First Impressions: Encounter (Korean Drama 2018)

Encounter ep01.mp4_001799530

I thought of writing my first impressions on dramas which piqued my interest on the get go. Meaning from the moment it was announced and to the moment I have started the first episode. This may not be a regular segment from this blog but I hope the readers would enjoy my thoughts.

For those who have no idea what the drama is about, here’s a link to read about the synopsis and the characters: Read Encounter at

To be honest, I was not a big fan of the pairing but I totally love Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. It’s just that the noona thing doesn’t work well for me for these two since Hye Kyo is basically a newly wedded woman while Bo Gum is currently the Oppa of KDrama woman fans these days and he’s pretty much close with Kyo’s hubby, Song Joong Ki. Seeing them together during the press conference and drama posters felt weird. Anyway,DsggpUFWsAAwGnS I had to throw out that repulsive feeling out of me and swallowed all precautions that told me I might not like this drama. I’m glad I did, because the actors were professionals and they did their best to portray the characters that they have to. I guess I can say that I have finally matured as a viewer. After years of watching different drama series, I have learned to like a show as it is, regardless of biases or an actor’s personal history. Initially, I did start watching Kdrama without knowing about the actor’s background. However, these days, information is so accessible that a star’s image can be marred by their personal history that their hard work is simply put aside. Therefore, I’m going back to my roots and enjoy shows as they come along.

Now about the drama – although it was very slow on the uptake, the entire cinematography was beautiful. The first episode screamed at me with its beauty. Cuba may look dirty and dingy if you search it in the internet, but with great video panning and cinematography skills, it became a picturesque place. Third world countries does have the best and worst places there could ever be. Another thing that I loved about the first episode was the back shots. Everything started with a back shot of Cha Soo Hyun wherein the video showed how she started from being a politician’s young daughter up to the time she got divorced but became successful. Then add up the back shots of Kim Jin Hyuk and the ones he had together with Soo Hyun, they looked very much artistic. I like the way the scenes were done and to be introduced in such a way was a smart idea to lessen all the fuss about the characters with unnecessary screen time. Kudos to whoever conceptualized that.

A story line between star crossed lovers is not an original one and more on the cliché-makjang type of Kdrama but the way that the actors were able to deliver those simple conversations with a subtle nonchalant smile plus the unintentional skinship, everything went quite well. The main characters drew me into their charm and their palpable onscreen chemistry. Park Bo GUm seriously can release big amounts of pheromones with just a simple smile. Gaaaaad… I’d like to know what his parents fed him while growing up to become such a great guy like that. As for Song Hye Kyo, next to the shining guy, she does seem look older and yet still beautiful. I love the way she age beautifully. It suits her unlike other artists I know. Both artists were able to portray their character well enough that I don’t feel icky or weird while watching them but instead look forward to the next episode.

I also have high hopes to the sub characters who I think would be an essential part of the story, ie. Cha Soo Hyun’s secretary. She’s pretty uptight and yet when she’s off work, she could be quite snarky and definitely not a pushover. I’m definitely looking for her character growth along with the rest of the cast. I wasn’t expecting to like the drama but I’m pretty surprised that I’m drawn into it and hopefully things get more interesting when these two get back in Korea and not become too draggy like most melodrama usually end up to.



Blog Update!

My sincerest apologies to everyone who’s been checking out this blog regularly but I have my reasons:

First, I revived an online shop in Instagram which I used to manage since 2015, you can find the profile page by clicking here: @paudseinthrifterschoice. Please do check it out if you have the time. We sell pre-loved clothes, books and other handy stuff.

Second, my family has been travelling back and forth between my parent’s home and my in laws ever since my brother, who worked abroad with his family, visited the country. Everything has been hectic that I had no time to write or update.

Lastly I was on a writer’s block and a drama slump. I couldn’t write anything about the previous dramas I’ve seen and I couldn’t get myself to write anything at all. I guess I needed some peace and quiet since I couldn’t even take care of my self because I have been dedicating all my time and energy for my baby who gets cranky whenever I’m not by his side. So yeah… mommy woes.

Enough about my rants and explanations because I’m back and I’m inspired due to the drama Terius Behind Me which is about a struggling single mother, taking care of her twins. Then mix in all the action and comedy the writer and producers can think of… it totally comes to life to make women like me happy as a bunny.

By the way, I will also change my formatting, there would be no synopsis part anymore since I realized I should do my own synopsis and stop copy pasting with credits. It’s just not fun like that. I will be incorporating the summary with the body and add a point system of 10/10. So please do look forward to my next review!


Two years after and I’m back.

I’ll be updating this blog about personal stuff every now and then but for the mean time, you’ll find updates about my reviews on several Asian dramas or movies, copy pasted from My Drama List so as I may have my own copy just in case the site closes down.

We never know.

Shit happens when you least expect it.

Living a life of endless distortion

Ignore the title. It has nothing to do with this blog entry anyway, I am only being theatrical with my words.

This post is neither dramatic nor angsty. This is me, avoiding the things I really needed to do. Setting aside things I need to really think about. In short I am procrastinating. I have a thousand reasons to do what’s important but I have a million reasons to put it in a halt.

