Blog Update!

My sincerest apologies to everyone who’s been checking out this blog regularly but I have my reasons:

First, I revived an online shop in Instagram which I used to manage since 2015, you can find the profile page by clicking here: @paudseinthrifterschoice. Please do check it out if you have the time. We sell pre-loved clothes, books and other handy stuff.

Second, my family has been travelling back and forth between my parent’s home and my in laws ever since my brother, who worked abroad with his family, visited the country. Everything has been hectic that I had no time to write or update.

Lastly I was on a writer’s block and a drama slump. I couldn’t write anything about the previous dramas I’ve seen and I couldn’t get myself to write anything at all. I guess I needed some peace and quiet since I couldn’t even take care of my self because I have been dedicating all my time and energy for my baby who gets cranky whenever I’m not by his side. So yeah… mommy woes.

Enough about my rants and explanations because I’m back and I’m inspired due to the drama Terius Behind Me which is about a struggling single mother, taking care of her twins. Then mix in all the action and comedy the writer and producers can think of… it totally comes to life to make women like me happy as a bunny.

By the way, I will also change my formatting, there would be no synopsis part anymore since I realized I should do my own synopsis and stop copy pasting with credits. It’s just not fun like that. I will be incorporating the summary with the body and add a point system of 10/10. So please do look forward to my next review!


Full House (Korean Drama 2004)


Han Ji Eun, an aspiring scriptwriter, lives in a house called “Full House” built by her late father. One day, her two best friends trick her into believing she has won a free vacation. While she is away, they sell her house. On the plane, she meets a famous actor named Lee Young Jae. Through comedic events, they get acquainted during her vacation and when she returns, she discovers her house has been sold to him.

Though they don’t get along with each other, as she is messy and he has a bad temper and likes cleanliness, they agreed to live with each other. At first, Ji Eun works as his maid in order to buy her house back, but because of Young Jae’s wish to make the love of his life, Kang Hye Won jealous, they get married. They set up a contract for the marriage to last six months. During that time, complications arise and Ji Eun and Young Jae become attracted to each other.

Excerpted from: MyDramalist

Full House kdrama 2004 Drama Withdrawals

Words from Me:

So far it is still my ALL TIME FAVORITE Korean drama series. I even re-watched all 16 episodes for I don’t know how many times in the past 15 years. Another thing that won me over was the OST. It just sticks in your head that you would want to hear it over and over and over again.

Although some people had commented it becomes all stale and boring in the long run, I don’t see that. Yes. I’m totally blinded with this drama. All I see is Song Hye Kyo and that cute chemistry she had with Rain. The bickering and never ending I-hide-my-feelings-because-I-think-I’m-falling-for-you-now charade is what made me love it more. It was a romantic comedy which made me laugh my ass out and then squirm in the inside when things aren’t going well for the main leads. I also look forward to the main character’s cat and dog antics: I’m starting to like you. You’re starting to like me. BUT we’re SO not going to tell each other about these absurd feelings.

That’s the whole concept of the main character’s convoluted feelings.

In Full House, it was all fair in love and… eerrr debt? That’s how everything started. A contract (oh what a cliché!) and the jealousy induced acting between strangers. In the story, the ever bright Han Ji-Eun is a wacky lead female which lead to a ridiculous story line. Crazy as her character is, Lee Young-jae is the logical one but eventually becomes irrational when it comes to Ji-Eun.

I will still re-watch this despite being an old school drama, because honestly, this is the drama that paved the way for me to love most Korean Dramas.


Ajin (Japanese Movie 2017)


An Ajin is considered as a demigod because they cannot die.

Nagai Kei only wanted to live peacefully, become a doctor and save his little sister from her illness. However, fate wanted something different for him. He discovered that he was an Ajin when he was accidentally hit by a truck and died on the spot but miraculously came back to life. This was caught on video which was quickly discovered by the government. As soon as they got hold of him, they immediately conducted research experiments on his body as if he was a guinea pig.

