Online Shop: Most Wont But I Will


I’ve been trying hard to live with a zero waste practice for my daily living but I’m failing miserably. It’s freaking hard because I’m used to the wasteful lifestyle just like most people in this modern world.

When I started to convert myself, I found myself in a big hurdle. Why? There are a lot of disposable things that I particularly like using, specially baby products. Nonetheless, it’s better to try than not to do anything at all. What I found bearable to start with was the first one that I started using which was… eco-bags! Whenever I go to the mall or meet friends somewhere, I always put an eco-bag inside my bag just in case I might need to buy something. With that, I’m able to refuse plastic or paperbags and I feel proud of myself for being able to do that. It’s also nice that in our place in San Felipe Zambales, the government district have initiated a zero waste practice in the market. They encourage buyers to bring their own bags, if they don’t… then they have the option of holding all their bought items with their arms and hands. Heh!

What I like about this zero waste practice is that it makes our community in Liwliwa a bit closer to each other. Several resorts who sell food and drinks have finally stopped using plastic cups, plates or even discouraged takeouts if they didn’t have their own container. It’s nice when the resort owners lend us their plates whenever we order take out but most of the time though, we use our own containers.

Now that I have my own little business of selling drinks which I call Good Drinks which is served at Good Karma Surf Resort (check out the article written by my friend Kevin Bascao about the place: Click Here), I had to think twice when using straws. It’s very hard to tell people that we don’t do take outs because I could see the disappointment in their eyes when they really want to take out the drink. The biggest problem that I had to deal with was the big straws. I sell Milk Tea with tapioca pearls which needs a bigger straw to enjoy the drink. Not a lot of people are fans of using a spoon for their drink, that’s why I bought plastic straws to serve my clients. Yes… I know. Bad bad bad biniBningPunkista for contributing gunk to the world.

So… when I discovered a place who sells milk tea straw that is stainless, I grabbed the opportunity and purchased some! I found the site in Instagram which was recommended by my best friend Wet, thanks bes! ^_^v


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@mostwont.butiwill is the tag name of the Instagram who sells affordable stainless/glass/bamboo straws, eating utensils, bamboo charcoal toothbrush and eco-bags. It’s so easy to order, the seller is very friendly and accommodating. All I had to do was send them a direct message via Instagram and they were able to reply a few hours after. The rules on ordering is already in their account, all I had to do was read them. Paying isn’t much of a hassle, since they have an account in BPI it was easy to deposit money and forward the receipt to them – I just forwarded a photo of the receipt and that’s it! It would have been easier if I had activated my e-money transfer under BPI, but I’m too lazy to go to the branch to have it done.

After the fast and smooth transaction, I was able to get my goods after a few days. I bought colorless ones in bulk for my business and a black one for personal use, it also comes with a small brush so cleaning the straws won’t be a hassle. Now I’m able to bring my stainless straw inside my bag and use it wherever or however I want to.


BTW, the photo that I used at the beginning of this blog came from @mostwont.butiwill’s posts and I find each photo caption very informative. They frequently post photos as a reminder to keep our environment waste free. I also like how simple their logo is, because it talks a lot about a personal choice, a choice to be conscious about our lifestyle.

This practice isn’t just happening in the Philippines but also globally. Citizens in japan also took the initiative to join the worldwide war against plastic waste: Click Here.

A Korean editor has also written about battling a wasteful lifestyle. While other big companies like Binggrae are finally using stainless straws for their drinks.




Online Shop: It’s Cool to Be Fab

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There used to be days when online selling through different social media was the hype… well actually even these days it’s still the same. The only difference in my opinion is that some were able to establish their reputation in the long run and that includes a seller in Instagram who called herself “It’s Cool to Be Fab”.

This isn’t the typical online shop where I was able to download an app and cart stuff because it’s a shop from Instagram. There are a lot of bogus sellers in Instagram so it’s best to check out the comments and the followers to see how genuine the account is. Speaking of followers, this account has a total of 26,500+ followers. Believe me, she’s not an actress endorsing something but a real life seller. I’ve been following this account since 2015 and not once did she ever let me down with my orders. If there’s a problem with the item, she would inform me about it before hand. Sometimes she would include a cute note along with her packages and when I’m lucky enough, she would also give out a couple of freebies but these are usually on special occasions. I also don’t have to wait too long for my orders to be delivered because she has a schedule for shipping. When the payment arrives to her account on the right time prior to her arranged shipment, chances are my bought items will be included in that bunch.

