no synopsis part anymore since I realized I should do my own synopsis and stop copy pasting with credits. It’s just not fun like that. I will be incorporating the summary with the body and add a point system of 10/10. So please do look forward to my next review!

11 thoughts on “Blog Update!”

  1. I would like to search and follow as many blogs I could but i just find any right now. I unfollowed all abandoned blogs. It’s easier to write about current dramas rather than old dramas. I have watched so many dramas (my full list is on mydramalist) but i just don’t find any motivation to write even mini reviews on them. Next year or maybe next month i will start to write mini reviews on them maybe. I will need to rewatch mvs or dramas to remember. I have only been watching kdramas for 3 years now.

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      1. Whoaaaaa… I’m totally impressed that you’re able to watch 200+ asian dramas in the span of 3 years. That’s a really big feat 😱 I also followed you btw. 🤗 I think I’ve also come across some of your posts from my global feeds. 🤔

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      2. That’s smart watching. It’s better to watch something that’s going to be worth it. I saw that you also finished Terius Behind Me. I’ve reviewed the drama! I hope we can talk about it as soon as it gets published. I’d love to know your thoughts about it.

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  2. Do write more but you can take your time to write as and when you can. I have been going through my followed sites list and i realised there aren’t many who are writing about kdramas or maybe i can’t find them.


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