Miss Hammurabi (Korean Drama 2018)

Miss Hammurabi ep02.mp4_004660656

Drama Rating: 9/10

Miss Hammurabi ep04.mp4_001799531Judge Im Ba Reun is an uptight person who goes through the law by the book. He hates mingling with other people and finds them as a nuisance to deal with. However his real personality is that of a guy who has a pure heart. He simply tries to avoid other people to distance himself so as not to hurt himself in the process. During his time as a right hand court justice in the 44th Civil Affairs Department at the Seoul Central District, he meetsMiss Hammurabi ep01.mp4_003096026 his high school crush named Park Cha Oh Reum in a subway as he was going to work. To his dismay, her personality was very different from his first love whom he remembered years ago. Coincidentally she also turns out to be his new co-worker and as time goes by, he learns that she is a natural born trouble maker who could turn the court of justice upside down.

I’ve watched tons of court dramas in my history of drama watching, but this is the first one I’ve seen that has a Judge as a main character. Since a Judge tends to be the antagonist in dramas, this was a refreshing watch for me. What I liked about this drama Miss Hammurabi ep02.mp4_004603298was how the court was able to handle cases in a heartwarming way. Not all cases were like that though, but still… the story line was able to deliver something meaningful despite how unfair the world could sometimes be. Justice is not always served in a silver platter, sometimes, one has to earn it.

The characters were diverse and I had my favorite, namely Chief Judge Han Se Sang Miss Hammurabi ep16.mp4_003932999acted by Sung Dong Il. No matter what character this guy would act, he’s a veteran comedian and at the same time he could pull on your heart strings to make a scene really dramatic than it should be. I love how he is able to portray different roles and yet pull them off with flying colors. On another note, I was also surprised that the point of view of this drama was not from Miss Hammurabi herself but instead it was from Judge Im. It seemed like the producers wanted someone else to view Miss Hammurabi, aka. Park Cha Miss Hammurabi ep16.mp4_003847247Oh Reum as a person who is easily judged by her actions when in fact, she’s someone who has a lot of baggage in herself and simply wants to make the world a better place starting from what she can do. Go Ah Ra, was able to portray her role well enough to set me off into a binge watch but it was L, who really pushed me to like the show. He had a Miss Hammurabi ep16.mp4_003845078solid character who seems to hate everything but when it concerns his own heart, he becomes a softy. I like the way that Oh Reum affects his attitude in life and because of that… mixing the aforementioned three judges together makes the court place an exciting watch. Oh before I forget, there’s also a supporting cast worth mentioning Miss Hammurabi ep12.mp4_001801901mainly because of her beauty. Even my husband commented that she was beautiful, and that guy has high standards when it comes to Korean actresses as he’s not really keen on watching dramas. Lee Elliya acted by Lee Do Yeon was a fantastic clerk in this drama. Her character was spot and she seemed like a very competent and slick woman at the same time. There are a lot of rumors about her in the office, but her back story is simply something unexpected which I liked very much!

Music wise, the OST was something I loved. It added a dramatic touch to the heartwarming scenes.

Haru Ususu – OST Miss Hammurabi part 5

Cinematography and visuals were alright, since most of the show is shot inside buildings and they are all in the conversational side, there wasn’t much to look at except the actors on screen. I would have wanted this drama to end on a different note because my tear ducts simply couldn’t handle it. Over all, it was a great show. I’d recommend it to people who are looking for a drama that’s about legalities and yet would stir on their heart strings like no other legal drama could.



The Beauty Inside (Korean Drama 2018)


Drama Rating: 8/10

Han Se Kye is a top actress who’s known for her run-away-antics in all kind of crucial moments during her career, thus causing trouble to everyone around her. Despite that, she tries her best to keep up a strong personality in front of other people. All the while she wallows in despair at home with her trusted friends. It’s not that she runs away on purpose, she simply has a situation which causes her to do it.