What I like about this shop is that it’s in Instagram and I get to interact with the seller herself. Another thing about the shop owner is that she’s super nice and easy to talk with. I love the products she sells, although most are thrifted, the quality of the clothes are in their best shape as if it’s still brand new. Most online shops in IG are very misleading, because the photos are very nice but when I finally get the item, it would only disappointed me. Not in this shop though, because here, what you see is what you get. She takes pictures meticulously, then posts several photos showing the whole outfit including the details on close up and lastly, she comments about it. Yes, she comments on her own products to verify about the item’s worth. I always take her word for it because I know it would be what it is and she doesn’t give false hope to her clients.

Every collection she would post has a theme of either Japanese, Korean or current trend inspired clothes and accessories, this is also usually pre-announced. When she says 7 pm, she would post stuff during that time unless something urgent comes up. When she starts posting, I suggest to refresh the feeds quickly, since she already has a lot of followers most of the items are easily sold out in no time. Buying is a first come first served basis unless there’s a “bid” or a “steal”. Bidding or stealing means you can buy the item for a higher price than the first person who grabbed the item.

itcfab2.pngSample sold items: So Cute!

There are several ethical rules on online buying in IG accounts or any social media account to be exact, but here is the number one golden rule: Don’t be a bogus buyer. It means, reserving the item but not really paying for it or sometimes asking a lot about the product but don’t have the intention of buying it. That’s really annoying for the seller and a total waste of time. I’ve experienced being an online seller too and it’s such a bother to answer queries and end up not selling anything at all. Other rules and details are already in the IG account so all you have to do is read, browse and buy.

As for the payment, there are different modes of payment and you can also see this in the rules. For those who want to check out the account, you can go directly here: @itscooltobefab – add the account and wait to be approved since it is a private account and only approved people can buy in her shop. This is to verify that the person buying is real and not a bot.

_20180703_0104461910367999.jpgIG Stories for FAQ on Feedback, Shipping, Payment and Order Form

Over all I enjoyed shopping in her store and even have clothes from her shop that became memorable milestones in my life. Hopefully the shop goes on steadfast and make a lot of other people happy with their clothes.



Tops in courtesy of @itscooltobefab
3/4 sleeves made in Korea for my 30th Birthday and engagement night.



Online Shop: Mother of Sea

_20180702_2344521115830109.jpgTidbits about the online seller, her name is Maypril and I’m lucky enough to know her personally. She’s a supermom who has a hobby of making stuff out of used clothes. Then she discovered the art of macramé and finally put her visions into work. After making several pieces, she decided to share them to the world by selling it in Instagram.

Her work is purely hand crafted and each piece looks awesome. It is a basic modern macramé made with care, perseverance and hard work. Tying knots again and again is such a tedious task. I think it’s really amazing that she’s able to dedicate her time in doing her craft despite having a two year old baby in which she has to look after full time.

Her collection consists of different items: bracelets, wall decors, wine holder, plant hanger, coasters, bags… and a lot more! Currently she takes customized orders for clients depending on her availability.

Custom made orders: Owl Necklace and Sling Bag

Buying an item is also easy as long as a direct message is sent to her. She’ll give instructions with regards to the mode of payment and sending of items. Payment methods are usually through the following: LBC, CEBUANA, WESTERN, ML.

I personally think her products are the best choice as a gift to friends and loved ones. The type of rope she uses is made out of cotton and it usually takes 2-3 days to make each item, but it really depends on how big it is. She can be found in Instagram with the tag name of @motherofsea. Why the name Mother of sea? It’s because her son is named Sea as in Seameon. Isn’t that cute? I totally dig it!

Instagram Account – Mobile View

Sold Products

On a side note, macrame is one of the trending hobby these days for several reasons – one it is eco-friendly and two it’s a form of meditation. Despite being time consuming, it really helps with a person’s concentration.

One Korean artist, namely Park Shin Hye has chosen this type of art as a form of hobby in a documentary show in TvN. For those who are interested, the title is “Little Cabin in the Woods”.