Endless Love Series: Spring Waltz (Korean Drama 2006)


Lee Su Ho’s father was in a huge debt, they tried to escape the loan sharks by relocating to a remote island. To avoid getting caught, his father left him in the care of one of his closest friends. Su Ho was only a young boy and feeling the sense of abandonment from his father, sought out to leave but changed his mind after becoming close friends with a young girl named Eun Young who was gentle and had a pure heart. She was also the daughter of his father’s friend.

Some circumstances and unfortunate events happened to both children which entailed Su Ho to leave the island and disappear while Eun Young, who was sickly all those times, never found out how Su Ho disappeared as she was confined in the hospital.

A couple of years later, Eun Young won an award of a trip to Austria due to her art and craft entry made out of shell. This is where she meets the talented pianist Jae Ha, but he resembled a lot like her old friend Su Ho. This man however was cold and spoke only a few words, but as they became closer to each other, romantic feelings start to develop.

When secrets are revealed little by little, the tragic incident and bitter memories fill the gap of those lost years.

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Words from Me:

Here’s another case of melodrama… but this one, I really liked.

The final installment of Endless Love series, Spring Waltz has its funny aspects but the whole mood of the drama is mainly romance and inner angst. I would have to give some heads up that the first 8 episodes of the drama was dedicated for the past of the two main characters. There will mostly be two children playing around getting to know eachSpring_Waltz_kids other despite their poverty stricken condition and then… it sort of drags on. It seemed so slow I had to stop myself from pressing the forward button and skip the whole thing. If not for the other things that were actually happening in between the child’s play, I’d probably have done that. Near the end of episode though, the reason for Su Ho’s disappearance will be shown and then the time skip happens after.

Lee Su Ho, whose father was debt stricken, was left in the care of Su Eun Young’s mother thus making them live in the same house. Su Ho is actually a good kid despite histumblr_m0w5lfc3JR1r1le8no5_400 brusque personality, he deeply cared for Eun Young while she, on the other hand adored Su Ho. Eun Young is a very talented but sickly girl. Her mother was actually working hard so she could get Eun Young an operation, but due to Su Ho’s father stealing that hard earned money, this drove the two kids apart. Years passed  by and they cross paths once again but both had different names because of their past circumstances. This is also the part where the story picks up it’s pace. The second part of the drama shows both main characters as adults and both meet other people along the way who falls in love with them without having any idea about their past.

852e50bf87b5c9fb4637a68bb841d670--vals-couple-photographyWhat are the things I loved about Spring Waltz? Despite the draggy start and the distressing situation that the characters were in, the back ground setting, the mood and the OST were pure awesome. The main characters had really great personalities and history, the actors who played them were raw actors and I guess that could be a good thing since there is this feeling of freshness as they give their all for the roles they had to play. Given that the setting is spring, the color of the season is all around and made everything becomes an eye candy. The colorful hues of nature and fashion wear within the drama says SPRING SPRING SPRING! The vibrant color of green, purple, blue, pink and everything else in between is accentuated. I couldn’t help but smile while watching it all. It was really great to look at.

Then comes in the OST, it was more on the musical scoring but hearing Loveholic sing One Love was a plus point. Whenever I hear that song, I am reminded of how much I loved this drama.


Endless Love Series: Summer Scent (Korean Drama 2003)


Three years ago Min Woo lost his first love in a tragic accident. As he struggles on with life he meets Hae Won who reminds him of his lost love but is racked with emotion and confusion as his feelings for his deceased lover and Hae Won intertwine. Unbeknownst to the florist Hae Won she has received her heart transplant and a second chance at life from Min Woo’s first love. When the two cross paths, Hae Won notices her unusual heartbeat. Nobody knew if it was the first owner of the heart who remembers and beats strong for its lost love Min Woo.

As Hae Won starts falling in love with Min Woo soon the conflict erupts between the lovely florist and her fiance Jung Jae.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist


Words from Me:

Another melancholic Kdrama series starring Song Seung-heon of Autumn Tale along with Son Ye-jin. This drama is about a transplanted heart beating for someone due to the unknown which eventually is answered as love. And this is where the melodrama bites in!

