Her Private Life (Korean Drama 2019)

Her Private Life

Drama Rating: 9/10

Sung Doek Mi lives a double life as a successful art gallery curator and a full time fan girl Her Private Life ep01.mp4_002898528who’s popularly known online as Shi An is my Life. Though she’s famous in her online name, she does her fan-girling discreetly by covering her face while attending fan meets and concerts. In the midst of her fan-girling business, she Her Private Life ep01.mp4_001637902accidentally meets an important person she’s about to encounter in her real life… Ryan Gold. A renowned artist from New York who was recruited to become the new Director of Cheum Gallery which Deok Mi works as a curator. As both of them start working together, both clashed with their own opinions and judgement but as time went on things goes smoothly between them and they open up to each other little by little. Eventually they find themselves in the middle of a romantic endeavor. As they get closer to each other, their past is also slowly unraveled one by one.

This drama definitely nailed how fan-girling occurs, not only in Korea but in the whole world. A lot of people are wondering what runs through a fan’s head and this drama totally explains it. Though the fan-girling story line was only showed during the first few Her Private Life ep01.mp4_003339569episodes and was merely kept in the background halfway through to give way to the actual conflict of the drama, it was an enlightening watch. It would show how much money, time, effort and dedication a fan does for their idols. I may not be a full time fan of a specific idol or actor, but I had my fair share of being a KDRAMA fan altogether… so yeah. Definitely a big respect to these type of people specially when they restrict themselves to the “Look only and No touching” policy when it comes to fan-girling. Come to think of it, a lot of self-restraint has to be done when a fan-girl’s idol is right in front of them and they just want to touch that person but because of the said policy, they keep their hands to themselves and let that person pass by in peace. That’s got to be a looooooooot of will power.

Now back to my actual review.

I was thinking of the rating for this drama and ended up 1 point short. The reason for this is that the drama was far from perfect. The first few episodes somewhat gave me a Her Private Life ep08.mp4_002554451bland feeling, not because the focus was about fan-girling but it simply failed to make me feel excited. Up until episode 5 came out and followed up by episode 6, that’s when things simply made me anticipate the next episode. As to why I gave it a 9 instead of a 7, is because I give props of 2 points for the male lead. This is the first drama I’ve ever seen that had a perfect boyfriend-material-kind-of-leading-man. Therefore the name Ryan Gold is going to stick in my KDrama history, a name that has yet to be surpassed by someone who’s more than this guy. Well, a drama character of course, since a real life Ryan Gold is probably next to non-existent. I loved the drama dearly because of his character. He’s like a password because he’s the case sensitive type – he’s the kind of guy who would be thinking of other’s feelings and set aside his own. He’s very understanding beyond belief and he’s the type of guy who would swoon any woman off her feet. In Her Private Life ep05.mp4_002684248short, he’s too good to be true. Setting those aside, he does have his minor issues which I won’t dwell on since it’s going to be a spoiler but it’s what makes him an over all halfway realistic guy. Then there’s Deok Mi, a woman who has her own world and sometimes think that her idol is the center of everything. However… when she’s around Ryan Gold, she becomes an entirely different being. I would want to talk more of her character but I feel that it’s also supposed to be in a spoiler tag, so I’ll probably just simply leave it at that. What I’d like to emphasize on though are the actors who portrayed both Her Private Life ep05.mp4_002622886characters. Park Min Young as Sung Deok Mi was such an adorable actress and I couldn’t imagine having someone else play her part. She had perfect on screen chemistry with Kim Jae Wook, the guy who portrayed Ryan Gold. I usually refrain from watching behind the scenes because I hate comparing real life to drama world but here, I couldn’t help it. I wanted to know how their off screen chemistry was and when I watched it, they were both adorable and even did so much ad-lib for the drama. No wonder that their onscreen performance was so appealing, their actual selves were in sync with each other that acting along side each other was easy as pie. Not only that, everyone on set seems to have a great filming atmosphere that things were able to run accordingly. Even the director seemed to be happy in the midst of filming.

