Moment at Eighteen (Korean Drama)

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Drama Rating: 9/10

Choi Jun Woo is a young man who transferred to another school due to a misunderstanding. During his first day of school, two students gave him different moment-at-eighteen-01.pngimpressions – first is Yu Soo Bin, a popular girl in school whom everyone likes due to her cute appearance and amicable personality. She called out to him to ask if he was alright because of an accident her mom might have caused. Second is Ma Hwi Young – Jun Woo’s class president who gave out a friendly vibe when they met but he saw right through his ruse because in reality, Hwi Young is a manipulative person who wants everyone to think that he’s kind and perfect. These two people got involved in Jun Woo’s life whether he liked it or not, plus there’s the meddling substitute teacher Mr. Oh Han Gyul who made it his life purpose to put Jun Woo under his wing to take care of.

As time pass by, Jun Woo starts to experience all kinds of things in his new school. If it was the old him, he would rather not be involved in anything and simply let the days pass by as he was busy enough to live day by day with his struggling single mother. However, transferring schools and meeting new people made his life more colorful. The people he met gave him the courage to face different life situations – despite it being hard and troublesome, he was able to go through with it and surpass obstacles with a smile on his face.

This drama was such a heart warming show. It also felt like I was watching the drama “Sassy Go Go” in a less funny and more melodramatic kind of way. I can’t help but compare because the dramas were both similar with the school setting and the fact that the kids had issues regarding grades, dating, puberty, sexuality, family, frenemies and the likes. Though this series has the same theme, the way the characters were able to portray their lives was something different than the usual trope. I was impressed not just with the story line but with the actors as well.

As for the characters who are worth mentioning – Joon Woo acted by Ong Seong Woo, is a kind soul. As a main character, I like that he wasn’t placed into the category of a too much of a nice guy that he’s already being a pushover. Well, he’s actually the opposite of that because he has great conviction and knows the good, the bad and what’s best for him despite knowing that it’s the hard way. Though he may be poor, he perseveres andMoment at Eighteen 03 never lets that fact get in the way for him to learn. I like how he pushed through with his choices. He was also firm with his relationship with Choi Soo Bin even though her mother was against their relationship. He tried to be the best boyfriend he could be while dealing with Soo Bin’s mother with respect. The way he cares for Soo Bin is so different from the regular teenage boys who usually follow their raging hormones. Choi Soo Bin, the female lead is a favorite character of mine as she’s acted by Kim Hyang Gi. She’s popularized by the movie “Along with the God’s”, as she acted out the cute grim reaper girl who has a great backstory to tell. Anyway, back to the main topic – it felt like she represents those small-cute-popular girls in high school who doesn’t even try to be popular but still is because of how she looks and how she acts. She’s the kind of girl everyone wants to be friends with or hate at the same time because she seems too perfect. Despite this kind of image though she’s incomplete inside because of a void made by her parents especially her mother. Meeting Jun Woo made her feel a lot better about herself even if not completely whole. Eventually along the way, she was able to breakout from her shell and face the things she’s been avoiding for a long time. Like her control freak mom, her parents broken relationship and what exactly she wants to do with her life. Soo Bin has a childhood best friend who has a huge one sided crush on her, Ma Hwi Young. This guy was depicted by Shin Seung Ho and he was great at his role. He’s the kind of guy I loved to hate and pity at the same time. His character was definitely troubled despite being rich. Due to the pressure of his parents and constant comparison to his genius brother he has developed a huge inferiority complex which pushed him to harm himself and the people around him. He has those urges to manipulate people and situations to make himself look favorable or to cause others to be cast out. Unfortunately for him, he targeted someone who had nothing to lose – Jun Woo, as he had already lost everything.

