Miss Hammurabi (Korean Drama 2018)

Miss Hammurabi ep02.mp4_004660656

Drama Rating: 9/10

Miss Hammurabi ep04.mp4_001799531Judge Im Ba Reun is an uptight person who goes through the law by the book. He hates mingling with other people and finds them as a nuisance to deal with. However his real personality is that of a guy who has a pure heart. He simply tries to avoid other people to distance himself so as not to hurt himself in the process. During his time as a right hand court justice in the 44th Civil Affairs Department at the Seoul Central District, he meetsMiss Hammurabi ep01.mp4_003096026 his high school crush named Park Cha Oh Reum in a subway as he was going to work. To his dismay, her personality was very different from his first love whom he remembered years ago. Coincidentally she also turns out to be his new co-worker and as time goes by, he learns that she is a natural born trouble maker who could turn the court of justice upside down.

I’ve watched tons of court dramas in my history of drama watching, but this is the first one I’ve seen that has a Judge as a main character. Since a Judge tends to be the antagonist in dramas, this was a refreshing watch for me. What I liked about this drama Miss Hammurabi ep02.mp4_004603298was how the court was able to handle cases in a heartwarming way. Not all cases were like that though, but still… the story line was able to deliver something meaningful despite how unfair the world could sometimes be. Justice is not always served in a silver platter, sometimes, one has to earn it.

The characters were diverse and I had my favorite, namely Chief Judge Han Se Sang Miss Hammurabi ep16.mp4_003932999acted by Sung Dong Il. No matter what character this guy would act, he’s a veteran comedian and at the same time he could pull on your heart strings to make a scene really dramatic than it should be. I love how he is able to portray different roles and yet pull them off with flying colors. On another note, I was also surprised that the point of view of this drama was not from Miss Hammurabi herself but instead it was from Judge Im. It seemed like the producers wanted someone else to view Miss Hammurabi, aka. Park Cha Miss Hammurabi ep16.mp4_003847247Oh Reum as a person who is easily judged by her actions when in fact, she’s someone who has a lot of baggage in herself and simply wants to make the world a better place starting from what she can do. Go Ah Ra, was able to portray her role well enough to set me off into a binge watch but it was L, who really pushed me to like the show. He had a Miss Hammurabi ep16.mp4_003845078solid character who seems to hate everything but when it concerns his own heart, he becomes a softy. I like the way that Oh Reum affects his attitude in life and because of that… mixing the aforementioned three judges together makes the court place an exciting watch. Oh before I forget, there’s also a supporting cast worth mentioning Miss Hammurabi ep12.mp4_001801901mainly because of her beauty. Even my husband commented that she was beautiful, and that guy has high standards when it comes to Korean actresses as he’s not really keen on watching dramas. Lee Elliya acted by Lee Do Yeon was a fantastic clerk in this drama. Her character was spot and she seemed like a very competent and slick woman at the same time. There are a lot of rumors about her in the office, but her back story is simply something unexpected which I liked very much!

Music wise, the OST was something I loved. It added a dramatic touch to the heartwarming scenes.

Haru Ususu – OST Miss Hammurabi part 5

Cinematography and visuals were alright, since most of the show is shot inside buildings and they are all in the conversational side, there wasn’t much to look at except the actors on screen. I would have wanted this drama to end on a different note because my tear ducts simply couldn’t handle it. Over all, it was a great show. I’d recommend it to people who are looking for a drama that’s about legalities and yet would stir on their heart strings like no other legal drama could.


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