There were two other Ajins whom the government experimented earlier on, Satou and Tanaka Kouji who were called subject 001 and 002. They were able to escape the facility before Nagai was discovered. Both decided to go back and attack the place to save Nagai. Satou, the main instigator of the raid wanted to recruit Nagai to join their cause in killing humanity and letting only the Ajins remain on earth.

Words from Me:

The main reason I wanted to watch this was because of Sato Takeru and the sci-fi-action scenes wherein I get to see unimaginable things including some gory stuff for the fight sequence. That being said, I wasn’t entirely disappointed with my expectations, however the movie’s narrative felt lacking. It seemed as if it was rushed to give way to the battle that would take place between humans and the Ajin. They weren’t able to highlight the background story of each character which I think was vital for the whole movie to make more sense into what was happening. Another drawback for me was the subtitle. I watched this with crappy subtitles. So I advise those who are planning to watch this to please refrain from seeing it in Kissasian because the hard subs would definitely leave you annoyed and dissatisfied.

Setting that aside, what I liked about the film aside from the main lead and the violence are the other sub characters including the antagonists. I love Shirota Yu ever since I’ve first seen him back in 2007 from the drama “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e”, it was great seeing him here despite being the side-kick of a bad guy. Ayano Go as the main evil guy works well for me too. I liked how he brought his role to life, because his character is the type I would love and hate at the same time. Lastly there’s Kawaei Rina as Shimomura Izumi, the only female character in this whole movie who kicked ass. She may be the smallest and most vulnerable looking in the cast, but heck! This woman could throw punches and give head locks like any other MMA fighters out there.

Music wise, I appreciated the loud rock music that accompanied most action scenes. It made me feel pumped up every time I watched those scenes. Over all I liked the movie and would recommend it to those who wouldn’t mind watching an action packed film despite the lack of background story. I would also suggest to find a better streaming site that hosts this movie and make sure that the subtitles are translated well enough.

Online Shop: It’s Cool to Be Fab

Instagram Desktop View




Instagram Mobile on Android View

There used to be days when online selling through different social media was the hype… well actually even these days it’s still the same. The only difference in my opinion is that some were able to establish their reputation in the long run and that includes a seller in Instagram who called herself “It’s Cool to Be Fab”.

This isn’t the typical online shop where I was able to download an app and cart stuff because it’s a shop from Instagram. There are a lot of bogus sellers in Instagram so it’s best to check out the comments and the followers to see how genuine the account is. Speaking of followers, this account has a total of 26,500+ followers. Believe me, she’s not an actress endorsing something but a real life seller. I’ve been following this account since 2015 and not once did she ever let me down with my orders. If there’s a problem with the item, she would inform me about it before hand. Sometimes she would include a cute note along with her packages and when I’m lucky enough, she would also give out a couple of freebies but these are usually on special occasions. I also don’t have to wait too long for my orders to be delivered because she has a schedule for shipping. When the payment arrives to her account on the right time prior to her arranged shipment, chances are my bought items will be included in that bunch.

What I like about this shop is that it’s in Instagram and I get to interact with the seller herself. Another thing about the shop owner is that she’s super nice and easy to talk with. I love the products she sells, although most are thrifted, the quality of the clothes are in their best shape as if it’s still brand new. Most online shops in IG are very misleading, because the photos are very nice but when I finally get the item, it would only disappointed me. Not in this shop though, because here, what you see is what you get. She takes pictures meticulously, then posts several photos showing the whole outfit including the details on close up and lastly, she comments about it. Yes, she comments on her own products to verify about the item’s worth. I always take her word for it because I know it would be what it is and she doesn’t give false hope to her clients.

Every collection she would post has a theme of either Japanese, Korean or current trend inspired clothes and accessories, this is also usually pre-announced. When she says 7 pm, she would post stuff during that time unless something urgent comes up. When she starts posting, I suggest to refresh the feeds quickly, since she already has a lot of followers most of the items are easily sold out in no time. Buying is a first come first served basis unless there’s a “bid” or a “steal”. Bidding or stealing means you can buy the item for a higher price than the first person who grabbed the item.

itcfab2.pngSample sold items: So Cute!