There are two adults in this drama that I loved and hold them dear in my heart. Actor moment-at-eighteen-06.jpgKang Ki Young is one of those artists who makes a drama seem brighter as he’s a complete scene stealer. In this series, he’s a temp teacher named Mr. Oh Han Gyul who wanted to imprint himself into his students and tries his best  to choose the righteous path despite being pressured by the parents.  I like his chemistry with Seong Woo since they have a great on screen chemistry as a teacher and a student. The other adult that I like is Yoon Song Hee, acted by Kim Sun Young. This actress is awesome in portraying any kind of character. She’s also steals the limelight from the main ones whenever she’s on screen. Her character as Soo Bin’s mother is someone whom I love to hate and want to hug at theMoment at Eighteen 11.jpg same time. As a mother myself, I could empathize with her own struggles to maintain her pride as a career woman and as a wife of a cheating husband. I understand why she’s pressuring her daughter to be the best because she’s wants her not depend on anyone but herself in the long run. But sometimes, this kind of mindset because too suffocating to the children that it backfires one way or another. In this series though, she just got lucky that Soo Bin is a very sweet and understanding child that she’s able to surpass the kind of behavior that her mother has.

Over all this was a great drama. The OST was unforgettable which I posted a sample song below for anyone who’d like to listen to it. Visual and cinematography was great that watching it was totally an eye candy. I felt like I didn’t waste my time on watching all sixteen episodes in one go. There were no dull moments because every scene was a significant watch that gave different kinds of life lessons. Even the lovey-dovey parts between the main leads were not irky or tiring to watch – since we’re dealing with puppy love here.  They simply looked like two teenagers who were treading into the unknown territory of first love. It was actually pure and unadulterated. I really liked it for the cute. *tiny little hearts emitting in the back ground*

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Moments by Christopher


Terius Behind Me (Korean Drama 2018)

Drama Rating: 8/10

A former NCIS agent named Kim Bon went into hiding due to betrayal and conspiracies. He lost his loved one because of this and started investigating covertly to reveal the truth behind his lover’s death. While undercover, his path crossed unexpectedly with a housewife named Go Ae Rin. Amidst their own circumstances, fate brought them together as Ae Rin suddenly lost her husband to the same organization Bon was investigating. In between all the secrets and hidden identity, Ae Rin’s twins becomes attached to Bon as he volunteered to become their baby sitter to secretly protect the family and solve the mystery behind the organization called Gold Clover.

Terius Behind ep01-02.mp4_000581648

I love this series for so many reasons and yet I was also disappointed due to several ones which I couldn’t let go. Number one reason why I love it? So Ji Sub. Yep. The guy my husband got pissed off because I had him in my screen saver. I guess my hubby had a valid reason… the Ji Sub is just too hot to be ignored from a house wife’s phone. My hubby’s rightful spot was probably threatened. LMAO! I was totally laughing my ass out when I found out he was jealous about it. I still can’t help but laugh whenever I remember it. *grins from ear to ear*

Terius Behind ep03-04.mp4_000129429The story mainly revolves around his character Kim Bon, code name: Terius. I find his name really funny and appropriate for this drama because his name is slightly similar to James Bond. They actually pronounce it the same in Korea, which is a good pun since Bon is also an undercover agent. I like the fact that his character is so lovable despite being bad ass. He’s also too serious for his own good but whenever he’s with Ae Rin and her family his personality changes like a flipped coin. He becomes relaxed and smiles more often especially when the twins starts to play with him. His own story though is too sad because there are times in the scenes where he doesn’t eat or sleep properly, yet when he finally got involved in Ae Rin’s life, he was able to eat her simple homemade meal and infullsizephoto994206.jpg the scene he looked really moved and happy.  Meanwhile, Ae Rin who was acted by Jung In Sun has this seemingly naïve character who’s become a burnt out housewife  struggling to find a job and provide for her family. Underneath it all, she’s a trustworthy person whom everyone can count on when needed. She also has a lot of hidden talents, which comes out in times of need. She’s like one of those characters from the movie Side Kick. I totally love her and could relate to the fact that she’s a house wife but still manages to be a cool mom despite all the problems that is hurled towards her. Aside their portrayal, In Sun and Ji Sub’s romantic chemistry wasn’t as palpable as I want it to be, but as their characters would allow it, they worked great together.

