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Ji Seung Yeon dreams of becoming a hip-hop legend and unexpected events set her on the path to achieve just that, although there is an added obstacle – she has to dress up as a boy in order to join a male idol group. In the process, she meets Kang Woo Hyun, the leader of the popular idol group, M2, who captivates fans with a killer smile that masks his rude and selfish personality.

Excerpted from: Mydramalist

Words from me:

The drama started off rather bland for my usual KDrama taste. There was nothing catchy for its premier and it basically dragged about up to the 3rd episode but after sticking up with this drama, things started to get more interesting. The story line has picked up to a much better pace. There were more interaction between the characters and everything started to finally make sense.

I was already having a fun watching it for all the humor and what-not’s until episode 12 came about. That’s when the story line drastically changed, it began to spin around senselessly aiming nowhere and it was plainly a disaster. I realized that the writers never really thought of giving a proper closure to each of the characters problems, specially on the main ones due to the cut episodes. This drama was supposed to be 16 episodes, instead they decided to make do with 14, ending up with a rubbish ending.

Episode 13-14 was produced in a haste. Maybe its the production management but I have a hunch they couldn’t extend the drama up to 16 episodes due to the bad ratings, which would have given them time to put a much better ending. The story, the characters and the over all production had so much potential if only they have been developed properly.

Yes, everything has been all fun and cute in the middle of the series but the ending plainly sucked. There was a lot of loopholes and never ending problems. Episode 14 had this sort of time snap where everything was cut and then here comes out the protagonist saying “everything is going to be okay” just to resolve the very main conflict in the story which is: The female protagonist pretending to be a boy in an all male K-pop idol group gets discovered, information leaked out online and chaos it is for the entertainment industry.

How the heck do you resolve that in one freaking episode?

Episode 14 was clearly telling the audience that the conflict was resolved, but in reality… they just don’t have the time to resolve it. Period.

There… I finally got that out of my system. I don’t even like Kpop music, or Kpop Idols in general. I only wanted to watch this because of the story line: A girl pretending to be a boy for some important self-inflicted reason.

Sigh. I need a better drama to watch or a movie. Rating this drama 5/10 for the sole reason that I enjoyed the middle part of the series but at the same time want to forget that I even dared watching it.



Kim Tae Hyeon is a talented surgeon. Desperate for money to pay his sister’s medical bills, he adopts the code name Yong Pal and offers his medical skills to those in need of medical attention but who cannot do so publicly, dealing with gangsters and corrupt plutocrats. It is while making such a house call that Tae Hyeon rescues “sleeping beauty” Han Yeo Jin, a chaebol heiress, from a medically induced coma, leading to unintended consequences.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Words from Me:

This drama did own up to its hype. It made me binge watch it in one go because it was really good. However… the drama could have finished at around episode 16, but they had to milk the fame up to episode 20. It was also kind of hard to distinguish the good and the bad since the characters all have their own agenda. All throughout each episode, there’s always that gray area in between what’s right or wrong, basically it’s up to the watcher’s moral standards to decide.

What I liked about the story was the complicated relationship between Yong Pal and Han Yeo Jin. If this was the typical drama trope, it would have been full on makjang stuff but no… this isn’t the usual stuff offered from Kdrama land. The story line is mixed up between a commoner doctor and an heiress who was put into a comatose state so that the bad guys could rule the poor woman’s empire, and so here comes in the lead guy whose role was to save Yeo Jin from all the baddies out there. Meanwhile, Yong Pal gets himself into a more complex situation than he already was in. All in all, it’s actually about mishaps of conspiracies and devious plots. Also, it kind of helps that the female lead is so pretty that whatever it is she’s doing, it’s too hard to think she’s scheming something beforehand. Well it’s all about survival of the fittest in their kind of world. If you don’t stand up and conquer the wolves, you get eaten. It’s dog eat dog when it comes to the rich and the famous.

Music wise, it wasn’t really that much memorable for me. Even the cinematography wasn’t that outstanding, what really brought this drama to life was the storyline and characters. The actors were really good and that’s what made a whole lot of difference from the other dramas out there.




Min Soo Jin is a receptionist employee at Lotte Duty Free mall who meets a fairy and grants her wish to meet a boyfriend. Due to this, she will be able to meet a guy seven times, however if the guy ends up kissing her the magic spell will end.