Her Private Life ep01.mp4_002514979As for the side characters, I love each and everyone of them. Even the previous chairman of Cheum Gallery Mrs. Eom who’s supposed to be an antagonist in this drama. I love how she’s always over the top with the way she speaks and dress but in the inside she’s simply a mom who cares so much for her daughter. There were two characters Her Private Life ep08.mp4_002903200.pngthough whom I initially disliked but learned to be amicable with in the long run. Nam Eun Gi and Artist Choi Da In were given the role of being such pricks. They’re the type of character that was supposed to love the main ones unconditionally but instead make their lives more complicated. But despite their Her Private Life ep05.mp4_001554386meddling ways, I’m glad they weren’t much of a hurdle for the main couple. There’s also the intern named Cindy, the sessaeng fan who’s the daughter of a chaebol namely Mrs. Eom. Despite her initial role of being an obsessive fan, I like the the fact that she had so much character growth thanks to Deok Mi and her family. I especially like her interaction with Eun Gi and a hint of something else at the end of the show. Then there’s Deok Mi’s ever faithful best friend. Lee Seon Joo a cafe owner with a rich father and was previously an avid fan girl just likeHer Private Life ep09.mp4_000440072Deok Mi but due to an early marriage because she got pregnant to a very adorable child, she became a mom and a cafe owner instead. Gaaaaaaaaad I love this woman and how she paved the way into her best friend’s love life. She’s not meddlesome but she definitely gives her all out support for her best friend and try as she can, fan-girls with Deok Her Private Life ep01.mp4_003337333Mi at the sidelines. I always look forward to their interaction together, they always look like they’re having fun even though they’re dissing some boys in the process. Then there’s Shi An, the KPop Idol who caught Deok Mi’s heart. There’s not much screen time from this cutie and he still have room to improve his acting but he did nail being an idol in this drama. Her Private Life ep09.mp4_001517182His interaction with Deok Mi and the rest of his fans did look genuine. Lastly, there’s Deok Mi’s parents. They may seem oddballs but both have big hearts and I can’t say anything more hence the spoilers. What I’d like to mention is how Kim Mi Kyung’s interaction with Park Min Young in the drama seemed real and palpable as if they have bonded together as a mother and daughter.

Overall it was a great show. It made me cry a lot by the end of the drama when the mysterious hints were finally revealed. There was an unexpected twist in the story and that totally set my emotions into berserk tears thanks to my hormones due to being pregnant, I just couldn’t contain myself to feel all the feels on behalf of Ryan Gold and Deok Mi. The OST is love love love and I would definitely recommend this drama to all those who are looking for a lot of FLUFF like literally rom-com-feeling-kind-of-fluff-with-lots-of-kissy-touchy-feels.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Korean Drama 2010)

Drama Rating: 10/10

Rating disclaimer! I have rated this 8 years ago when it aired thus I haven’t seen any outstanding saguek yet and had less to compare to. So this was rated by my younger and ignorant self who really really loved this drama.

This drama was set during the Jeoson era, wherein women are not allowed to participate in the government posts and deemed less than a man. Kim Yun Hee is a young woman who lived during this time. Though brilliant in her studies, responsible and street smart, she’s still a woman and aside that, she’s a commoner. There’s nothing her family could even boast of. Therefore she pretends to be a man just to earn more money than being a woman could. When her young brother’s illness worsens and her family is in danger of being thrown out to the streets, she took the national exam under her younger brother’s name and disguised herself as a man when she passed it. Then she meets the arrogant Lee Seon Joon who comes from a noble family and befriends him despite his personality. In Sungkyunkwan University, she becomes roommates with Seon Joon and comes across Goo Yoo Ha and Moon Jae Shin who are also nobles with odd personalities. When she gets herself involved with the three men, she learns to adapt in the all male environment and tries to desperately survive the school by hiding her true gender.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal is some sort of a modern type sageuk drama… if that’s even a possible description for it. Why is that? It has all the elements of a modern drama but placed in a historical setting. If this was a real saguek, the story line wouldn’t make sense. Thank goodness there is a disclaimer prior to every episode that this drama is completely fictional even though they did try to relate the timeline to one of the most brilliant king in Jeoson.

Aside that, the drama will consist of a female cross dresser who gets into a lot of mishaps.  This is also one of the dramas that skyrocketed the fame of the main actors. I’m sure anyone would recognize the names I will mention: Park Min Young, Park Yoo Chun, Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In. They are practically big names in the industry today, so it’s very impressive to know that they have become household names in Korea today.

As for the story line, try to imagine this: throw a girl in a room of hot blooded boys but ews20100901skk02 make her dress up and pretend to be just like them. That’s exactly the concept of this drama. Then again, I have to reiterate that this is a saguek. An era where women are not given a chance to hold prominence in schools, government or royal standing unless they get married to the king, prince or nobles. If they are caught associating in high ranks like Sungkyunkwan (Joseon’s most prominent university) they get executed as an imperial order. That’s how harsh it was back then. I like how feisty the Kim Yoon Hee’s character is, because despite being a girl, she still keeps fighting forward to protect those who are important to her. Her perseverance also pulled her out of risky situations. I 6d7784efb4c35854fbac82c233929820b1769b8cwouldn’t want any actress to portray her, Min Young was able to convey her character perfectly. Lee Sun Joon on the other hand is one of my least favorite character. I was actually rooting for Moon Jae Shin who was portrayed by Yoo Ah In just because he looked manlier than Sun Joon but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Anyway… setting that little frustration aside, Yoo Chun did hold up true to his character. Aside from being snooty and demanding, he did have the heart to protect Yoon Hee in times of trouble and despite his short comings, he had a pure heart who only wanted what’s good for Jeoson. Goo Yong Ha on the other hand is the ultimate ladies man. He likes women and they like him more in return. He’s charismatic and good looking that’s why Song Joong Ki gave skk20_029justice to this character. This is simply one of his methods to cover the actual wit that he has because despite being rich he has some secrets to uphold. Lastly, there’s Jae Shin, my favorite character next to Yoon Hee. I like how gruff looking he can be and how rough he acts. Most people see him as a lone wolf but actually, he also longs for companionship that’s why he’s pretty close to Yong Ha. Even though their personalities are polar opposites they still get along with each other pretty well. He is also the type of person who lurks around and protect people from behind the scenes, that’s why it’s so unfortunate that he gets the second lead syndrome. The guy who never gets the girl. There’s goes the deep sigh from my end.