Other side characters worth mentioning are the KIS officers and the NCIS agents. KISSecretTerrius_E1314_00262 means King-Castle Information System, who are a bunch of mothers + a stay at home father who lives at the same apartment building and has their own way of sharing information with the use a chat app. I think that using the app in the drama was a way of promoting it to the public like the use of bags, make up, clothes and cars all throughout the series. That aside, the uncanny characters that actually ran KIS are Shim Eun Ha, the president of the organization who seems to know everything and anything that’s going on within King Castle. She was portrayed by Kim Yeo Jin who is one of the veteran actresses who does great with acting sad and happy roles. Then there’s Bong Sun Mi portrayed by Jung Shi Ah who seems to be such a ditzy person that suspects her partner of having an affair and also has some kind of inferiority complex with Ae Rin but she still stands out because she’s always there when needed. Lastly there’s Kim Sang Ryul acted by Kang Ki Young, one of my favorite supporting actors and is a very effective comedian. He’s such a joy to watch since he gives balance to Kim Bon who’s always too serious for everyone’s liking. I think this drama wouldn’t be such an effective action-comedy if not for them. They made photo1007605.jpgit more special with their own personal touch of innocence since they have no idea what was really going on around them. They also have their own story to tell which will be revealed on the later parts of the drama. That, by the way surprised and caught me off guard. There were hints about it initially in the drama, Terius Behind ep01-02.mp4_000954220but I wasn’t able to predict the actual situation of these people. As for the NCIS agents, Yoo Ji Yeon and Ra Do Woo portrayed by Im Se Mi and Kim Sung Joo, looked really cute together. They have their own quirks and unrequited love. That’s why their tandem is spot on and I wouldn’t want anyone else to act their roles. Ji Terius Behind ep01-02.mp4_003166466Yeon can kick ass whenever she wants to and she sports that short hair as if it was really meant for her. Ra Doo on the other hand is tech savvy and knows his stuff. I’m quite impressed with the things he does specially with the stickers! This part is something to look forward to. Heh! Oh… I have to insert Jin Yong Tae the con man and Kwon Young Shil who were acted by Son Ho Jun and Seo Yi Sook. Their characters are pretty interesting and vague at first but they definitely have a lot to offer up to the very end of the drama.

Overall this drama was action packed, suspenseful and funny all at the same time. It may have its light side but it’s a bit hard to pin-point the character that will or will not die. The OST was also cute and memorable. I really dig the music part during those suspenseful moments and when Kim Bon interacts with the children. The things that disappointed me though were a couple of loop holes in the drama and the unsatisfactory ending just in my part because I had other expectations. There’s a spoiler below if anyone would want to know about the details. Setting that aside, I did enjoy this drama very much and looked forward to each episode. Maybe I just missed So Ji Sub in comedy, but anyhow… this drama was worth it.

Highlight Text To Read Spoiler Below:

The loophole was about Kim Bon’s character. I think his skill as an agent was a bit lacking, even though he’s known as one of the best in NCIS, he still got chucked by a housewife. I’m guessing he got rusty with all the running he has to do? But still… he gets shot too often and also, living in a building with a bunch of house wives and yet he was able to keep his secret identity from them was really weird. His identity was so easy to discover since in the drama, the women are known to be nosy. Then there’s the ending, it was so vague whether Ae Rin and Bon ended up going out with each other. It could have been implied that Bon really liked her with the way he gets all jealous and worked up for her sake, but for Ae Rin, her feelings weren’t as transparent as it should be. Although she did say she missed Bon when they were drinking mojito at Namsan tower, but that’s not as good as saying “I like you”, so the romance kind of got stuck there and I was left wanting for more. That’s all. Despite these stuff though, I like the mystery factor. I had my hunch as who the real bad guy was, but the death on some of the characters and the characters that survived, I wasn’t really expecting that. Kudos to this drama for keeping me on my toes!


What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (Korean Drama 2018)


Secretary Kim Mi So has been working under a narcissistic boss named Lee Young Joon for nine years. One day she decided to quit her job and inform her boss about it. When it dawned to her boss that she really was going to resign despite his appraisal offers, he became restless. He couldn’t stand the fact that she’s leaving him after all those years they have been working together. This is when he offered her marriage instead so as he could keep his secretary by his side forever. Despite the offer, Kim Mi So still won’t budge on her decision thus she had to render sixty days of work prior to leaving her job. Within those days, Lee Young Joon has plans on wooing his secretary back into his life.

