Personal Taste (Korean Drama 2010)

Drama Rating: 8/10

Jeon Jin Ho is an architect who dreams of making it big in the industry but somehow luck wasn’t on his side or rather, he didn’t have good connections. In some kind of twisted fate, he meets the naïve Park Gae In by accident in the bus and gets accused of being a Personal Taste Ep 08.avi_002269636pervert. They didn’t know that their lives will become intertwined when Gae In, the daughter of a famous architect gets dumped by her boyfriend for her best friend Kim In Hee who was also her housemate. In these series of unfortunate events in her life, the worst of all was when her debt from the bank was nearing its due date and her co-worker robbed her of her hard earned money. Thus she started looking for a housemate to at least pay her initial debt. Coincidentally Jin Ho wanted to see the interior of the Personal Taste Ep 08.avi_002276443house that Gae In lives in which her father has designed and sneak a peek at the blueprint of the house. Therefor he asked if he could rent the room which Gae In was subletting. With a couple of misunderstanding and some urging from Lee Yeong Seon who’s Gae In’s other best friend, she allowed Jin Ho to stay in her place all the while thinking he was gay. At a certain point, things get tricky when Jin Ho starts to fall for Gae In despite her naivety, brash attitude and unwomanly ways while on the other hand Gae In is also falling for Jin Ho despite the fact that she thinks he’s gay.

This is a really hilarious drama with conflicting emotions to watch. Why? It’s so hard to believe that Lee Min Ho’s character was supposed to a homosexual and that an older man in this drama legitimately liked him with the thought of him as one. The mishaps on how he has to keep his ruse on for the entirety of the drama brought me tears of laughter. There’s the plus point for the supporting actors too, since without them, the comedy wouldn’t be as effective.

Anyways, putting that aside, there’s another reason that made me watch this: Son Ye Jin.

Personal Taste Ep 01.avi_000031431

Yes… the epic melodrama actress. I really wanted to see how she would fare being in a drama romcom. I’ve only seen her once in a rom-com-horror movie with Lee Min Ki, but in a drama, this was a first. I’ve always seen her in melodramatic roles but still, she totally nailed the character of Park Gae In. Though she’s gotten older and her beauty pretty much disappeared in this drama, just because her character’s personality was supposed to be tomboyish and scruffy due to her type of work which was woodcraft, I still love her to bits. Another reason I watched this drama was no other than Lee Min Ho. I know a lot of female Kdrama lovers have been into him one or another in their drama lives and truth be told I’m actually one of them for approximately 7 years ago. It’s probably because of that eye candy, the smile, the tallness, the oozing hotness and fashion sense… that’s all Lee Min Ho in this drama in which he pretends to be gay. I can’t believe he was able to pull off this character despite his manliness.

Personal Taste Ep 06.avi_000380947

The series was quite funny due to its main concept: guy pretends to be gay, girl accepts guy whole heartedly because of his sexual orientation but ends up falling for him and having mixed feelings because she believes he is gay, then the guy falls for the girl but can’t really love her because he’s supposed to be gay. With this as your core plot, there were a lot of things that could happen and eventually it did happen. The only downerPersonal Taste Ep 02.avi_000149516 side of this is when we get to the last 3 episodes and this becomes too serious for my taste. I was sort of disappointed on how they inserted additional conflict to the story along with a twist, when the main conflict – guy pretending to be a gay – was already interesting enough. The twist wasn’t even that strong to make an impact in the whole story line. Just to say. Also there’s the back stabber bestfriend-boyfriend drama all throughout the series which was very much annoying.

All in all, setting those disappointing factors aside, I still end up loving the drama and would recommend it whole heartedly along with the cute memorable OST to listen from.


7 First Kisses (Korean Drama 2016)



Min Soo Jin is a receptionist employee at Lotte Duty Free mall who meets a fairy and grants her wish to meet a boyfriend. Due to this, she will be able to meet a guy seven times, however if the guy ends up kissing her the magic spell will end.

Words from Me:

I got trapped into watching a commercial video for Lotte Duty Free that lasted for around ten minutes each episode just because there were popular main lead actors in it. I guess I’m really a sucker for good looking guys. I mean come on! It is freaking Lee Joon Gi, Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Kai, Taec Yeon, Lee Jong Suk and Lee Min Ho! Where else can I see these hot guys in one drama? It’s none other than this darned Lotte brand Commercial. Yes, it was a brand cm. Anyway… now that you know the reason I watched it I’d like to dive into the drama story which by the way was full of cliché. Every episode had an unbelievably common storyline that it easily ended up being funny. The narrative consisted of the following – the boy next door falls in love with his childhood girlfriend, rich guy falls in love with a commoner then insert with some hilarious makjang (heavy melodrama that consists of mothers paying off their son’s girlfriend just so she would leave him including water/wine throwing kind of drama), action melodrama about secret agents who work together and end up falling in love with each other, normal girl gets to meet an actor and fall in love, noona love (a younger guy falling in love with an older woman) and not to forget! Popular guy meets an ordinary girl trope.

If those aren’t cliché enough in drama world… then I don’t know what is anymore.

I’m having second thoughts on recommending this because of the misleading title but anyway, to be fair to those who are interested for the same reason I have for watching this, I give this drama a 6/10. 4 points solely for the good looking oppas, 1 point for the sound track which was really cute and memorable and 1 point for the comedy. It did make me smile all throughout the drama even though I sort of cringed at some scenes. Despite that, I really enjoyed the eye candy. I also liked the female lead Lee Cho Hee and hope to see her become a female lead in some future romcom drama because she’s really effective in those genre.