If what I have mentioned was not interesting enough, then it’s best to drop this series. All in all, this drama is one heck of a show. With all those hot young actors to boost any pent up steam plus the fantastic OST that’s very much modern but with a taste of historical feels… it’s definitely worth the watch.

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (Korean Drama 2018)


Secretary Kim Mi So has been working under a narcissistic boss named Lee Young Joon for nine years. One day she decided to quit her job and inform her boss about it. When it dawned to her boss that she really was going to resign despite his appraisal offers, he became restless. He couldn’t stand the fact that she’s leaving him after all those years they have been working together. This is when he offered her marriage instead so as he could keep his secretary by his side forever. Despite the offer, Kim Mi So still won’t budge on her decision thus she had to render sixty days of work prior to leaving her job. Within those days, Lee Young Joon has plans on wooing his secretary back into his life.

Words from Me:

This drama is a manwha adaptation and since I haven’t read that version yet, I don’t have any comparisons to make. I’m just glad that I wasn’t disappointed with the hype from this series and I would definitely read the manwah soon.

What I like about this show is that it’s light and fluffy despite the mystery factor.  Yes, there is a mystery factor in this romcom genre series, that’s Kdrama land for you! The mysterious part of the drama has something to do with both the main character’s past, way back when they were still children. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E02.mp4_003738101I won’t talk about it because that would be a total spoiler. All I could say is that this part of the series is one of the things I look forward to when I was watching it. There’s this kind of thrill in not knowing what really happened in the past. Although I already had some vague ideas about the scenarios for every upcoming episode since the plot is pretty much predictable, it’s still nice to know if what I had in my mind would actually coincide with what’s going to be shown on screen. I credit this skill thanks to all the KDramas I’ve watched for the past fifteen years which makes current dramas predictable, but in spite of that I still enjoy watching them. Aside that factor, the romance between the main leads was such an overkill but nonetheless I still dig it. The comedic side of this drama certainly got me. There were scenarios that did not need any dialogue since the actions were enough to keep myself from laughing my heart out. The only thing I found annoying in this drama was the length. They could have cut it shorter into 12 episodes since episodes 13-16 became redundant. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E02.mp4_002832863The frustrating thing about romcom is the push and pull thing between the main characters which always becomes an endless cycle throughout the series, in this case it lasted until episode 15 and could have been resolved at episode 10, same with the main problem of the story. It would sort of feel a bit tiring to watch until the end if not for eye candy on screen, namely actor Park Seo Joon just because I’m biased like that.

Setting that aside, the story is very much entertaining because of the characters. The female lead Kim Mi So is such a badass when it comes to decision making. Having a nine year experience working for a boss such as Young Joon would probably make any other person a nitpicker and perfectionist. Her character wouldn’t be like that if she hasn’t gone through a lot since she was a young child, like giving up going to college and instead work as a secretary for her sisters to finish their studies and become doctors, then there’s also the issue with her father who’s always in debt. However, no matter what comes her way she’s able to deal with it head on.  Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E04.mp4_001540906Her relationship with her sisters are so cute too, their thing as a family is to always go out for samyeopsal as a way to bond and have family time. On the other hand there is her counterpart Young Joon. Despite his negative description in the synopsis, he really needs a break because beneath the narcissist-smart-assed-perfectionist kind of person is a competent, soft, caring and considerate guy. His real character would be shown throughout the series. Therefore if female viewers couldn’t fall in love with the character after finishing the drama, I don’t know what’s wrong with the world anymore. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E07.mp4_000718350As for his family back ground though, Young Joon’s family is a bit complicated but his parents are so cute when they dote on him. There’s also the older brother Lee Sung Yeon acted by Lee Tae Hwan who seems a bit mysterious but has a bad relationship with Young Joon. There’s always this tension between them every time they are in the same room.

Anyway, as I was saying, the characters are definitely lovable even the supporting ones. I totally love the office atmosphere and the workers. The fact that they are all silly when their boss is not around makes them look like a bunch of incompetent fools, but really… they are supposed to be good workers since they work directly under Young Joon. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E01.mp4_000983582I have two notable side characters in this drama which gave more color to the drama as their own side story shined all throughout the series.  Bong Sera performed by Hwang Bora who seemed to live her life as a great actress for comedy. I like how she overacts on any situation since that kind of acting style suits her. Whats.Wrong.with.Secretary.Kim.E05.mp4_003448945Then there’s Park Yoo Shik the ever loyal friend who is Young Joon’s best friend played by Kang Ki Young. I like how his character balanced Young Joon’s serious side. He made things look funny along with some dramatic antics and other product references he inserted throughout the episodes.

The OST was also cute and I would probably still remember it in the near future. I would recommend this to those who would like to watch something that would make them laugh without thinking too much and to those who are fans of Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon like me!