Words from Me:

This drama is a manwha adaptation and since I haven’t read that version yet, I don’t have any comparisons to make. I’m just glad that I wasn’t disappointed with the hype from this series and I would definitely read the manwah soon.

What I like about this show is that it’s light and fluffy despite the mystery factor.  Yes, there is a mystery factor in this romcom genre series, that’s Kdrama land for you! The mysterious part of the drama has something to do with both the main character’s past, way back when they were still children. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E02.mp4_003738101I won’t talk about it because that would be a total spoiler. All I could say is that this part of the series is one of the things I look forward to when I was watching it. There’s this kind of thrill in not knowing what really happened in the past. Although I already had some vague ideas about the scenarios for every upcoming episode since the plot is pretty much predictable, it’s still nice to know if what I had in my mind would actually coincide with what’s going to be shown on screen. I credit this skill thanks to all the KDramas I’ve watched for the past fifteen years which makes current dramas predictable, but in spite of that I still enjoy watching them. Aside that factor, the romance between the main leads was such an overkill but nonetheless I still dig it. The comedic side of this drama certainly got me. There were scenarios that did not need any dialogue since the actions were enough to keep myself from laughing my heart out. The only thing I found annoying in this drama was the length. They could have cut it shorter into 12 episodes since episodes 13-16 became redundant. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E02.mp4_002832863The frustrating thing about romcom is the push and pull thing between the main characters which always becomes an endless cycle throughout the series, in this case it lasted until episode 15 and could have been resolved at episode 10, same with the main problem of the story. It would sort of feel a bit tiring to watch until the end if not for eye candy on screen, namely actor Park Seo Joon just because I’m biased like that.

Setting that aside, the story is very much entertaining because of the characters. The female lead Kim Mi So is such a badass when it comes to decision making. Having a nine year experience working for a boss such as Young Joon would probably make any other person a nitpicker and perfectionist. Her character wouldn’t be like that if she hasn’t gone through a lot since she was a young child, like giving up going to college and instead work as a secretary for her sisters to finish their studies and become doctors, then there’s also the issue with her father who’s always in debt. However, no matter what comes her way she’s able to deal with it head on.  Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E04.mp4_001540906Her relationship with her sisters are so cute too, their thing as a family is to always go out for samyeopsal as a way to bond and have family time. On the other hand there is her counterpart Young Joon. Despite his negative description in the synopsis, he really needs a break because beneath the narcissist-smart-assed-perfectionist kind of person is a competent, soft, caring and considerate guy. His real character would be shown throughout the series. Therefore if female viewers couldn’t fall in love with the character after finishing the drama, I don’t know what’s wrong with the world anymore. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E07.mp4_000718350As for his family back ground though, Young Joon’s family is a bit complicated but his parents are so cute when they dote on him. There’s also the older brother Lee Sung Yeon acted by Lee Tae Hwan who seems a bit mysterious but has a bad relationship with Young Joon. There’s always this tension between them every time they are in the same room.

Anyway, as I was saying, the characters are definitely lovable even the supporting ones. I totally love the office atmosphere and the workers. The fact that they are all silly when their boss is not around makes them look like a bunch of incompetent fools, but really… they are supposed to be good workers since they work directly under Young Joon. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E01.mp4_000983582I have two notable side characters in this drama which gave more color to the drama as their own side story shined all throughout the series.  Bong Sera performed by Hwang Bora who seemed to live her life as a great actress for comedy. I like how she overacts on any situation since that kind of acting style suits her. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E05.mp4_003448945Then there’s Park Yoo Shik the ever loyal friend who is Young Joon’s best friend played by Kang Ki Young. I like how his character balanced Young Joon’s serious side. He made things look funny along with some dramatic antics and other product references he inserted throughout the episodes.

The OST was also cute and I would probably still remember it in the near future. I would recommend this to those who would like to watch something that would make them laugh without thinking too much and to those who are fans of Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon like me!