All about biniBningPunkista

How on earth did I come up with a hard-to-spell-pronounce-kind-of-nickname?

It started on year 2003 during the hype of MySpace, that is if you’ve heard about that social media site back in the days when millenials are simply being bred one by one. Heh. That’s where the nickname took form. Some random person started calling me Binibining Punkista which means Lady Punk in english, even though I am far from being one. I guess the black eye liner, black shirt, skater skirts-tight fitting pants and rugged converse shoes made it look like I’m a punk rock kind of girl back then. I do love punk music and a couple of punk bands but the misconception of punk simply because of my current fashion sense seemed funny that I opted to use the online nickname… forever.

As of the moment, I am busy being a mommy.

But here are some random stuff about me:

Aside from watching Asian Dramas, I love Skimboarding and Surfing.

On the sidelines I am a Blogger, Tweetuser, Instagrammer, Reader, Fan-fic Writer, Traveler, Lurker, Dreamer, Superhero, Batgirl…

and most of all…

I am a committed Asian Drama and Movie Addict. 

I thought I’ll outgrow this as time passed by and I got older, but I didn’t. Not yet. So enjoy this blog as it is and leave me some love by commenting or ranting however you want.


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