Queen In Hyun’s Man (Korean Drama 2012)


Drama Rating: 9/10

Choi Hee Jin is a struggling actress in the modern society of Seoul but despite her hardships she keeps up an optimistic attitude in life. When a big break finally comes in inhyun16-00314-1her career, one in which she has to act as Queen In Hyun in a TV drama, she is aslo spiraled into a romance like no other when she accidentally meets Kim Boong Do – an actual scholar who has supported the reinstatement of the real Queen In Hyun during the Joseon era. Unexpectedly, he was able to traveled through time from 300 years ago while on the run from his pursuers who was trying to kill him because of his alliances.

When I think of a drama theme regarding love in different time lines, Queen In Hyun’s Man is my most memorable series for so many reasons.

I like the fact that this drama had the setting of modern day and sageuk at the same time.08212045It was a good drama and the story line was very much my cup of tea. I love how it began and I love how it ended. I’m not going to dwell much into the story since I don’t want to go spoiling people around… but what I would like to share about this drama is that it has a very unlikely finale. I rarely find this kind of ending in a time loop kind of drama. Maybe in a movie, yes… but not much in dramas. They usually end up weird and unsatisfying for me, but this drama has deviated from an expected bitter ending.

queen-in-hyuns-man-yoo-in-na-3The characters where solid and the actors/actresses in it were really good in portraying them. The main actress which was portrayed by Yoo In Ah, had an initially annoying character but I did find her cute at some extent. I like the way she was able to hold a steadfast attitude when the situation needed it, though most of the time she is as clueless and as naive as she could be. Then there is the main actor from Joseon era acted by Ji bscap0142Hyun Woo who can skip time from present to future. He had this aristocratic aura around him and I find it weird that he was able to easily fit into the modern time instead of freaking out. It was so logical of him. I usually ask myself why do I like such men from sageuk compared to the modern day? I think it’s the hanbok or something. Heh.

As for the music, it wasn’t something that grabbed my interest but it was able to convey the feelings on each characters emotion which was good enough for me. As for re-watch value, I’m not sure I would re-watch it due that the mystery was already over for me but I would definitely recommend it to people who are into time jumping themes and all those lovey-dovey shiznits. I’m sure this drama will hook them up.


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