There are several ethical rules on online buying in IG accounts or any social media account to be exact, but here is the number one golden rule: Don’t be a bogus buyer. It means, reserving the item but not really paying for it or sometimes asking a lot about the product but don’t have the intention of buying it. That’s really annoying for the seller and a total waste of time. I’ve experienced being an online seller too and it’s such a bother to answer queries and end up not selling anything at all. Other rules and details are already in the IG account so all you have to do is read, browse and buy.

As for the payment, there are different modes of payment and you can also see this in the rules. For those who want to check out the account, you can go directly here: @itscooltobefab – add the account and wait to be approved since it is a private account and only approved people can buy in her shop. This is to verify that the person buying is real and not a bot.

_20180703_0104461910367999.jpgIG Stories for FAQ on Feedback, Shipping, Payment and Order Form

Over all I enjoyed shopping in her store and even have clothes from her shop that became memorable milestones in my life. Hopefully the shop goes on steadfast and make a lot of other people happy with their clothes.



Tops in courtesy of @itscooltobefab
3/4 sleeves made in Korea for my 30th Birthday and engagement night.



Online Shop: Lazada

Another shopping site that I go to is Lazada. What I really like about it is that they have a cash on delivery service and since I’m on the outskirts of a rural area, this is way convenient for me.

At first I thought this site was a bogus one since it’s usually advertised in social media and pops out in your screen like an annoying bug. However, downloading the app in the phone makes browsing more fun. This is the site where I was able to buy my baby’s mosquito repellent. The product brand was pretty much hard to find and was only available in SM outlets. It’s also a small pop up store and most of the time the item is out of stock. So finding it here in this site was like a gold mine.

There are also a bunch of Korean and Japanese products available here. I suggest to look for one store and buy in bulk since there are TONS of stuff to choose from. Buying in bulk with one provider would also have its advantage, I will explain as to why later on.

Most of the products looks good on picture so having those five star rating is a big help in choosing for the right product item and provider. Each seller is different so the reviews remove the hassle of verifying if each seller could actually provide a legitimate merchandise. I suggest to also read the comments on each product because knowing the opinion of other people doesn’t hurt and helps out with expectations.

There are several things that made me feel annoyed when shopping in Lazada – first is the carting experience. Since there are different suppliers, the products which is under that specific seller will be delivered separately, then a P99 delivery charge will be on top of the item price if it is below P1000.

Second annoyance is the delivery service. In my case, I bought 3 items in total and those items came from different vendors, they were delivered to my home at least 1 week apart. It took that long to be delivered, aside that I had to pay additional P99 for the shipment on each item. It would have been better if they could have procured all the products in one place and have the delivery in one go then charge the shipping fee once just like in BeautyMNL. I don’t know why they do it but it’s such a hassle to wait for each package when it everything could be simply be delivered at once. I really hope Lazada thinks well about their shipping strategy. So… I pretty much recommend to buy in one store provider and buy something above P1000 to get a free shipping.

Another experience I had is that when I made another order for a another product, the courier texted me that the package will arrive that day but it never did. I waited 2 weeks for the item and yet when the day came, the delivery never happened. I had to email them and follow up as to what happened. They gave me several reasons, one – that it may have been a wrong address, which is weird because I had 3 consecutive deliveries from different store owners in Lazada previously and they got the address right. Two – I might not have been present at home during the time of delivery – which pissed me off, because I was at home the whole time and couldn’t even get out because I was waiting for the item and at the same time taking care of the baby. It is such a simple task to call or ask around and KNOCK at the door but they didn’t do it. Maybe the courier was too lazy to do all the things necessary to ensure a good transaction. It’s a good thing I haven’t paid for the item yet or else it would be such a hassle to reimburse the item.

Those are my rants charged to experience but overall shopping in this site is still alright and very convenient. But to make sure, it’s better to request for a cash on delivery service instead of having it prepaid online.

Desktop and Mobile view

Online Shop: BEAUTYMNL


I was looking for some products to help me with my skin condition and luckily a close friend of mine recommended two sites, one is an online shop from Korea which I shall not name since it’s not the topic on hand while the other one is called BEAUTYMNL.