Words from Me:

I got trapped into watching a commercial video for Lotte Duty Free that lasted for around ten minutes each episode just because there were popular main lead actors in it. I guess I’m really a sucker for good looking guys. I mean come on! It is freaking Lee Joon Gi, Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Kai, Taec Yeon, Lee Jong Suk and Lee Min Ho! Where else can I see these hot guys in one drama? It’s none other than this darned Lotte brand Commercial. Yes, it was a brand cm. Anyway… now that you know the reason I watched it I’d like to dive into the drama story which by the way was full of cliché. Every episode had an unbelievably common storyline that it easily ended up being funny. The narrative consisted of the following – the boy next door falls in love with his childhood girlfriend, rich guy falls in love with a commoner then insert with some hilarious makjang (heavy melodrama that consists of mothers paying off their son’s girlfriend just so she would leave him including water/wine throwing kind of drama), action melodrama about secret agents who work together and end up falling in love with each other, normal girl gets to meet an actor and fall in love, noona love (a younger guy falling in love with an older woman) and not to forget! Popular guy meets an ordinary girl trope.

If those aren’t cliché enough in drama world… then I don’t know what is anymore.

I’m having second thoughts on recommending this because of the misleading title but anyway, to be fair to those who are interested for the same reason I have for watching this, I give this drama a 6/10. 4 points solely for the good looking oppas, 1 point for the sound track which was really cute and memorable and 1 point for the comedy. It did make me smile all throughout the drama even though I sort of cringed at some scenes. Despite that, I really enjoyed the eye candy. I also liked the female lead Lee Cho Hee and hope to see her become a female lead in some future romcom drama because she’s really effective in those genre.



Baek Se is a 27 years old female orphan who lived her life knowing she’s about to die from the late stages of terminal cancer. Through the years she has learned to accept her fate thus she started working as a phone counselor for those who needs support due to depression. Before her death, all she ever wanted was to date a popular actor named Ji Seol Woo, however knowing that this was next to impossible, she opted to find a look-alike and date that guy instead in her last days. Luckily she meets Yoon Dong Joon who has the exact same face and features of her beloved Seol Woo.

Words from Me:

I’m highly recommending this to those who want to watch something light, fluffy and sentimental all at the same time. What’s great about this drama is that it’s relatively short and for two episodes lasting one hour each, it felt similar to watching a movie. The storyline is quite cliché but despite that it’s still funny, romantic and has a bit of bittersweet touch all throughout the scenes. It’s also very simple and concise, does not have much draggy moments unlike those long running dramas. I also like the backstory of each character, one is about to die while the other is living a hard life because being a doppelganger of a superstar has its major fall backs.

Aside that, knowing that the female lead will eventually die in the end was supposed to be a major turn off for me… but no. Regardless of the story plot, the main reason that I watched this was for Han Seung Yeon who acted as Baek Se. I wanted to see more of her acting style after watching her earlier drama “Age of Youth”. She really gave me a good impression so I was curious on how she’s going to act with a different role. Another character that I like was Baek Se’s monk friend. I find her very interesting because she’s a monk and yet she keeps a phone with her and communicates with her best friend on a timely basis. I do understand that she’s empathic with her Baek Se being terminally ill and about to die, but really… a phone? Are monks allowed to do that? Oh well, setting that aside, I find her interaction with the main lead very cute. The deep friendship of both women despite their circumstances was palpable. As for the male lead, this is my first time seeing him in a drama and every time his face pops up on the screen he always reminds me of Yoon Kyun Sang. I like the fact that he has a popular doppelganger and that he has a complex because of it. The struggle that he has to go through everyday… I just find it very funny. Aside that, I think his acting was average or maybe that’s just me and I simply don’t feel that he’s that interesting enough as an actor except for his portrayed character.

Overall I loved the concept of the drama and hope that I will be able to watch more web dramas like this that could satisfy my Kdrama cravings in one go in which I don’t have to invest too much time into 16 to 30+ draggy episodes which would live me in disappointment.



A man named Park Shi On is a doctor with autistic savant disorder who has the mentality of a 10-year-old. He overcomes bias and discrimination by society and workmates and becomes a pediatrician by utilizing his exceptional abilities that the illness brings.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Words from me:

The story line of this drama is quite peculiar – the fact that an autistic person could adapt fully and work in a hospital nonetheless is quite impressive because in reality it is unheard of.

The pilot episode had given me the impression that it was going to be a very promising drama, then by the end of the whole series I proved myself right. Although like any drama, Good Doctor has it high and low points along with loop holes. Due to the unbelievable premise, I say the writer was very much imaginative although farfetched for having such a plot. An autistic person basically has a lot of limitation but given the patience and perseverance to the people surrounding the person with a disability, it could be managed. Setting those thoughts aside, I love this drama because of the story and characters. It was like watching the movie Forrest Gump only in a clinical setting.

