Gimme Heaven: SYNESTHESIA (Japanese Movie 2006)



A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color. Synesthesia is “abnormal” only in being statistically rare. “Synesthesia” is a sensibility which cannot be understood by other people. An incident brings two lonely souls who possess this unsolved puzzle of mind to meet, leading to strange events and a serial murder case.

Shinsuke has been going on with his uneventful daily life, with “synesthesia” being the only symptom differentiating him from others. He keeps the dark depth of his mind to himself, but feels distant even from his best friend and his fiancee. Mari has also been feeling deep solitude from experiencing synesthesia which she feels she is unable to share with anyone. Her parents have passed away, and her adoptive parents mysteriously die, one by one. Picasso, the “dealer of death” comes into scene as mysterious incidents and murder occur one after another. Shinsuke suspects that Mari is being followed by Picasso, and that she may be the next victim. Shinsuke and Mari’s fateful meeting upturns their lives and leads them to tragedy.

Words From Me:

What made this movie watchable?

The story line… it kept me hanging on until the very end.

If you are a very curious person like me when it comes to mind boggling stuff, you are definitely one to hang on till the last scene even though this movie has a lot of draggy moments. The camera tends to focus on everything and anything, but then at the end of the movie, I got to understand the significance of those lens focus. The cast were great, I like Miyazaki’s character as Mari, I thought the characters in this movie did not seem complicated but I got that all wrong. The lead actor was a bit too good for this movie though, I felt that he could have done better on other films, his acting here was a bit wasted. But still, he was awesome and brought his own character to life. A person who sees a different perspective and trying to live a normal life, he was able to full it off.

The ending confused me a lot and there are also scenarios where I had to analyze or think too much to actually understand what was going on but over all this movie is a good watch once I came to terms with the fact that there were a lot of meanings on the different scenes that were shown.

This film made me watch it twice so just I could re-analyze and understand everything that actually happened. Sound track was okay, but what really got me listening was the ending song entitled “Gerbera” on the last scene. That song gave me the meaning of synesthezia all together. It was a significant title once I was able to understand the whole meaning of the film.

Giving this 8/10 for everything I have mentioned and recommending it to those who don’t mind draggy stuff and would love to have their brains twisted into analyzing the film.