Once a month, Se Kye literally transforms into a different person. She doesn’t know when the transformation would happen but she always has a feeling, as if a warning alarm has been set in her body that she’s about to change. In the midst of her chaotic life, she crosses paths with an airline CEO named Seo Do Jae whom she meets through work. Since she is the model/ambassador of the airline which the Seo familyBeauty Inside ep02.mp4_000250750 owns, Se Kye  and Do Jae had to occasionally meet through business deals. Things become complicated when she needed the help of Do Jae when her body changed mid-flight, causing both of them to have unexpected reactions. Se Kye was surprised that Do Jae wasn’t even fazed when her face changed, while Do Jae was curious as to what exactly was happening to Se Kye for her to overreact even to the extent of covering herself with a blanket.

Beauty Inside ep01.mp4_001081648Seo Do Jae on the other hand has his own secret, he has Prosopagnosia – an illness that makes him unable to recognize faces. Nonetheless, he was still able to recognize Se Kye in spite of having this kind of medical condition. This was something that has never happened to Se Kye ever since she started changing appearances. Both are perturbed by their situation but somehow it brought them closer to each other and filled in the void that they had in their lives.

This drama was adapted from the movie entitled Beauty Inside. I like the fact thatBeauty Inside ep04.mp4_000036770 the writers changed the gender and story line of the protagonist into a popular woman who only transforms once a week every month instead of a male protagonist who turns into someone else every freaking day or more likely every time he sleeps. For Han Se Kye, there’s no specific time for the changes which makes it more fun to watch. Another thing in the story that I like is that the male lead Seo Do Jae could not recognize faces which makes the story more interesting as different situations arise for both leads. There are a lot of mishaps and funny tag lines which was able to stick to my mind.

Beauty Inside ep02.mp4_003578274I love how Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki portrayed their characters. I personally think the roles were meant for them and no one else. I couldn’t imagine any other actors to fill in their shoes, because they were both perfect. The supporting casts were awesome as well. All 16 episodes of the drama would have been a bore to watch if they were not there. There were a lot of top actors who made a cameo in this drama and they did great acting as Han Se Kye, be it a man, a woman or a child. It was enjoyable to watch different people play as Beauty Inside ep03.mp4_000929528Se Kye, because despite the appearance, Se Kye’s character and essence was undoubtedly in all of them. As for the main supporting casts, Ahn Jae Hyun and Moon Ji In nailed being Hyun Jin’s best friends, the only person her character was able to confide in until Min Ki arrived in the picture. On the other hand, Min Ki’s character has a complicated family. From having a mother who is over protective, a grandfather who seems to love and hate him at the same time, an Beauty Inside ep04.mp4_001571004ambivalent step father who doesn’t want to meddle into their family business and a step sister who considers him as a rival every step of the way… but still, they managed to brighten up the screen every time the family members appear. My favorite character in the Seo household would be Kang Sa Ra- the seemingly evil step sister which was acted by Lee Da Hee. She totally nailed the role of a step sister who’s beautiful, elegant and feisty when it comes to dealing with assholes. I totally rooted for her from the get go. There was also this cute chemistry that she had with Ahn Jae Hyun’s character which I thoroughly enjoyed every time they had their screen time. She is definitely someone to look forward to up to the very end.

Everything about the drama was enjoyable except for one tiny detail in the story which totally put me off and annoyed the heck out of me because honestly, that kind of drama wasn’t needed in the whole show. I believe that kind of cliché was only used to extend the episodes and screen time. I would be talking about this in a spoiler section because it is a huge spoiler in the series. Other than that, I loved everything – actors, storyline (which made me laugh and cry at some point), cinematography (the colors are awesome here!) and the OST. It was definitely memorable that my time definitely wasn’t wasted.


Highlight to see text below.

The detail that I didn’t like from this drama was the twist they made near the end… which was kind of predictable. During the first episode it was shown that Han Se Kye transformed into an old lady for the first time in Europe and that she almost got into a car accident, but someone saved her. It was so obvious though that they will be using this scene to make everything more dramatic by the end because it was Seo Do Jae who saved her from that accident causing him brain damage resulting to his Prosopagnosia. So the clincher part is that when Se Kye learned about this fact, she couldn’t accept that she was the cause of his illness even though Do Jae was able to accept it whole heartedly just because he’s awesome like that. Se Kye on the other hand decided to stay away from him because of the guilt. Now because of this, Do Jae decided to have the operation to his brain just so Se Kye doesn’t have to be burdened by his medical condition, but the thing is… the operation only has a one percent success rate which makes it tricky.