Summer scent is the third installment of Endless Love Series, right next to Winter Sonata. As to why the director chose Song Seung-hun to act as the main lead again since he already acted in Autum Tale the first installment of Endless Love Series, I have no idea but the series was lighter than the preceding installments. Watching the drama was a bit refreshing due to the fact of a new setting, much lighter mood on the actors and an easier plot line. Not that having a transplanted heart beating wildly for someone is not a weird story line… but still, it’s easier to get why it’s a light watch once the comparison is made from the first two drama series.

So to make a simple summary without too much spoiler: the lead guy has a dead girl friend, dead girl friend’s heart was donated to the leading woman in which the leading man eventually falls for.

It’s kind of a far fetched conflict, but if this would rock anyone’s boat, be my guest. We all know that an internal organ has nothing to do with falling in love. If I donate my liver to someone, would my man fall for that someone just because that person had my liver? What if I donated my kidneys, lungs, heart and cornea… would my man fall in love to multiple people because they have a piece of me just because I’m dead and they are living? That’s just plain weird.

Setting my cynical comments aside, I still liked the drama. After bashing it like that, then I recommend??? WHY???

My reasons are very much quite simple:

Song Seung-heon is hot during his younger years.

Son Ye-jin’s beauty and acting would take you in.

The story itself, never mind the main conflict, but it did hook me up with so many thoughts about real life and difficult choices that all I can do is relate to it and continue on watching, regardless if I’ve missed my bed time or not.

This is quite a classic drama, the setting and gadgets will be old, however the cinematography will make up for it. Since it’s about summer, everything will look warm and yet it adds to the beauty of the drama. The characters do have their own value since their back ground stories are interesting. I’m also glad that the producers were able to cast really great actors who were able to portray their roles well. Despite the story plot which I have ranted about earlier the drama still has a lot to give. The OST is memorable too. I think music is something that the series has a penchant with. It gives a lasting impression to anyone who watches and hears the sound track.



Endless Love Series: Winter Sonata (Korean Drama 2002)


Kang Joon Sang moves to a new high school in search of his biological father. In that new school he meets Jung Yu Jin and Kim Sang Hyuk who seemed to be best friends, but in reality Sang Hyuk liked Yu Jin more than a friend, but she could only see him like a brother.

During a trip together with other schoolmates an accident occurred in which Joon Sang saves Yu Jin. Due to this, both become close and develop romantic feelings for each other. However, circumstances and fate dictate that their love for each other is impossible because Joon Sang disappears from Yu Jin’s life without warning.

Ten years later, the old High School buddies gathered to celebrate Yu Jin and Sang Hyuk’s engagement party. Despite being engaged, Yu Jin still longs for Joon Sang even though it’s been years since he disappeared. To her surprise, one of her friend’s new boyfriend arrives at the party and he appears to be Joon Sang.


Words from Me:

I’ve been deliberating with myself if I should or should not add this up in my blog review because first, I’m not much of a Bae Yong Jun or Choi Ji Woo fan, second the drama didn’t really leave me any lasting impression. Then it dawned on me that I will be covering all three series of the Endless Love series but then leave this alone for good? That’s unfair. So despite my inner retaliation, I will review this for the sake of completing the whole series. Then maybe someone out there is into this kind of heavy melodrama and would be able to appreciate it more than I did.

Winter Sonata is the second installment of the Endless Love series, it is also far away from being Rom-Com. The drama is all about romance, spice of life and deep conflicts not just within the characters but their roots. Meaning their family, where all conflicts usually starts in this kind of setting. The main characters meet and fall in love during their high school until one day, they were separated for vague reasons. After 10 years, they meet again in an engagement party in which one of them was getting engaged.

I wouldn’t dwell on the story since that’s the part of this series that I didn’t like at all. What I did appreciate were the actor’s portrayal of their characters, they were really amazing if I may judge how much their caliber on acting is. The emotions on each role was poured out on scenes and even those melancholic-angsty moments move me against my own volition. That part of this drama definitely touched my heart and I wasn’t really expecting that. I remember my mom tearfully pointing at me for making her watch another melodrama and making her cry out once again. I made her watch Autumn in my Heart, the first melodrama she’s seen and she’s the one who insisted on watching Winter Sonata. NOT ME.

Aside that, the cinematography is beautiful. It made me feel cold just seeing them with all the snow around, but it really showed how great Korea looked even if it was winter. Lastly the OST. That was the best thing in this drama, it coincides with all the scenes and left me all kinds of emotion while listening to the back ground music simultaneously with the drama. All in all, the drama was alright, thank you for the great production but not really to the writer.