The main character Park Shi-on (acted by Joo Won) was such a lovable character. During the first few episodes, he may be an annoying autistic man who knows everything but after awhile his character grows on to you even his mannerisms become endearing… or maybe it’s just me because I find him really cute and funny? Anyyyywaaay… not to get side tracked, Cha Yeon-so (acted by Moon Chae-Won) is a woman with a strong personality. She has this tough exterior but deep inside she has a really fluffy heart which has a soft spot for our main lead.

I am not going to elaborate on that or else I might post unwanted spoilers. As for the supporting cast, they are essential in the series because they provide the substantial element of acceptance depending on the character’s relationship with Shi-on.

Music wise their is nothing really memorable about it except that it adds to the drama.

Good Doctor may not be in my rewatchable list but it is very much in my recommended one. You don’t have to be a medical literate to appreciate this drama because there are notes which would explain the terms & procedures. Over all it is a wonderful drama and it has exceeded my expectations.



Cha Kang Jin is the son of barmaid, Cha Chun Hee. His life is difficult as he gets into fights and has to watch other people push his mother around yet he can’t do anything to stop it. He met Han Ji Wan when they were teens but they weren’t able to continue their relationship as Ji Wan ran away. He meets Ji Wan 8 years later, when he’s attending her engagement ceremony to Park Tae Joon. However, he is heartbroken as Ji Wan pretends to not remember him at all.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Words from Me:

This drama, I have no idea why I took the liberty of putting it in my list of “To Watch” dramas for the year of 2009-2010. This is one of the most melodramatic drama’s I’ve seen for that year.

It have made me cry a bucket but it was all worth it. Having seen the show made my sense of Kdrama more diverse, since I tend to choose rom-com to genres like this. My heart is just weak like that, but this show made my threshold on tears much stronger… or so I thought until I saw Cinderella’s sister and 49 days. Heh.

This drama would always be dear in my heart because of the story line. It may sound unbelievable or ridiculous or even annoying for some because everything was such a mess. The main character’s past was so jumbled up that the future became dim for them. You would tend to watch and wait and watch some more, thinking, when would it ever stop?

Until one day, things would just fall into their proper places.

The ending wasn’t that satisfying for me but the whole journey of the drama was worth it. Once again, I got my mother crying out of this drama and she had to point her fingers at me “again” for doing so. I so love my mom when she does that but still continue on watching anyway.

Acting wise was superb, so maybe that’s what got me hooked after seeing the first episode.



Eun Soo is a pure but unsophisticated woman who runs a small resort inn with her father. Eun Soo is just an ordinary girl, but her life changes when she meets a man who’s completely lost his memory. She takes him in and cares for him, and even gives him a name: “Baek Chang Ho”. Love blossoms, and soon wedding bells can be heard. But on the night of their wedding ceremony, Eun Soo’s father passes away. And soon after, Chang Ho disappears too! In the blink of an eye, the two people Eun Soo loves most in the world have left her. But Chang Ho had his reasons for disappearing: his real name is Kang Hyun Woo, and he’s heir to a large conglomerate. Even more, someone is plotting to kill him.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Words from Me:

I have been thinking so much about the title, because it never really made sense to me even at the very end. Why the title? Koreans has this weird way of putting in titles to their drama which sometimes doesn’t make sense (or maybe it’s just the translation?). I will dwell on title confusion some other time, but for now, let me talk about the drama.

Save the last dance is melodrama so don’t expect yourself to smile all throughout the episodes because, I’m warning you in advance, you won’t. There would be action scenes in which I have noticed in most KDrama series, they never cease to insert any fist-fighting-kick-ass-moves to make a statement that this is where all troubles began. Then after all these, the romantic moments come in along with conflicts.

The story revolves around two different people who have an entirely different family background: Kang Hyun Woo get’s the dose of amnesia, while Ji Eun Soo helps him recover his memories. In that period of time, romance blossoms and when things were going smoothly for both of them something tragic happens in Eun Soo’s end. Then the plotline gets pretty much out of this world after that.

I like how the story ran, not letting you know what would happen next. The twist and turns at the ending and the portrayal of the characters were a bit refreshing after watching too much rom-com with predictable sub-plots. It’s quite amusing to see them running around, chasing something which may or may not be there because in truth, they’re just confusing themselves for the things they’ve done to each other.

Another highlight of this drama is the soundtrack. If it’s possible to be in love just because of a song… then I was probably already in love when I was watching this drama. The main theme song had a very nice composition and the lyrics (yes it was translated to English as well, that’s how good the song is) was simply love.

What made me recommend this drama are the story line and its romantic moments. That hooked me into the drama big time, then throw in the OST, ah… it just became perfect. Another thing, this drama was aired during 2004 so expect it to be old school and grainy, but it still remains as one of the classic Kdramas I would want to rewatch sometime soon.