That being said, I think this whole scenario wasn’t entirely needed because the fact that they both have their own peculiar thing in their lives and that they are able to deal with it despite all odds, it could have ended there. I would have wanted Do Jae with his Prosopagnosia up to the end because him, losing that makes him normal. While Se Kye, remains the odd person out. It was sort of unfair, but there’s nothing I could do about it but simply accept what’s given to me by the writer.

Encounter (Korean Drama 2018)


Drama Rating: 9/10

Cha Soo Hyun went on a business trip in Cuba and coincidentally meets the kind and free spirited Kim Jin Hyuk in a series of unexpected events. They spent a couple of hours together to make the most of Cuba’s beautiful atmosphere. It was a trip that both of them would never forget but at the same time, they both knew that it would simply remain as a beautiful memory as they finally part ways.

Back in Korea, Jin Hyuk finds out that Soo Hyun is the CEO of the hotel he had applied for and got accepted in. He also realized that she was a divorcee and a daughter of a congressman. Despite all these things, he fell in love with her unconditionally while Soo Hyun was swept along with his ideals and passion. Thus making her fall for him in ways she never intended to.

I have written my first impression bout this drama and now that I have finally finished it, I could say that watching all 16 episodes was worth my time. The romance and the drama had the right mix along with subtle comic dialogues occasionally thrown here and there. There are a lot of elements that I love about this drama and I need to break them out, one at a time.

First the story line – it would seem like the average makjang theme with a foreshadow ofEncounter ep01.mp4_001702333.png rich parents trying to control the lives of their full grown children, however it doesn’t really focus on that and I’m really thankful to the writers for thinking otherwise. What made the story line unique was the act of pure love between a simple young man who falls in love for the first time and a woman who has been through so much that she is too afraid to love at all. I like how pure love worked for these two characters because usually this kind of set up is reserved to high school or teenybopper leads whose dealing with young love for the first time. To have something like this for middle aged people, it’s very unusual but worked pretty well for me and most of its audience.

As for the characters – I’d like to initially mention Cha Soo Hyun which was acted by Song Hye Kyo, for a woman who is rich and divorced, I would have thought she would be Encounter ep01.mp4_001616915fearless… but no. She is the complete opposite of that. She has too many inhibitions and reasons for holding back that she couldn’t live her life freely as she’s supposed to be. That’s why when she meets the free spirited Kim Jin Hyuk starring Park Bo Gum, he’s like a breath of fresh air for her. His character brought her back to her past self whom she tried to forget and bury. In some ways, Soo Hyun is a pitiable woman but somehow she emerges as a stronger person from all the trials and tribulations thanks to Jin Hyuk’s support. Due to their encounter, she was able to transform from a crawling caterpillar still bound in her cocoon to a magnificent butterfly. As problematic as Soo Hyun’s character may be, Jin Hyuk on the other hand is the polar opposite. He was young, good Encounter ep01.mp4_000747413looking and had such a bright personality that it was too easy to love him. Everyone around him seems to brighten up somehow whenever he’s around. It’s as if he has a circumference of magically filled happy aura that can envelope other people who are only a few meters away from him. Another thing about his personality is that he rarely thinks ill of other people, he also is the forgiving type and when he loves, he does it whole heartedly not thinking of himself but only the condition of his partner. In other words, he’s the perfect kind of mine… I mean MAN. Where on earth can a person be this perfect??? Yes. Of course, only in Kdrama world can we find someone such as the likes of him.