This shop has a lot of different products which are used by Filipino women. It also has numerous brands in its product listing which makes it more fun to choose. I’m lucky enough that some of the products available are the ones I already use so I don’t have to test it.

When shopping in the mall, there are also some items that are hard to find or not available that’s why going to this site is very helpful. Most of the products in BeautyMnl are not available in retail stores and could only be found in booths or in hidden places scattered around metro manila. There are also several local brands from this shop which is one of the reasons I love buying from it because I’m able to contribute to the locals.

What I liked most from this site is that their products are not limited to make-up and facial care. They also have different brands for eco-friendly stuff, baby and mommy care, house care products and food. I LOVE their baby products and food selections since everything is organic and baby safe.

They also have an android app which I downloaded making ordering and paying so easy. It made me want to do all my shopping online than go to the mall again. Oh! Another thing, they also deliver all over the Philippines which is awesome because some online shops don’t do that. Another thing is that they have “Cash on Delivery” but on selected locations only. This tidbit of info could be found in their FAQ page.

The one and only downside to this site… most of the popular items are ALWAYS sold out due to its limited supply. So once it’s available, I would suggest to cart it and pay for it as soon as possible or else it will be wait listed which takes almost forever to be re-stocked. Yes… that’s the sad reality of waiting.

As for my personal shopping experience, I experienced a minimal glitch which was a small mishap from the shop’s end. One of my carted item was not available anymore and yet the app still allowed me to cart and pay for it. When it was time for the shipping, they discovered that the item was out of stock. They promptly sent me an email and gave me options to choose how to solve the problem, once I’ve replied everything was set and ready to go. I received my package 5 days later and I was so surprised that I had more items than I expected! This was because of the freebies. The giveaways were great and they usually give it to people who order in bulk. Information about the free stuff is also included in their site. Overall my shopping experience from Beauty Manila was awesome and it would be great if a lot of people would know this wonderful online store.

Here’s the link for easy access: BeautyMnl

Desktop View

Android App/Phone View



Fabricated City (Korean Movie 2017)



Kwoon Yoo is a great tactician in the virtual world and is called “Captain” by a bunch of other gamers who follows him around. They trust his decisions in every game, thus their team always win. However, though they get the final victory, his character always end up dead because he can’t resist sacrificing himself to save his teammate who is in dire need which makes him a revered man in the gaming world.

In reality, Kwoon Yoo is just an unemployed man who can only afford to eat cup ramen noodles and is having difficulty finding a proper job. He sometimes visits his mother who continuously believes in him and tries to support him in any way she can.

One day, he is framed for a murder he did not commit earning him a ticket in jail without bail. Everything in his life gets messed up until he is helped by the same people he always spend time with, the gamers who call him captain. He was helped by “Mr. Hairy” whom he always saves and end up sacrificing his life for in the virtual world. When he finally meets everyone in real life, he was in for a surprise because they were all willing to sacrifice their lives to help him and get his name cleared out.

Words from Me:

To be honest, I watched this movie in VIU via streaming for the sole reason of seeing Ji Chang Wook prior to his enlistment in the military. I had no idea what it was about, except that the title triggered my curiosity. When I started watching, the movie did not disappoint despite the slow build up in the first half of the story. I guess it was the introductory part that made it a bit draggy for me. Yet it was action packed and bloody as per my expectation. The title “Fabricated City” was very appropriate because the concocted false situations for the victims were orchestrated really well.

I like how they used the virtual world as a benchmark to make the fabrications seem like reality. Another part that I liked in this movie were the characters. The ones who supported the main actor were really a bunch of misfits who seemed like they can’t do anything right in the real world. The most surprising one for me was Mr. Hairy due to reasons I won’t reveal because I hate to be the bearer of major spoilers. On another note, the villain in the movie is another interesting character. Min Cheon Sang is the type of antagonist you’d love to hate because he is crazy and he knows that he’s good at what he does but still… he’s very demented.

Music wise, there’s nothing really memorable about it because there were a lot of kick ass moment on screen to pay attention to. Aside that, I’m recommending this for those who are in for an action packed ride who likes computers, hackers, mind blowing set ups and cons.