So what exactly is running in my mind right now? Ramblings.

I have a lot of things in my head but I do not have the proper words to bring it fort. No creative thinking leaking out, only nonsensical ramblings to boot. If someone unfortunate does stumble upon this post, kindly forgive me for even putting up something like this. There’s this need inside of me to say-type-post my incoherent inner thoughts. One thing I could do for you, you unfortunate person who came across my site, I could promise that I will redeem myself one day when everything clears out in this confused head of mine. When my priorities are back on track. When my needs are surpassed by my wants… but as of this moment, this would have to do.

There are several things happening to me which I am highly happy and disturbed all at the same time. The ambivalence of it all takes me to heights I have never reached before. Let’s not include my future in this line of thought because that, I am sure, should be left to the future in itself. It should not be bothered for it does not want to be bothered. I will cross paths with it sooner or later than expected, and when that happens, we shall have our long conversation on why have I not done things the way I was expected of OR the future would give me a good ol’ slapping on the back telling me I did a good job on doing the shit I have done with my life.

This time, I am on self loathing and reflection. For almost 27 years… I have not accomplished anything great or special in my life, I am still highly confused (very very evident from this blog entry), my insecurities has never ran dry, I am still treated like a child (which I think is partly my fault because I still look like one and I think I let the people around me feel like I need taking care of even though I TRY HARD NOT TO and yet it still ends up that they take care of me, but that’s a whole different topic to relay about next time), my self esteem is sub par, I am a tiny person who carries such a huge confused brain, I am average and will always be average, I do not compete hence I get disappointed by losing, I anticipate defeat: too much it’s heart breaking to those who believe in me and my “so-called” talents, I doubt myself, I doubt my abilities in general but…

I easily give myself up for the people I love, the people I care about, people I call REAL friends and family. When I believe, I try to believe with my whole heart on the line. I don’t see the bad things because I believe in them, I try to believe in the goodness of everyone I meet.

l guess that is just the Way l am and would be. If there is a chance for me to Change then maybe that would come from specific influences which l hope are good ones.

A Song For Kana

Those fierce looking eyes,
Those red lips that stung,
Those hands in her pocket,
Those feet that could  run.

The tune is arranged,
The melody sublime,
The thought never changed,
The woman in her prime.

In the dark everything unfolds,
In the dark all seems to crumble,
In the dark the heart skips a beat,
In the dark all truth is revealed.

A tear is shed,
A music ends,
A girl that bled,
A hand that mends.

This song is hers,
This fear shall fade,
This life that bends,
This tension breaks.

Sagada dream travel…

Sagada… my dream travel.  I have only heard about Sagada in tales from my family and friends, read in the news paper, saw on travel logs online and yes… even followed updates on twitter. Of all the other places to visit, why the northern region far off the coastline where there are many beach to boast of? The only answer I could arrive with is that Sagada itself has something to offer that the white sand or blue seas could not topple over: nature mixed with culture at its finest.

For twenty six years, I have been all over the country, visited wonderful places and saw Philippines in its glorious detail but it was not enough… I thirst for more. This soil I have lived in all my life has hidden wonders that never cease to amaze me every time I arrive at it’s confinement. As a filipina who embraces nature like a second mother; I learned a few things – discover, appreciate and love. A person would never know the things they are missing unless they get out of their comfort zones and be there in the vastness of discovery. There are a lot of places to see and that’s how we get to appreciate even the simplest mango trees on the road. Along the way of discovery and appreciation, you meet people whom you get acquainted with and then gradually learn to love even in the spontaneity of it all.

On my twenty seventh year, I want to experience these three things again but this time, I highly wish it could be in Sagada, a place I have never set foot on. Along this trip would come a special person in tow – to share the things I would see, hear, feel, smell and taste. To mark a new beginning and a journey of never ending wonder.

In reflection to my old self.

I have been trying to analyze my life in a way by reflecting through my past experiences and behaviors.

Who am I really? What exactly has become of me? I know that I am someone who could easily blend in to the environment I live in. I am a chameleon. I become the kind of people who are around me. But take me out of that, then what am I? What am I really good at?

I know that I tend to pretend a lot. I pretend to like things even though I know so little about it. Sometimes I pretend to be someone who I am not. In every circle of family and friends I become someone different, it may seem hard but because I live in pretension, it has suddenly become an easy feat.

Then comes in the question who am I really? What do I really want with my life? Is there something wrong with me that I have become entirely a sponge absorber of all the characters who are around me? I want to be myself. I want to know the real me. I want to finally stop pretending.

What I have also noticed was the fact that I continuously evolve and yet I also keep on reverting back to a certain way I used to be. There are constant changes in my life. Things I am able to adapt to, different thoughts and feelings that I learn but when the day ends or more like when a few years pass by, I see myself with little growth. I am still the same girl who made the same choices in life even if it was presented in different ways. I always always choose the easy path.

Now I beg to differ.

I will try to grow up, make the opposite choices and see where it will take me. There is no safe or right path… There is only the path in which I will take. I may be impulsive, but that’s one of the sure thing I am not pretending about myself, and it is something that drives me to somewhere specific.