Other characters worth mentioning are the supposedly villains of the drama, the mothers. In makjang strewn filled drama, mothers tend to be the epitome of evil. TheyEncounter ep03.mp4_000272171 always ruin their children’s lives and this drama is no exception to that. What I liked about their characters though is that they are so effective in their roles that they automatically become the people I love to hate. Kim Hwa Jin acted by Cha Hwa Yun, one of the veteran actresses in Korea was the very image of a controlling ajumma. She’s simply can’t get enough that she even wants to eat the life out of her son and her ex-daughter in law. To think that her son has already divorced, yet she still wanted to be in control of Soo Encounter ep06.mp4_000994493Hyun through legal machinations. She’s the kind of woman who deviously schemes behind the scenes to make the lives of the people around her miserable. That’s how her character is through and through. Jin Mi Ok, on the other hand is a bit tamer but still an utter control freak when it comes to her daughter. Nam Ki Ae who acted Soo Hyun’s mother was perfect for the role. She’s the type who usually plays the bitchy mother or an utterly helpless one. Here though, she’s the kind of mother who had an awesome background as a reported and a great dream of being the first wife of the president. Thus she keeps pushing her husband to stay in politics and let her daughter suffer in the hands of a wretched household. I have so much animosity with her character but I like the fact that Encounter ep11.mp4_003482712Soo Hyun loved her unconditionally despite how her mother treats her because of those big ambitions. Last mother to mention is Joo Yeon Ja, Kim Jin Hyuk’s mother played by Baek Ji Won. She’s not in the same category as the previous mom’s I have mentioned because she’s actually the opposite. Yeon Ja is a loving mother and cares for the family the most, which is one of the nice things in this drama. She’s also soft spoken and always has a smile on her face, yet there’s something about her that makes her personality a strong one. I wouldn’t want to mention it to avoid spoilers, but she’s one the characters to really look forward to.

Other supporting characters that made the main ones shine – Jung Woo Seok, the second lead guy acted by Jang Seung Jo. There are so many layers of manliness from this guy’s character but I feel that it was utterly wasted with all the decisions he made which Encounter ep03.mp4_002603167.pngeventually made Soo Hyun unhappy. Their relationship could have been a promising one if he was just earnest with her from the beginning and didn’t hold back anything because of his mother. I would have even rooted for him if I could, but in the end Jin Hyuk’s sincerity over took Seung Jo’s hesitations thus keeping him at the losing end. Another character I love is Nam Myung Shik, Soo Hyun’s driver and one of her father’s best friends. Go Chang Seok was perfect for this role, he’s a chubby meddlesome guy who only wants best for Soo Hyun as long as it makes her happy. I like the fact that he butts in Encounter ep08.mp4_002893090.pngher life so she can spend more time with Jin Hyuk than necessary. He’s such a charming character that I’d like to have him as my uncle! There are also other characters I’d like to write about, like Soo Hyun’s secretary and Jin Hyuk’s brother and best friends but it would make this article too much about characters and might over shadow the main point of this blog. So I’m struggling to limit myself up to here.

Over all this drama was amazing. It wasn’t action packed or even raced my heart as if it would explode in excitement, but every episode kept me on my toes with anticipation. I liked the overall pacing of the drama as it was a roller coaster ride of deep heartwarming emotions that only I could get from a romantic love story. Everything in this drama, from start to finish seemed to be from a point of view of a true artist because the cinematography was so beautiful that a simple thing could look unique and out of the ordinary. The OST was also great because it added a dramatic touch to a viewer’s heart that it complimented well with the visuals. I would probably rewatch this in the future when I start missing Park Bo Gum’s character as the perfect boyfriend.

First Impressions: Encounter (Korean Drama 2018)

Encounter ep01.mp4_001799530

I thought of writing my first impressions on dramas which piqued my interest on the get go. Meaning from the moment it was announced and to the moment I have started the first episode. This may not be a regular segment from this blog but I hope the readers would enjoy my thoughts.

