This restaurant is a vegetarian buffet with a variety of food selections. You can choose from Filipino dishes to American, Korean and Japanese dish.

For those who has no idea about vegetarian, it’s someone who doesn’t eat meat or someone who relies on vegetables, fruits grains, nuts and sometimes eggs and dairy products (that’s according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary). To meet the standards of vegetarians, basically meat is replaced with tofu or vege-meat made of gluten so as to replicate the texture and taste.


The interior and ambiance of the place somewhat reminds me of Manila Adventist Hospital Cafeteria which was previously known as Manila Sanitarium Hospital. It reminds me distinctly of familiarity because I basically grew up in that hospital as my mom used to work in that place. The seating arrangement are in booth and long table type so it makes it easier to re-arrange if needed. I was able to eat during lunch time so it was very bright inside the restaurant. Since most of the walls are all white and it is located in the corner of the building with huge glass windows, the light bounces off and brightens the room. I also noticed that it is a family friendly place as we ate along with other people who had kids and babies with them.

As for the food, which is the deciding factor if a restaurant is worth it or not… I’ll have to say it was awesome. I am fairly familiar with vegetarian cuisine since I grew up with it, but not really a fan as I prefer eating meat every now and then. However, eating at Tastihealth reminded me of my school days from elementary to college in which I ate vegetarian food in Adventist University of the Philippines. Since I’m used to eating vegetarian food, I wasn’t expecting the entrée to be exceptional, but to my surprise it was! I’m also not much of a fan of spicy food, but I ended up loving their Korean Kimchi mixed rice. My husband on the other hand who seldom got to experience vegetarian cuisine was amazed with the anchovies made out of tofu. They really tasted and looked like anchovies. Also the fact that they were able to mimic the taste of meat is one of the reasons to check this restaurant out. They also serve fruits at the dessert bar as a healthy way to satisfy a person’s sweet tooth… like me!

Another thing that I really liked about the restaurant are the employees. If in case you get to eat in the restaurant and call one of the staff for some assistance but they don’t seem to respond or hear you at all, don’t get mad or feel upset. They aren’t the usual workers you find at regular food chains, the restaurant owner actually employ people with diffability because most of the staff are actually deaf and mute. I’m really happy that the owner supports the community by helping to employ those with diffability.

The food was worth P399 per person. I’d say this is a reasonable price for a buffet place. Although sometimes, they have a promo deal depending on the occasion. The place is located at Tagaytay Road, Silang Cavite. It’s right in front of Adventist University of the Philippines and a few minutes away from Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. If you’re planning on going to Tagaytay via Sta. Rosa area, it is very accessible as it is near the highway and very hard to miss.

Header photo not mine, credits to whoever owns it. Other photos: credits to my mom. ^_^v

Wonder pictures… (my school and its people) – Jan 4, ’08 7:30 AM

I can’t believe it that I didn’t recognize manong when this photo was published in the newspaper. I would probably never know if I didn’t visit my high school teacher’s site. My goodness… this picture was so good I can’t help but appreciate it.

This is manong, the shoe maker in AUP and I never realized it was him.

Here’s where he got featured.. in courtesy of Sir Jeruel Ibañez (my former high school teacher who’s hobby is to take pictures..)

On some other side story, here’s a glimpse of my alma mater: these pictures were also taken by the same person mentioned above. Thanks to him you get to see the beautiful side of Adventist University of the Philippines.

Graduate school (left builiding) and the administration building (right building).

Finster Chapel, where small services are done.

Rodas park in the evening

The 2 white building at the right (including the kubo) is part of the College of Nursing, the building at the very back hidden by a couple of coconut trees, is the College of Business Building and at the very left side (Gazebo Type of structure) is the art park of the Fine Arts Department.

Inauguration of the art park.

Philippine International Church (PIC)

Inside Philippine International Church (PIC), these is where i usually go to church.

AUP Academy Building, this is where i spent my 4 years of high school.

AUP academy’s back yard, these is where I used to dig up the soil and plant my potatos, radish and sweet corn for our home economics and livelihood class.

Arts and Science Building, the place where I had my Bio-sci, Chemistry, Anaphy, Micro-para, Math, Filipino subjects 4 years ago.

Detwiler building: accounting, department of student finance, cashier and registrar office are located at the ground floor. the photo copy center, Circulation and Periodicals are located at the 1st floor while the audio visual, guidance office, ITC and Graduate’s library are located at the 2nd floor. If you have noticed the fountain (yes that is a fountain) it is part of the College of Nursing Plaza.

The gazebo.. where the internet connection is free and the wi-fi is strong. This is also our “tambayan” when waiting for the bus. FYI: mosquitoes fester this place during the afternoon, so beware. (^_^)v