For those who have no idea what the drama is about, here’s a link to read about the synopsis and the characters: Read Encounter at Mydramalist.com

To be honest, I was not a big fan of the pairing but I totally love Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. It’s just that the noona thing doesn’t work well for me for these two since Hye Kyo is basically a newly wedded woman while Bo Gum is currently the Oppa of KDrama woman fans these days and he’s pretty much close with Kyo’s hubby, Song Joong Ki. Seeing them together during the press conference and drama posters felt weird. Anyway,DsggpUFWsAAwGnS I had to throw out that repulsive feeling out of me and swallowed all precautions that told me I might not like this drama. I’m glad I did, because the actors were professionals and they did their best to portray the characters that they have to. I guess I can say that I have finally matured as a viewer. After years of watching different drama series, I have learned to like a show as it is, regardless of biases or an actor’s personal history. Initially, I did start watching Kdrama without knowing about the actor’s background. However, these days, information is so accessible that a star’s image can be marred by their personal history that their hard work is simply put aside. Therefore, I’m going back to my roots and enjoy shows as they come along.

Now about the drama – although it was very slow on the uptake, the entire cinematography was beautiful. The first episode screamed at me with its beauty. Cuba may look dirty and dingy if you search it in the internet, but with great video panning and cinematography skills, it became a picturesque place. Third world countries does have the best and worst places there could ever be. Another thing that I loved about the first episode was the back shots. Everything started with a back shot of Cha Soo Hyun wherein the video showed how she started from being a politician’s young daughter up to the time she got divorced but became successful. Then add up the back shots of Kim Jin Hyuk and the ones he had together with Soo Hyun, they looked very much artistic. I like the way the scenes were done and to be introduced in such a way was a smart idea to lessen all the fuss about the characters with unnecessary screen time. Kudos to whoever conceptualized that.

A story line between star crossed lovers is not an original one and more on the cliché-makjang type of Kdrama but the way that the actors were able to deliver those simple conversations with a subtle nonchalant smile plus the unintentional skinship, everything went quite well. The main characters drew me into their charm and their palpable onscreen chemistry. Park Bo GUm seriously can release big amounts of pheromones with just a simple smile. Gaaaaad… I’d like to know what his parents fed him while growing up to become such a great guy like that. As for Song Hye Kyo, next to the shining guy, she does seem look older and yet still beautiful. I love the way she age beautifully. It suits her unlike other artists I know. Both artists were able to portray their character well enough that I don’t feel icky or weird while watching them but instead look forward to the next episode.

I also have high hopes to the sub characters who I think would be an essential part of the story, ie. Cha Soo Hyun’s secretary. She’s pretty uptight and yet when she’s off work, she could be quite snarky and definitely not a pushover. I’m definitely looking for her character growth along with the rest of the cast. I wasn’t expecting to like the drama but I’m pretty surprised that I’m drawn into it and hopefully things get more interesting when these two get back in Korea and not become too draggy like most melodrama usually end up to.


To.Jenny (Korean Drama 2018)

To Jenny Ep.02.mp4_004251862

Drama Rating: 8/10

Park Jung Min is a great singer and song-writer however he can’t sing properly in front To Jenny Ep.01.mp4_000107031of a crowd due to a traumatic experience back in middle school. Years later after that incident, he could only sing in front of his 10 year old sister Ok Hee and his best friends Yum Dae Sung and Kim Min Bong. His ultimate dream was to sing and write songs just like his deceased father, but he ended up working behind the counter of a convenience store. Kwon Na Ra on the other hand is known as the school’s beauty back in high school. There were a lot of talent agencies who recruited her To Jenny Ep.02.mp4_003381792back then, that’s when she joined Mocha girls and made a debut with a screen name called Jenny. Years later, the group failed to make it popular in the entertainment industry and was only able to perform once in public. Despite the failure, she was able to stay in the agency and kept training until a better break comes along. However, the chairman advised her to change her music strategy by singing solo instead, To Jenny Ep.01.mp4_002143568if she still can’t make it by then they’ll be cutting her out of the company. By some twist of fate, Na Ra meets Jung Min in the convenience store where he works and he was ecstatic to meet his high school crush again. When the door of opportunity came knocking towards Jung Min in the guise of Na Ra needing his help to teach her to play the guitar, he immediately grabbed it to get closer to her.

The story may seem shallow at some angle but it had a nice message to deliver. The main characters who were acted by Kim Sang Chul and Jung Chae Yeon were both cute. They had their own personal problems to deal with and were able to overcome them throughTo Jenny Ep.01.mp4_000275500 the help of each other. Jung Min’s character was a failure of a guy but despite that, he still harbored romantic feelings for Na Ra for quite a long time and he just couldn’t give up on his dream even though he has a stage fright. The fact that they were able to meet again after all those years and become close to each other was a miracle if it was based on Jung Min’s standards, but for anyone else who’s around, they’d know that Jung Min made a real effort. Aside from the two main characters, I think the real character that shined through this drama was Park Ok Hee To Jenny Ep.01.mp4_000099056portrayed by Choi Yoo Ri. The kid was so adorable I’d love to take her home and make her my sister instead! She’s a smart ass in her young age and it seems like she’s the older sibling between her and Jung Min, even though their age gap is very much obvious. But the way she conversed with her older brother and the advice she gave him about dating was hilarious. It became a must that I give her that 1 point in my rating. Initially it was supposed to be 7/10, but then I remembered Ok Hee, it became an 8/10 and she totally deserved that single point in my rating. I hope she grows up to be like Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Soo Hyun who started as child actresses too and made it big time as adults in the entertainment industry.

As for the entirety of the drama, there were only two episodes that’s why it was a fun watch until it lasted. I wanted more from it but there’s just so much that 2 hours can offer. What I enjoyed in the drama was the music. I guess it was made by the writer and producers with lots and lots of singing in their heads. Not that I minded, the songs which were also made into the drama’s OST, made the drama a good watch. Overall I’d recommend this show for those who are into a short time drama fill, comedy and a lot of singing.


My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Korean Drama 2018)

Drama Rating: 7/10

The drama is about a college student named Kang Mirae who thought that she could move on with her life while facing everyone with her chin up if she had plastic surgery. Ever since she was a child up until middle school, she had always been bullied for her looks and because of that, she had zero self-esteem and confidence. Then the plastic surgery happened and this actually made her feel more confident… at first. However, as soon as people learned about her real face, the bullying started once again and was labeled Gangnam Beauty. Adding up to her embarrassment, she meets Do Kyung Suk, the cold and aloof guy who knew her right away even after she had completely changed her face. That’s when her life takes a different turn as she slowly gets involved with him.

My ID is gangnam photo.png


This drama had so much promise but as I have reached episode 5, it kind of went stale and that’s how I also felt when I finally finished it. I didn’t even feel the need to watch the drama in one go. For a college drama with psychological aspects, I unconsciously feat-13-690x400compared it to the drama Cheese in the Trap and that’s why My ID is Gangnam Beauty became a disappointment. It was probably the lackluster of the main characters or the lack of attention on the supporting ones or maybe both. I wanted something much more from Kang Mirae and Do Kyung Suk as well as Oh Hyun Jung, Mirae’s best friend and Yeon Woo Young, the college assistant teacher. There was so much material to work on their characters but they have solely focused more about beauty and the romance of the main characters that the drama had missed a great drama in the making.

What I did like about this drama was the portrayal of the actors. Im Soo Hyang wasfullsizephoto990930 effective as Mirae since she was able to act as someone who had undergone a complete facial make over through plastic surgery. The way she always lowered her head as if she didn’t deserve anything in the world or didn’t have the right to love anyone clenched my heart and made me root for her. I like her sudden outbursts and the way she fought her way through bullies. I personally think that people with low confidence should be more like her. To be able to stand up to anyone who tries to belittle them whether it be in a small way. I also particularly like her parents. They made Mirae’s life more colorful since her mom supported her with the plastic surgery while her father was vehemently against it. I definitely enjoyed their screen time. Then there’s Cha Eun Woo as Do Kyung Sook, who EUNWOO5looks like a sculpted creature because he’s so darned good looking. The role was definitely perfect for him because beauty defines this guy, even his mother Na Hye Seong who was portrayed by Park Joo Mi. They definitely suited each other as the perfect mother and son with great genes. Both of them had strong personalities and seemed aloof but are pretty much caring for the people they love. The story that revolved around the Do family was quite interesting and made the drama more bearable to watch, because the college scenes were a bit… meh. Then, I get to Oh Hyun Jung and Yeon Woo Young’s character which were portrayed by Do Hee and Kwak Dong Yeon. I specifically like them because of the actors. They had so much promise for this drama but it felt like both of them were wasted. Hyung Jung could do so much in this drama but bts045she was simply left to be the sidekick who had special affections for someone but couldn’t even resolve her feelings properly. Woo Young on the other hand was left to be the guy who seems to be like a knight in a shining armor and ready to save a damsel in distress, but that’s it. Nothing more. His character was left wasted like that. Though he was able to fess up his feelings to the person he likes and help out when someone was in trouble, I felt thwarted. I wanted more. That’s far as they could go, what else can a simple viewer like me do? Oh… before I DnRqtnDUcAAZ7L9forget there’s also the most annoying and yet pitiful character in the whole drama and that’s Hyeon Soo Ah, the main antagonist in this drama. Jo Woo Ri was able to portray her character perfectly, it’s too hard not to hate her and yet feel bad for her at the same time. Soo Ah knows she’s beautiful and that’s her main armor in trying to make all the guys fall for her but that’s just the vain side of her. The other side will be later revealed but I couldn’t say she didn’t deserve that because she did but still… things couldn’t have escalated if she just behaved herself properly.

The OST though is another thing, I loved it. All of it. It’s worth saving in the phone just like what I did. Over all the drama was enjoyable but lacked a lot of aspects as I have mentioned. I wouldn’t recommend it to those who wanted something more serious because this drama isn’t like that. It’s a romantic comedy that mainly touches the topic of beauty, plastic surgery, college life and bits of family conflicts.

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Terius Behind Me (Korean Drama 2018)

Drama Rating: 8/10

A former NCIS agent named Kim Bon went into hiding due to betrayal and conspiracies. He lost his loved one because of this and started investigating covertly to reveal the truth behind his lover’s death. While undercover, his path crossed unexpectedly with a housewife named Go Ae Rin. Amidst their own circumstances, fate brought them together as Ae Rin suddenly lost her husband to the same organization Bon was investigating. In between all the secrets and hidden identity, Ae Rin’s twins becomes attached to Bon as he volunteered to become their baby sitter to secretly protect the family and solve the mystery behind the organization called Gold Clover.

Terius Behind ep01-02.mp4_000581648

I love this series for so many reasons and yet I was also disappointed due to several ones which I couldn’t let go. Number one reason why I love it? So Ji Sub. Yep. The guy my husband got pissed off because I had him in my screen saver. I guess my hubby had a valid reason… the Ji Sub is just too hot to be ignored from a house wife’s phone. My hubby’s rightful spot was probably threatened. LMAO! I was totally laughing my ass out when I found out he was jealous about it. I still can’t help but laugh whenever I remember it. *grins from ear to ear*

Terius Behind ep03-04.mp4_000129429The story mainly revolves around his character Kim Bon, code name: Terius. I find his name really funny and appropriate for this drama because his name is slightly similar to James Bond. They actually pronounce it the same in Korea, which is a good pun since Bon is also an undercover agent. I like the fact that his character is so lovable despite being bad ass. He’s also too serious for his own good but whenever he’s with Ae Rin and her family his personality changes like a flipped coin. He becomes relaxed and smiles more often especially when the twins starts to play with him. His own story though is too sad because there are times in the scenes where he doesn’t eat or sleep properly, yet when he finally got involved in Ae Rin’s life, he was able to eat her simple homemade meal and infullsizephoto994206.jpg the scene he looked really moved and happy.  Meanwhile, Ae Rin who was acted by Jung In Sun has this seemingly naïve character who’s become a burnt out housewife  struggling to find a job and provide for her family. Underneath it all, she’s a trustworthy person whom everyone can count on when needed. She also has a lot of hidden talents, which comes out in times of need. She’s like one of those characters from the movie Side Kick. I totally love her and could relate to the fact that she’s a house wife but still manages to be a cool mom despite all the problems that is hurled towards her. Aside their portrayal, In Sun and Ji Sub’s romantic chemistry wasn’t as palpable as I want it to be, but as their characters would allow it, they worked great together.

Other side characters worth mentioning are the KIS officers and the NCIS agents. KISSecretTerrius_E1314_00262 means King-Castle Information System, who are a bunch of mothers + a stay at home father who lives at the same apartment building and has their own way of sharing information with the use a chat app. I think that using the app in the drama was a way of promoting it to the public like the use of bags, make up, clothes and cars all throughout the series. That aside, the uncanny characters that actually ran KIS are Shim Eun Ha, the president of the organization who seems to know everything and anything that’s going on within King Castle. She was portrayed by Kim Yeo Jin who is one of the veteran actresses who does great with acting sad and happy roles. Then there’s Bong Sun Mi portrayed by Jung Shi Ah who seems to be such a ditzy person that suspects her partner of having an affair and also has some kind of inferiority complex with Ae Rin but she still stands out because she’s always there when needed. Lastly there’s Kim Sang Ryul acted by Kang Ki Young, one of my favorite supporting actors and is a very effective comedian. He’s such a joy to watch since he gives balance to Kim Bon who’s always too serious for everyone’s liking. I think this drama wouldn’t be such an effective action-comedy if not for them. They made photo1007605.jpgit more special with their own personal touch of innocence since they have no idea what was really going on around them. They also have their own story to tell which will be revealed on the later parts of the drama. That, by the way surprised and caught me off guard. There were hints about it initially in the drama, Terius Behind ep01-02.mp4_000954220but I wasn’t able to predict the actual situation of these people. As for the NCIS agents, Yoo Ji Yeon and Ra Do Woo portrayed by Im Se Mi and Kim Sung Joo, looked really cute together. They have their own quirks and unrequited love. That’s why their tandem is spot on and I wouldn’t want anyone else to act their roles. Ji Terius Behind ep01-02.mp4_003166466Yeon can kick ass whenever she wants to and she sports that short hair as if it was really meant for her. Ra Doo on the other hand is tech savvy and knows his stuff. I’m quite impressed with the things he does specially with the stickers! This part is something to look forward to. Heh! Oh… I have to insert Jin Yong Tae the con man and Kwon Young Shil who were acted by Son Ho Jun and Seo Yi Sook. Their characters are pretty interesting and vague at first but they definitely have a lot to offer up to the very end of the drama.

Overall this drama was action packed, suspenseful and funny all at the same time. It may have its light side but it’s a bit hard to pin-point the character that will or will not die. The OST was also cute and memorable. I really dig the music part during those suspenseful moments and when Kim Bon interacts with the children. The things that disappointed me though were a couple of loop holes in the drama and the unsatisfactory ending just in my part because I had other expectations. There’s a spoiler below if anyone would want to know about the details. Setting that aside, I did enjoy this drama very much and looked forward to each episode. Maybe I just missed So Ji Sub in comedy, but anyhow… this drama was worth it.

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The loophole was about Kim Bon’s character. I think his skill as an agent was a bit lacking, even though he’s known as one of the best in NCIS, he still got chucked by a housewife. I’m guessing he got rusty with all the running he has to do? But still… he gets shot too often and also, living in a building with a bunch of house wives and yet he was able to keep his secret identity from them was really weird. His identity was so easy to discover since in the drama, the women are known to be nosy. Then there’s the ending, it was so vague whether Ae Rin and Bon ended up going out with each other. It could have been implied that Bon really liked her with the way he gets all jealous and worked up for her sake, but for Ae Rin, her feelings weren’t as transparent as it should be. Although she did say she missed Bon when they were drinking mojito at Namsan tower, but that’s not as good as saying “I like you”, so the romance kind of got stuck there and I was left wanting for more. That’s all. Despite these stuff though, I like the mystery factor. I had my hunch as who the real bad guy was, but the death on some of the characters and the characters that survived, I wasn’t really expecting that. Kudos to this drama for keeping me on my toes!